When Your Root Chakra Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy: Here’s Why

Have you ever felt like everything in your day was out of sorts? Or maybe it feels like every day is like that, and like your whole life feels out of sorts? Does it ever feel like all you need is a little tune-up, to fix a little tinker in your system that might be out of whack?

When it feels like all of our most basic things in life are being hampered by some higher power, most of the times that means that your root chakra probably needs a tune-up. We’ve talked about chakras before and even chakra alignment. Today we are going to focus on one chakra, the root chakra, and show you how to clear it and bring it back into alignment so that you stop having those out-of-sorts days! Are you ready? Here are 7 things about the root chakra and how to tune it!

1. Your Root chakra is located at the base of the spine.

A lot of people consider the location of the Root chakra to be at the tip of the tailbone. It’s located at the base of your spine and thus it essentially controls everything. If your spinal cord is out of whack, you will accomplish nothing on any day. So, when the little wheel of energy at the base of your spine known as the Root chakra is not sending or receiving energy correctly, then you are going to be having a bad day. And maybe even many of them!

The spinal cord is responsible for sending nerve signals from your neurological system to your brain. These signals are all about mobility. They happen in nanoseconds that we can barely measure with the naked eye, but when our Root chakra is out of sorts, those nanoseconds slow down. Then you have a harder time getting out of bed in the morning, getting to work, and for some people, even sitting down at their desk! When you can’t move well, your whole day is impaired. THAT’S how important keeping the Root chakra tuned up is!

2. Your Root chakra covers your basic needs.

Now that you know that every move you make every day depends on the function of the Root chakra, you also can see how it rules your basic needs. The Root chakra is about survival, knowing what you need and when you need it. This includes food and finances, but also the things that make you stand up for yourself in the world. Is your spine feeling nice and straight these days? Or are you hunched over because you are overwhelmed by finances, love, or work matters? When all of your basic life needs are met, you stand up straight and walk taller. So, if you are feeling a little hunched over these days, now you know why. It may be time for a Root chakra tune-up!

3. The Root chakra is what makes you feel passion!

There are many chakras like the Heart chakra and the Crown chakra that can get you excited about life. But the Root chakra is the base of all of your passion. Think about the last time you were really excited and passionate about something. You were probably bouncing all over the place in your excitement and couldn’t contain yourself. That’s because the Root chakra is your center for personal power and passion. When your Root chakra is intact, you feel powerful and passionate! So, if you are trying to remember the last time you felt that way – about anything – then it’s probably time to tweak that root chakra with a tune-up.

4. The Root chakra is red.

The Root chakra’s color is red. But did you ever wonder why? Well, think about all of the things that we have been talking about. Passion, power, basic needs, and excited movement. The color that is going to fuel that for you is going to be red. You’ve heard many a fashion consultant or stylist say that red is a power color. And that’s all because of the Root chakra. This color will stimulate you in many many ways, and give you a little personal power on any given day. So, wearing red as often as you can, especially when you aren’t having the most feel-good day, is a great way to help align that Root chakra.

5. The Root chakra is associated with the Earth element.

We have 4 elements in the Universe and there are 4 elements in the zodiac. They are Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. The element that the Root chakra is associated with is Earth. That makes sense, since the Root chakra is at the base of your spine and is the energy center needed to ground you. It is the Earth element that grounds you as well (literally!). So if you are really hoping to open or tune up your Root chakra, tune into the Earth element.

Go outside and get your hands dirty in the garden, or simply take care of some business that will help you feel ‘grounded’. Sometimes that just means paying a bill or putting food on the table! When you feel grounded, those simple daily acts that sometimes seem so hard become much easier. Another way to ground the Root chakra is to stand on the actual ground, the soil of the Earth, and simply meditate for a few minutes. Feel the energy coming into your body from your feet on the ground.

6. The Root chakra can be tuned with scent.

Every chakra center has a scent associated with it, and most of them have more than one. There is great power in using scents to align your chakras, and certain scents can be helpful in tuning up your Root chakra. The most common scents associated with the Root chakra are:

  • Patchouli
  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon
  • Sandalwood

Even a little bit of any of these scents included in your everyday life can help tune up your Root chakra. Sprinkle some cinnamon in your coffee in the morning, or add a touch of lavender to your wrists or temples before you head out for the day. You will get an instant boost that will straighten up the spine, AND tune-up that Root chakra.

7. Use red healing crystals and chakra pendulums.

We talk about crystals a lot here and there’s a really good reason for that. They work! As stones that have been harvested from the Earth, they carry a powerful energy that can be healing in many ways. When your Root chakra needs a tune-up, crystals are a very effective and simple way to help yourself on the road to healing. Red crystals on their own like ruby or garnet that you can wear in jewelry or just have in your pocket are very effective for crystal healing and Root chakra work.

Wearing crystals and carrying them around are not the only ways that you can use crystals to align or tune-up your Root chakra. A pendulum or chakra pendulum can be very useful in this regard as well. Pendulums are divination tools that can be used for anything from predicting the future to simply aligning your energy centers.

When used properly, you can align your Root chakra and restore your passion and personal power base with the simple tool of a chakra pendulum! Have you ever used a chakra pendulum? A Root chakra pendulum designed just for this purpose is the ideal divination tool to help you align those energy centers.

Restore your personal passion and take your power back! What is your favorite way to align or restore your Root chakra?

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