Which Cereal To Start Your Day With, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever thought of your zodiac sign in terms of… cereal? No? Well, you have now.

Sweet, classic, pure, artificial – with so many options, how does one decide what to eat? You’ve appealed to the stars to seek guidance in relationships and in making tough life decisions, but can astrology help you make food selections? Of course, it can.

Today, we thought we’d take a look at the traits of each of the zodiac signs to help you make what might be the most important choice of the day – what breakfast cereal to eat.

Pisces – Reese’s Puffs

Sweet, salty (even Pisces can hold a grudge) and a little nutty – that’s Water sign Pisces! Neptune-ruled Pisces is anything but normal – just like this dessert-as-cereal.

Open-minded and go-with-the-flow, creative Pisces sees the world in a completely different way and this chocolatey-peanut-buttery morning treat will speak to their dreamy qualities. Who else could choose a chocolate bar as a breakfast cereal?!

Aries – Trix

After all, Trix are for kids. Obvious? If Capricorn is the gruff dad of the zodiac, rams are definitely the little kids. A hyperactive rabbit using all his tools and energy so he can get some cereal? That sounds just like our determined and headstrong Aries.

Interestingly enough, Trix were recently changed from 6 colors to 4, as they committed to stop using artificial colors in their cereal – just like direct Aries wants to be as real as possible.

Taurus – Life

Refined on the outside, full of flavor on the inside – Life cereal is ‘wholesome, with just a touch of sweetness.’ The surprising and slightly saccharine flavor that lies in the middle of these delicious woven bites perfectly reflects Venus-ruled Taurus’ indulgent side.

Life cereal reminds us of what it’s like to break through Taurus’ controlled outer wall to get to their softer side. It’s also just yummy.

Gemini – Froot Loops

Yes, this is a bit of a read on the sign of the twins. With Gemini, you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get, and they probably can’t commit to a favorite color. Froot Loops invite us to ‘Join Toucan Sam on a delicious, fruity adventure,’ which is exactly what it’s like to hang out with a Gemini.

After all, Gemini’s aversion to boredom makes them extremely entertaining companions – so having breakfast next to a cheerful, anthropomorphic toucan with an English accent only makes sense.

Cancer – Vanilla Almond Special K

Crunchy, multi-flavored and sweet, there’s something about opening a bag of this cereal that reminds you of fresh-baked cookies. It’s also healthy enough that you don’t have to worry about indulging.

Nurturing Cancer loves anything that makes them feel at home – so a few bites of this bowl full of deliciousness will make them forget any hurt feelings. This is as close as you’ll get to eating a hug.

Leo – Nesquik

Who likes to stand out more than the lion? A bold selection – chocolately Nesquik cereal is a punch in the face when it comes to breakfast choices. Leos can be like great big kids in their joie de vivre – so this is a great option to indulge your younger side.

The milk turns into chocolate as you go, making a statement and letting you – and your bowl – stand out from the rest. If you’re ever in a cereal eating competition, you win.

Virgo – Kashi

Sound boring? No way! Virgo is associated with the 6th house of health, so this was a natural selection. Kashi is a sensible breakfast cereal to start your day with, but it’s more exciting than All Bran (sorry All-Bran).

With healthy choices like Organic Sprouted Grains, Kashi is also easy to digest – important for Virgo, who often suffers from tummy troubles.

Libra – Cheerios – no, wait… Raisin Bran! No, um, Fruity Pebbles?

Lovable Libra is known to have a hard time making up their mind – especially with so many magical cereals to choose from! We think diplomatic Libra would try to be fair and sample all of them before coming up with a fair ruling.

Social Air sign Libra just wants everyone to get along – they’re more likely to ask you what your favorite cereal is than to admit to their own choice. This approach will also keep stylish Libras on the trend by not committing to anyone cereal in particular.

Scorpio – Sugar Crisp, Cheerios

Can cereal be sexy? The jury is out, but that Sugar Crisp bear always seemed to have bedroom eyes to me. We’re veering from honing in on the usual target of mysterious Scorpio’s seductiveness and we’re looking to their Fixed sign nature, which both demands and appreciates the real deal.

Yes, Scorps can be the shadiest sign, but at the end of the day, they like things that are real and based in a broth of truth. Classic Cheerios may seem like a weird choice for the 8th sign of the zodiac, but at the end of the day, they detest anything phony – and with original Cheerios, what you see is what you get.

Sagittarius – Lucky Charms

This lucky sign is born with a horseshoe in hand – ruled by the optimistic and hopeful planet-daddy Jupiter, Sagittarius has a sometimes annoying way of landing in their feet – no matter what kind of shenanigans they get up to.

The cereal’s tag line is ‘The most magical part of the day,’ and if you’ve ever had an archer in your life, you may agree. Maybe it’s their natural whimsy that keeps them looking on the bright side. (They also just permanently added the unicorn marshmallow to the lineup. What’s luckier than a horned, white, magical forest creature?)

Capricorn – Frosted Flakes

Frosty on the outside, sensible on the inside – here’s a cereal as traditional as the 10th sign of the zodiac. Capricorn loves to project an appearance of control, but they are fierce friends when given a chance!

Capricorns are known to be over-achievers – and who better to rep this trait than the ultimate cereal champion – Tony the Tiger?! Just like hard-working Capricorn, Tony takes his job of selling Frosted Flakes seriously – and has been dedicated to this endeavor for 60+ years.

Aquarius – Cap’n Crunch with Crunchberries

What does an 18th-century naval captain have to do with fruit-flavored cereal? No, really, we’re asking. One of the theories is that, in his world travels, Cap’n Crunch stumbled upon Crunchberry Island – or he was born there, which also doesn’t make sense.

There’s even a website dedicated to Horatio Magellan Crunch. Sound ridiculous? This is why Cap’n Crunch was chosen for the wackiest sign of them all, Aquarius. Everyone loves the Cap’n, but he’s never shown with any friends that aren’t fruit. Just like Aquarius, he may be alone, but he ain’t lonely.

No matter what your flavor, every zodiac sign possesses unique traits both on the light and shadow side – do you know the qualities of yours? Take a look at your free Daily Horoscope!

Did we get it right? Let us know your zodiac sign and your favorite cereal on our Facebook or Instagram!

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