Here’s How to Get Accurate Tarot Love Readings

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Love. It’s one of the most beautiful experiences we can have in life, and most of us are eager to find that earth-shattering romance that we’ve always dreamt of. But the search for love is often a long, arduous process that might contain a few broken hearts along the way.

Fortunately, we have mystical, metaphysical tools like the Tarot that can give us insight and hope along our path.

Sometimes it can feel difficult to put yourself back out there, especially if it’s been a while since you dipped your toes in the dating pool. And let’s face it, the dating game has changed; there are multiple dating apps out there, and trying to find your best angles, and creating a riveting bio can feel overwhelming.

That’s why working with the Tarot is so useful when it comes to matters like love and romance. And even if you’re in a relationship, a reading from your favorite deck can clear the air and provide a deeper understanding of your relationship.

The cards can help you regain focus and find clarity in nearly any situation, and that clarity leads to confidence that helps you open yourself up to new romance or a deeper bond with your current partner.

If you’re excited and ready to step into a new, luscious chapter of your life, keep reading to find out how the Tarot can help you attract more romance than ever before! We’ve got all the information you need to get the most accurate love Tarot reading.

How Tarot Readings Can Help with Love

Life is full of questions and mysteries, especially when it comes to love.

Will I find love soon? How can I know if they’re the right one for me? Will they support me during challenging times? Can I really open up and be vulnerable with them?

Sometimes we possess the answers, but they’re hidden by fear or external influences. The Tarot simply connects you to your innermost wisdom, to the knowledge that courses through you, perhaps untapped. It also creates a direct line between you and the Universe, allowing you to access celestial knowledge and understanding.

The cards help you hone your intuitive skills, allowing you to trust yourself. They connect you to the Universal consciousness that we are all a part of.

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Asking the “Right” Questions in a Tarot Love Reading

Desiring love, romance, and connection is a natural part of being human. And it’s a valid, beautiful quest to seek spiritual assistance in learning how to manifest a happy relationship.

It is important, however, that you know how to ask the right questions. Many people will simply ask, “Do they love me?” While this might be the questions you most desire an answer to, the cards are more complex, requiring more than “yes” or “no” questions. It’s better to ask open-ended questions, like, “What are the strengths of this relationship?” Or, “What can I do to improve my communication within relationships?”

Think about your query carefully before asking your question.

The way you word your question will directly influence your results, so it’s important to be specific and precise. If you ask an ambiguous question, you can expect to receive an ambiguous answer. You may feel like starting with something like, “Is there someone special out there for me?” But this is a vague question that will lead to a vague reading!

One way to get a thorough, insightful reading is to plan a series of questions, and take time to lay out multiple spreads. The additional information from multiple readings will help you better understand the message flowing towards you from the Universe.

While you may be tempted to ask questions about a crush or your partner, it’s more effective to focus on yourself, and the things you can do to facilitate romance in your life. Asking about another person or how they feel will not provide a clear reading if that person and their energy are not present. It’s much easier and more informative to concentrate on yourself and the actions you can take to find love.

Read ahead for information about open-ended and close-ended questions!

Open-Ended Vs. Close-Ended Questions

Close-ended questions are those with answers like a simple “yes” or “no.” On the other hand, open-ended questions leave room for a more detailed, informative answer or explanation. Tarot readings are all about intuition and your own person interpretation of the cards, so open-ended questions give you the opportunity to reach into your spirit and discover the meaning behind your reading.

Close-ended questions can lead to even more confusion than before you started your reading, as there are no Tarot cards that contain such black and white meanings.

Open-Ended Questions About Love

It can be difficult to think of the “right” questions when performing a reading, especially if you’re a beginner.

We’ve compiled a list of open-ended questions that will help you get started, inspiring you to get creative with your questions for the Tarot. Questions like these will help you focus your emotional energy, allowing you to connect with your intuition and your soul on a deeper level than ever before.

For example, asking the cards if you will find love can yield vague results. It’s better to ask how to find healthy, long-term soul connections. Love is everywhere, and it’s relatively easy to find in different ways – like the love we feel for pets, friends, and family members. But, if you’re seeking Earth-shattering romance, it’s better to focus on how to find someone that you can grow with spiritually and romantically.

Try asking open-ended questions like these:

What can I do to attract love?

Be open to new ways of thinking that the cards will reveal to you. Maybe it’s being more lighthearted and playful, or maybe it’s about being more generous.

How can I improve my relationship?

This type of question requires humility, but can be the most valuable question you will ever ask in a love Tarot reading. Perhaps you need to harness your creativity, for instance, in order to direct your energy in a loving way to your community (or even yourself) instead of directing too much energy at your partner.

Some more valuable questions on love include:

  • How will I recognize my soul mate when I meet them?
  • What do I need to do to find romantic love?
  • Is love looking for me at the moment?
  • When and where might I meet this person?
  • What am I doing that might be hindering my search for romance?
  • What growth should I be focusing on to attract romantic love into my life?
  • What do I need to know about my future partner?

Why Ask These Questions About Love?

These types of questions help you concentrate on your own experience with love, which is exactly what the cards can help you discover. The Tarot reminds you that you hold the power, you hold the cards, and your fate is not determined by anyone or anything outside of you.

When you focus on yourself, and what you can do to attract love, you’re building a better relationship with the Universe – which always encourages growth. When you’re bringing the best intentions and energy into a romantic relationship, you will enjoy your experience more deeply and be able to build more intimacy and connection with a partner.

Your questions should focus on what aligns with your soul and will bring the highest good for all involved.

You deserve a partner who brings out your potential and helps you shine – and the easiest way to filter out any bad eggs is by finding your light, shining it brightly, and ridding yourself of any relationships that require you to dim your luminous nature.

Focusing on yourself during your readings will also ensure that you aren’t invading anyone’s personal space or privacy – which is bad form that leads to bad karma. After all, you wouldn’t want someone infiltrating your sacred, psychic space.

The higher your vibrations, the easier it is to attract the romantic love you seek. Attempting to control the emotions of others never leads to a successful union, which is why it’s so important to place the spotlight on yourself. Ask the Universe to support you in being a high vibration individual so that you can attract a high vibration individual.

Try to remember that the Law of Attraction will always bring you the energy that you’ve been putting out there into the world – so sharing positive energy with those around you is a must.

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Close-Ended Questions About Love

These are the types of questions that can lead to a vague, or even confusing, reading. The future is not written in stone, making it hard for your intuitive center to access answers to close-ended questions.

Avoid asking questions like:

Does X want to be with me?

If you don’t feel comfortable asking someone if they want to be with you, it’s better to ask the cards why you’re not comfortable being open to directly asking the person. Try directly communicating with this person instead.

What is the name of my soul mate?

There are many possible energetic matches that can show up in your life to help your soul evolve. Limiting yourself to a name could very well block you from many wonderful and loving relationships. This is not going to help your soul evolve, nor will it lead to greater happiness.

Does my ex hate me?

Sometimes, new relationships won’t manifest if we are still blaming others for our feelings, or if we haven’t made amends with someone we exchanged hurtful words with. This is often because our subconscious is still holding that negative energy, and it needs to be released.

Other questions that are best to avoid include:

  • Is X attracted to me?
  • Is it time to end this relationship?
  • Does my ex still love me?
  • Is X ever going to commit?
  • When will I find true love?
  • Is my partner cheating on me?
  • Does my crush like someone else?
  • What can I do to make X fall in love with me?

Why Should You Avoid These Questions About Love?

When you ask questions like this, you can expect that you’ll be performing a few follow-up readings, as they typically lead to vague answers that do not provide accurate information.

Many of us believe that finding love and romance will lead to happiness. The truth is, happiness comes from the love that we, ourselves, put out into the Universe. When we convince ourselves that we need love to find joy, we end up running in circles, chasing a fantasy. Real love takes work and commitment, and it often includes frustration and arguments.

It’s up to you to amplify the love in your heart and share that love with the world. When you radiate with compassion, love, and understanding, people are magnetically attracted to you because that energy is irresistible.

That’s why it’s more important to focus on the self when working with the Tarot. Asking questions like those above will not lead you to a life of purpose or fulfillment.

Additionally, exact dates, names, and specific events are very difficult to pinpoint through the cards. And it’s fun to allow a little mystery in life! Focusing on your own happiness and what you can do to be a more loving person will help ensure that you’re happy even when you’re on your own.

Ask Follow-Up Questions Afterwards

Often a love Tarot reading will reveal how your emotions are affecting your current situation. It’s very empowering to ask how you can best shift your emotions once a spread reveals a deep truth about your energy.

If the Tarot shows there is a potential for someone new in your life, you can ask about what type of emotional energy you can expect to experience when you meet that person. That way, you’ll be more aware of your own energy and the energy of others around you.

Which Cards Indicate Romance in the Future?

There are a few cards that are may hint at blooming love or a chance encounter with your future partner. The Lovers card is probably the most obvious, and it represents harmony, peace, and union.

The 6 of Cups is another card that is linked to love, and it’s known as one of the soul mate cards. In fact, the number 6 is connected to love and soulmates in numerology, and any card in the Minor Arcana associated with this number is typically a good omen for romance.

Finally, while the Star is not explicitly linked to love, it can represent the twin flame or soulmate that may soon enter your life.

If you pull these cards during a reading about romance and love, you may be on the precipice of meeting your twin flame or soul mate!

The Top 10 Tarot Card for Love will give you more insights about love-related cards!

Try Your Own Love Tarot Spread

While working with the Tarot will not magically make a romantic partner appear in your life, it can help you open the doors and focus on the self-work that will attract the love you seek. Just remember to be precise and focused with your questions and keep an open mind when you receive your answers.

And remember, above all things, to love yourself and spread that love with the world around you. The more love you feel for yourself, the more love you’ll attract from others.

So, shuffle your deck, create a sacred space, and start connecting to the cards! You may be surprised about what you learn.

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