How to Use Planetary Transits for Personal Growth

We all check our Daily Horoscopes. Even the good folks that write the horoscopes check their Daily Horoscopes, Weekly Horoscopes, and Career Horoscopes. Believe it! We all want a sneak peek into what is ahead, and it’s always helpful to see how horoscope writers from all over the globe are working out their daily forecasts. So we know you love them, because we love them too!

If you don’t dive into the stars all day every day, sometimes the horoscopes can be difficult to understand. It can even seem like a different language. Squares? Conjunctions? Uranus? Pluto? How to make sense of it all? You don’t have to. That’s our job. So today we’re going to look at the planets that may crop up in your Daily Horoscopes so that you can use those for personal growth, every single day. We don’t want you to just read the horoscopes we provide. We want you to USE them to lead more fulfilling lives.

Each planet and each transit every day means a different thing. We couldn’t possibly cover each planet and every single aspect in one sitting, but that’s what our blog articles are for. We cover as many of them as we can every week and every month, so be sure you stay tuned here to get the ins and outs of the individual transits as they come. So today we are going to take a little mini-refresher course on the planets alone. Why is it important when Uranus appears in your Daily Horoscope? Or Saturn? Or what does the Moon event REALLY mean for you today? That’s what we are looking at today.

The Sun – To Thine Own Self Be True

The Sun is what we call your “area of expression” or, in English, your personality. You know what your Sun sign is – what that literally means is the location of the Sun in the zodiac on the day that you were born. Every Sun sign has a certain set of personality characteristics as well. Virgos are very detail oriented. Libras love relationships and hate drama. Scorpios are intense, but intensely good when it comes to love. You get the picture.

The Sun literally identifies personality traits, and how you and your own Self is expressed in the world. It’s how the world sees you! It’s what you want the world to see when you express your Self in the world. If you’re a Virgo, you want your boss to know you are organized. The other parts of your Self are hidden, and that’s what the Moon and your Moon sign is about. More on that in a minute.

So when we see the Sun appear in our Daily Horoscopes or Weekly Horoscopes, the Sun is in a transit that will amplify the traits of the zodiac sign it is in. For example, Sun is in Libra right now. We are in a very harmonious and relationship-oriented Self-expression right now. But what happens when the Sun links up with Pluto, for example, in your horoscopes?

That means those personality traits are working with another planet to create an effect in our lives. The Sun is expressing something. That means you, and your outer Self, will express something on that day too. We can also say the Sun manifests things for us. When working with Pluto, for example, the Sun is going to shine on some of those secrets Pluto is keeping and manifest truth for us in our lives.

The Moon – What Lies Beneath

The Moon is a murky one. This is a Water-based luminary rather than being an actual planet, but it’s one of the most important ones from an astrological perspective. Because of its watery nature, the Moon is our emotional Self. That’s usually the part we don’t want the world to see. But the Moon also rises in darkness, another clue that the Moon controls the part of your Self that is hidden, all that lies beneath the surface of your awesome Self.

When we talk about our Moon sign, or the Moon entering a certain sign on any given day, that means our emotions are centered around that Moon sign. For your own Moon sign in your natal chart, for example, your Moon sign dictates how your emotional center is run. Let’s say your Moon sign is Capricorn for example. This makes you a natural leader emotionally. You may even lead with emotions, and you get emotional about work, money, and the security of your family. When the Moon is IN Capricorn on any given day, then we ALL are going to be feeling emotional about these things.

The Moon is also our intuitive guide and another secret keeper of the zodiac. It’s not only about what lies beneath the surface, but what lies within you. You make gut decisions every day of your life. That is the Moon influencing you. It could be the influence of the Moon in the sign that day, or your Moon sign, or both. So know that when you make emotional decisions, the Moon is helping you. And, if you need to make an emotional decision, call upon the Moon, or, leave it to a Full Moon or New Moon period before you do so.

Mercury – Your Think Center

Mercury is the quick-witted conversational piece of the zodiac. Mercury rules travel, short journeys, and also communication. So when Mercury is working in the day, that means that communication, messages, or anything related to travel or journey could crop up in your day or Daily Horoscopes. But Mercury also rules the mind and intellect. So Mercury can also play a role in your ideas, inspirations, and research on any given day.

Let’s say you are an emotional thinker and not a pragmatic one for example. But along comes Mercury trining Jupiter in your Daily Horoscopes. This means we have Mercury, the chatty one, working favourably with lucky Jupiter. Good news will find you today! It will bring emotions of the sign that Mercury is in that day, and also of Jupiter who is currently in Scorpio until mid-November. So you may get lucky news about work, money, or love. This is what you need your Daily Horoscopes for, and how you can use Mercury to live a more intellectual life!

Jupiter – Let the Good Times Roll

Jupiter is the god of all gods, and thus rules a number of things, or some would say, everything. Jupiter is the ultimate Creator and seeks order in all things. This is why Jupiter is very karmic, which is a reminder you will see in your Weekly Horoscopes all the time. But Jupiter is a just god, meaning fair. And one thing Jupiter loves to do is reward good karma. So this is why we say Jupiter is a lucky one. Jupiter is also very optimistic and generous, and wants you to be too! When you embody those traits of Jupiter, luck finds you.

So let’s say for example that Jupiter forms a sextile, or favourable aspect, with Mars. Mars is the planet that is going to give you some good energy and passion and drive, on a particular matter. But Mars can also make you angry. Jupiter doesn’t want that. Jupiter wants you to be happy-go-lucky with those passions from Mars that day. When you do, Jupiter sends you some sweet surprises.

Pluto – The Change Maker

When I call Pluto the Change-Maker in your horoscopes, I’m not nickel and diming you. Pluto is the planet of death and transformation, and that sounds super morbid. What this means is that Pluto brings death and change to the areas of our lives that we need death in. For example, let’s say you have a friendship or relationship or job that you are hanging onto because you can’t handle breaking up with it. Pluto doesn’t play that way. If you won’t take down those walls, Pluto will, and will show you what you need to rebuild in your life.

This is also why Pluto, as tiny and dwarfish as he may be, is also considered a power player in the planetary system. On those days when you feel like making a big move or taking your power back from someone, check the aspects of the day. Chances are, Pluto was in play. It’s that feeling you get when you wake up one day and realize you aren’t going to let someone walk all over you anymore.

Pluto gives you that inspiration to make change. And you should follow it, but just be cautious. Pluto brings death, and in a way that you can’t bring something back to life. So yes, tear down the walls. Just do so in a way that doesn’t leave you looking like the bad guy at the end of the day.

Uranus – The Sun Within You

Uranus, in my opinion, is the most misunderstood planet. Poor Uranus. Uranus is the farthest planet from Saturn, and it can’t be seen with a telescope. Thus some astrologers refer to Uranus as the Sun within us. In other words, Uranus represents that part of our Self that is also hidden, that isn’t always emotional like the Moon. Uranus is all about our repressions, what we aren’t telling the world about how awesome we are. That’s why Uranus is the ingenious planet. You get many of your most brilliant ideas and expressions from Uranus, and many of the world’s best inventions were born out of Uranus energy.

Uranus is also a freedom fighter. So when you need to say something to empower your Self or even just for shock value, that could be Uranus energy. You’ll see in your Daily Horoscopes or Weekly Horoscopes for example that when Uranus is around, you’re going to see people acting a little out of sorts. But they aren’t, actually. They are merely bringing out those inner freedoms into the world.

At a cocktail party, for example, someone may ask out loud if your child has been given a DNA test for paternity. Umm… what?!? Or they may say in a Conservative function that they are against the death penalty, sending shock waves before a major political vote. In this way, Uranus can be a mover and shaker. And Uranus is responsible for the Internet! Meaning, the Internet was invented by someone with a strong Uranus and ingenious influence. This is why Uranus is misunderstood.

Expect the unexpected with Uranus. But, embrace it. Real change – social change and even personal change – comes up when Uranus is influencing your life. It’s not conventional or traditional. It is completely the opposite. That’s what Uranus loves about life on Earth in general.

Neptune – You Dreamed a Dream

Neptune is the god of the seas in the sense that he is Water-based, or in other words, rules our emotions and subconscious. Neptune is another misunderstood planet. This is the dreamy planet that Pisces loves and rules Pisces, and this makes Neptune very creative, emotional, and dreamy. We often see illusions and deceptions or confusions and misunderstandings occur under Neptune transits because Neptune isn’t logical.

But this doesn’t mean that things happening under Neptune are deceptive. It only means that we don’t understand them. Neptune is a dreamer, yes. But what Neptune dreams about is the ideal, the perfect scenario. But sometimes that just isn’t aligned with the facts. You may get a text from your crush and automatically start conjuring up wedding images. That’s Neptunian. You want that perfect picture. But all you got was a text.

At the same time, that crush may be dropping words like “marriage” or “wedding” to get you on the hook. But he has no intentions of following through. You both have this perfect ideal in your head that isn’t anywhere close to reality. When you see Neptune in your Daily Horoscopes, you go ahead and dream that dream. Just take your head with you. Neptune is best used in your creative pursuits, and when you are trying to understand your actual dreams and their meanings.

Mars – Your Deepest Desires

As one of the love planets, Mars is highly misunderstood as well. People think Mars and expect battles and wars. Mars is a warrior planet, to be sure. But Mars is also that tiny little pea-sized part of your brain that controls your deepest desires; that force that makes you crave a person or a specific job. Mars makes you go for it, regardless of consequences. Then, once in a while another human with different desires enters the picture and tries to interfere with those awesome desires of yours. That’s when the wars erupt under a Mars influence.

But you can use Mars to your advantage. When Mars is in your domestic center, for example, you may be obsessed with a desire to clean the house. It happens! When Mars is in Aquarius for me, once I start mopping I can’t stop, and ain’t nobody walking on my floors without a serious problem from Mama Bear. I really really need that floor cleaned. This is why Mars energy is so good.

Use this energy in love and work too. Mars energy is what makes us pursue those big career goals, or that hot guy or gal you’re crushing on. So when you see Mars in your Daily Horoscopes, don’t expect a war. Just know you have what it takes to fight for what you want, and you should go for it, with kindness.

Venus – The Law of Attraction

Folks get confused about the differences between Mars and Venus. Books have been written about it. Movies have spanned the dawn of the ages about it. It’s really complicated, for some people. But not if you are here. Put simply, the two love planets Mars and Venus have very different roles, and that’s exactly how they complement each other. Mars is our planet of drive and passion. Mars makes us desire something.

Then, Venus snaps her fingers and helps us to get it. When Venus is influencing your day, you have a more powerful opportunity to attract exactly what you want in your life. That’s how you can use Venus to live a more fulfilling life.

And, since Venus rules love AND money, you can easily see why she lives in the lap of luxury with a bevy of courters. This is how she gets what she wants. She uses the Law of Attraction. Venus loves beautiful things and loves beauty around her, and you can usually get that when you have a lot of money.

Venus helps you to attract not just the love that you want, but also the money to have what you want as well. You can’t negate her influence just because she gets a little saucy sometimes. Sometimes saucy works! Just ask Scorpio who Venus is enjoying tremendously right now. Love is anything BUT a battlefield when you use Venus’ wiles well. She’s having a blast in your Sex Horoscopes right now, just watch!

Concluding Thoughts…

And there you have it. Everything you need to know about each of the planets and how they influence your daily lives and Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes. Have a planetary transit you are confused about? Hit us up and we’ll help you sort it out. To your success!

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