You Pulled the Strength Tarot Card – Now What?

If there’s one thing this year has done for many of us, it’s forced us to call upon our strength.

2020 has been an extremely challenging year so far, on many levels, for many people. Trying to navigate our way through these tricky waters is calling upon our inner resources, sometimes to our breaking point.

Using the Tarot as a way to help guide you is a useful tool and highly beneficial. The Tarot may not always be able to predict the future, but it can guide us in the right direction.

And there’s one card of the Major arcana that many can benefit from right now: Strength, represented by the number 8.

8 is a powerful number. In Numerology, it represents action and goals. In the Enneagram personality test, 8 is the number of The Challenger, a strong, warrior-type person who pushes through, no matter the obstacles.

Have you pulled the Strength card in one of your recent Tarot readings? Let’s dive into what exactly this card means.

What Does the Strength Card Mean?

There are three core areas of your life the Strength card is perfect for helping with — career, health, and relationships.

Strength is what allows you to focus on what you want to manifest in your life instead of what you don’t want. The Strength card represents how the power of the human spirit can overcome any obstacle. It shows that you can really harness your thoughts to use them for good — both for yourself and everyone else.

The Tarot Strength card is often depicted by a woman holding the jaw of a lion or standing calmly by the lion’s side.

This is a sign of inner strength – the woman knows the lion could turn around and bite her, but she has enough strength to not only trust the lion but to tame it as well.

What Does Strength Mean in Love & Relationships?

If you pull Strength in a love/relationship reading, it usually means you need to be strong to face whatever issue is going on in your relationship at this time.

In the feelings position, it can mean someone has very strong feelings for you or that they feel you are a strong person who can inspire them.

It depends on the position you are pulling this card for, but Strength is often a welcome card in love/relationship readings. This is because it shows there is a strong foundation in the relationship or that making things work is a possibility. It just means harnessing the strength to do it.

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What Does Strength Mean in a Career Reading?

If you pull the Strength card in a career reading – especially the advice position – it may indicate a challenge you are facing at work, and you are being advised to stay strong.

Strength in a career reading may also mean that you are being called to a profession that requires your strength – this could be inner strength, such as paramedic work, work that can be psychologically challenging, or work that requires a lot of patience; or it could be physical strength – such as the armed forces or security guard work.

What About Strength as an Obstacle?

If Strength comes out in the obstacle position, then it can mean that your own personal strength, or lack of it, is standing in your way. You are being called to be strong, and something is preventing you from doing it.

Similarly, a strong person may be standing in your way. Like the lion in the picture, this person will require careful handling and gentle soothing to deal with effectively.

What About Strength in Reverse?

In reverse, our strengths turn to weaknesses, and we may be running from our fears.

If you pull Strength in reverse, it is a sign that you are caving into your fear. The reserved Strength is often a warning that the seeker needs to look deep within to find out what is blocking their inner strength and then take measures to flip it around.

It can indicate self-doubt and lack of energy. Strength is connected to the zodiac sign, Leo, and shows what happens when a Leo is not living to their full potential. They can be like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz, always doubting themselves and thinking they are not good enough.

Strength in reverse may not be the most welcome of signs, but it is a blessing in disguise – it indicates that the seeker is not living their full potential.

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How To Make the Strength Card Work For You

Using the Strength card to better help yourself for the rest of 2020 is easy. There are a few ways to affirm this powerful energy into your life.

Study the Meaning of the Card

The first way is to simply study the meaning of the card. You already have the basic idea, but there is always more to learn. The imagery on the card alone can put your mind in gear for strengthening your life, and each Tarot deck has a slightly different image as well. Owning a Tarot deck is something that is just good sense for anyone focusing on self-improvement!

The more you know about it, the more prepared your subconscious is to accept the benefits.

Meditate on the Card

Another way to activate the power of Strength in your life is to meditate on the card and what it means. While meditating, be sure to clear your mind of any doubts or negativity you may have.

Focus on the meaning of the card and envision strength flowing through your body. If you have the physical card, hold it in your hand as you meditate.

Place the Card on Your Altar

By putting the actual Strength card on your altar, you can help keep that Strength energy flowing while you’re doing other things. If you don’t have an altar, you can easily make one with just a small table, a candle or two, and any other spiritual items you feel drawn to.

Use Affirmations with the Card

Setting affirmative intentions will help keep you on track during the manifestation of your strength this year. Every day, hold the card in your hand, look at it on your altar, or simply envision it in your mind and ask for strength where you need it most.

You can say it aloud — “Give me the strength to ask for the promotion I deserve,” “Give me the strength to beat this illness,” or “Give me the strength to make a decision about my relationship.” Putting your affirmation out into the universe will draw the necessary strengthening energy toward you.

Use the Power of Strength in 2020

Strength can be one of the hardest things to feel, especially if 2020 has been a rough year for you so far. One thing that’s very important to remember is it’s always darkest before the dawn. You can’t be discouraged by life’s former battles for too long, or you could miss your opportunity for change.

Let 2020 show you how much inner strength you really have. You already have more strength inside you than you can imagine, and now is the time to call it out!

What will you use your strength to overcome in 2020?

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