3 Ways to Include Your Daily Horoscope In Your Morning Routine

Most of us have a curiosity about the secrets of the stars. Can they reveal truths about our personality and help us harness certain types of energy to maneuver with wisdom in the real world? The answer is unequivocally yes! The more you know about astrology, the more clearly the planetary language will communicate with you.

I have found that most hugely successful people I’ve met, regardless of what industry they are in, are very interested in knowing themselves on a deeper level and working to navigate their mental landscape daily to be able to use their energy most efficiently. As we tap into the secrets of the stars, we start to see how we can ride the changing energetic currents instead of swimming against the cosmic stream. Success can actually be much easier than we once believed it to be!

What is a Horoscope?

A daily horoscope reveals the theme of the current day for your Sun sign, determined by the placement of the Sun in the sky the day you were born. It’s a description of where your mind will likely be for the day.

Just as the president gets a daily briefing about world events, your daily horoscope is your briefing on the potential energy for the new day. You can read your free horoscope each day on Astrology Answers or get it emailed to you.

What is it for?

Daily, Sun-sign based horoscopes offer general information and they only skim the surface of the depths to which astrology can take you. You can start to learn the language of astrology, the ways it can open your mind and heal your life, and the planetary cycles that affect everyone.

Reading your daily horoscope can help you have a good perspective on the type of energy each day holds so you can better navigate decisions, creative pursuits, relationships, and work environments.

Include Your Daily Horoscope in Your Morning Routine & Activate Your Potential!

If you have felt like you want to integrate astrology into your day but didn’t quite know how, here is an easy 3-step ritual to make the most of your daily horoscope even on your busiest mornings. Each day you do this, your brain will start to get used to thinking in terms of energy and you’ll start to pick up on the subtle ways the planets affect you and other people. It’s like having the key to a secret code. Let’s activate your greatest potential!

1. Read Your Daily Horoscope After Getting Out of Bed, Before Doing Anything

It’s so powerful to set your intention and prepare your mind for a great day before starting it. Check your horoscope before your brain starts to compile your to-do list and schedule and you will have a leg up on the energy of the day. When you know what type of energy you’re working with, you can mould that energy into a masterpiece instead of being trampled by it. Instead of letting your day lead your mind, you let your mind lead your day.

If you decide that the most important thing in your life is activating your greatest potential to help the world, then it will be easy to make the first thing you do in your day something which supports that. You will train yourself to start your day slowly knowing that this makes you an intentional and energetically sophisticated participant in life. When you start to feel how much more positive your day goes by making this the first thing you do, you’ll look forward to it.

2. Meditate About It

There are predictable energies that horoscopes can pick up on. Let your body speak to you to let you know what the best use of your time is for each day after reading your daily horoscope. Once you’ve read it ask yourself how this information can help you activate your potential and reach your goals.

When you combine your own vision with your daily horoscope, you fuse the energy available with your own personal dream. Write down how you feel this horoscope is guiding you to achieve your goals today whether it’s helping you see something in a new light, telling you to move forward, or to perhaps evaluate your plan.

Sometimes your body will tell you to cancel your plans and stay home. Sometimes it will say get your work done right away, and sometimes it says do less and just relax. Your intuition will work with your daily horoscope to best utilize your time.

3. Visualize How the Advice Can Help You Be the Best Version of Yourself that Day

After reading your horoscope and meditating on what your body and instinct are telling you to do in your day, watch yourself doing the things you’ve decided in the last step with a positive attitude and a relaxed mind. This will set the tone for your activities to be effective and fun! You know the energy that is available to you from your horoscope, have decided what to do, and this last step of visualizing that energy being used to the fullest and most positive outcome, will help guide your energy for the day.

This will get you out of dreading your day to mastering it with enthusiasm and empowerment. This is a crucial game-changing visualization. Each day you take the energy available to you, apply it to your goals, and then visualize it going well, you are activating your potential.

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By Following This 3-Step Ritual, You Will:

Here are some of the benefits (but not all) you can expect simply by sticking to this simple new habits! Think of it like Jedi mind-training that is going to shift you from living in fear to living like a modern-day wizard.

When it comes to our success in work and love, the mind is the final frontier as the birthplace of our words and actions. Starting your day by directing your energy does everything you need to create a foundation that is spiritually grounded and directed towards your highest good.

Allow Your Mind to Open to New Possibilities

Practicing being in an intuitive and expanded state first thing each day will allow you to discover new streams of consciousness, new solutions to issues in your life, and new possible approaches to living that are in harmony with your health and the health of the planet. You’ll find your creativity grows when you tap into Universal consciousness and understand the tides of emotions that we are living in. When you start to experience how different your energy is based on what the planets are doing, you’ll realize you can harness this energy to help the world.

Practice Self-Awareness

In a very practical sense, you’ll know which days are good for being social and having conversations and which days are better to keep to yourself and just get work done. You’ll know on which days you might have a short fuse and when you can easily fall into poor decision making.

Working with your daily horoscope is the ultimate tool for building self-awareness and starting to notice your own potentially self-sabotaging thought patterns that don’t serve you.

Prepare Your Mind for the Things You Have to Accomplish During the Day

Sometimes there are things we just need to do – but the energy we bring to them with our intention makes all the difference. Knowing the emotional landscape for your day will help you navigate if you’re going to do things in a calm methodical way, take a more creative and intuitive approach, or if you will use your ability to communicate to get tasks accomplished. Look at what tools the Universe has put in your pocket for the day and visualize how you will paint those activities with complementary colors for the day.

Have a New Perspective of Yourself & Others

Following your daily horoscope helps you understand why you are in certain moods on certain days and helps you see why people can be so different from one day to the next. It certainly helps us develop more compassion for our own feelings and can allow us to see that people aren’t usually aware of why they may feel really intense, emotional, or reserved on certain days. An understanding of astrology can help us understand the inner workings of other people’s minds from a less judgmental perspective, which inevitably can allow us to see their humanity and create deeper bonds with them.

Train Yourself to Be Happier

At the end of the day, reading and meditating on your daily horoscope is all a process of training your mind to work with the cosmic energies and transits so you can be as happy and successful as possible. When you ‘know thyself’ down to your deepest levels, it will help you own and use your emotions so they don’t get the best of you. We can’t have such high expectations to have the same energy each day when we understand just how much the planets do alter our energy. As you start to accept your emotions, your resistance against yourself in your life will fade away so you can flow with the energy instead of against it.


Cultivating the relationship between your mind, heart, and the Universe will align your life with goals that are both fulfilling and exciting. Reading your daily horoscope can help you get to know what makes you unique and how to best express your true self without holding back. Astrology reveals patterns each month that we can predict, enabling us to manage our expectations.

Reading your daily horoscope is a way to tune into your own intuition, which connects you to an expanded state of consciousness that you will begin to develop a strong, trusting relationship with. You’ll rebuild your identity based on living a purposeful, soul-focused life that aligns with the greater good for all. In a world where people seem to be obsessed with external appearances, you will always have happiness from within if you start your day with this gentle practice that reminds you of the truth of who you are: a soul here to do good in the world.

Start reading your daily horoscope now – and even have it sent to your inbox for convenience!

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