How Tarot Can Improve Your Love Life

What does your future hold? What about those parts of the present moment that you might be missing? Life is full of mysteries, and it can be hard to stay focused when you’re wondering about the future, or even the hidden meaning of the present moment.

Fortunately, the Tarot can help.

Tarot cards are a great way to connect to your own hidden realms and learn more about the depths of your being. A Tarot reading can help you figure out what emotional blockages you might be experiencing, what lessons you need to learn, and how to go about doing it. A love Tarot reading can also illuminate the dark, shadowy areas of your love life, giving you greater insight into what you need and desire from a romantic partnership.

While the thought of Tarot cards might conjure an image of a mysterious woman, covered in scarves, reading your fortune, the wisdom of the Tarot can be accessed by anyone. Divination is often confused with fortune-telling; however, using metaphysical tools for the purposes of divination often result in more understanding of your present situation.

In fact, a love Tarot reading probably won’t tell you when you’ll fall in love or with whom. But it will tell you the lessons that you need to learn before you embrace your next romantic adventure.

Who You Are is in the Cards…

Before you can truly appreciate romance with another person, you have to understand yourself and your own needs and desires. Tarot cards can help you unearth the parts of your personality that you may have hidden, revealing your own unique romantic style. Everyone loves differently, and each person on this planet has their own ideas of what love should be. Imagine how open, honest, and loving our relationships could be if we understood our own drives and desires. This is where the cards come in.

Trying a love Tarot reading will help you realize what it is you’ve been searching for in romantic relationships, and how to best achieve these goals. The cards can show you who you want to be, as well as who you were born to become.

Sitting with your cards in your hand, focus your intention on your question. Center yourself, draw a deep breath, and ask the cards what energy or relationships you most need in your life right now. Pour your energy into the cards, and when you feel ready, draw the card that jumps out at you. If the card you’ve drawn doesn’t give you an answer that makes sense to you, draw a clarification card, asking for understanding of the Tarot’s message.

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Finding Your Footing

One thing that may be most beneficial for you to understand when searching for your true love is the path you should follow. What lessons do you need to learn before you enter into another romantic endeavor? What do you need to know about yourself to get the most out of a passionate connection?

Sometimes, we feel like we are alone or single and ready to mingle—but life often has different plans for us. Being single is a great time in your life to learn more about yourself, what you want, and what you need from a future relationship. Taking time to work on your own emotional progress can help assure that your future relationships run more smoothly.

A love Tarot spread can help you understand the past upsets or emotional wounds that need some healing before you enter into a new union. When you work on those raw emotions on your own time, you’ll feel better prepared to tackle the ins and outs of a new romance. Center yourself and ask the cards which issues need your attention and what emotional pains need healing before you begin a new relationship.

Looking for Love with the Tarot

Tarot cards are not a direct connection to the future; they are a connection to your internal self, your higher self, the spiritual portion of your being that may be hidden at times. The cards connect you to the cosmos and help you understand the mysteries of life. And, they can also help you learn more about the type of partner you need for growth, fulfillment, and passion.

Maybe you need the Knight of Cups, who will help you discover and connect to your emotional center. Or perhaps the Queen of Wands, whose wild abandon will help you feel liberated, is most suited to your needs right now.

To do a love Tarot reading, shuffle your deck and ask the cards what influence you need most for growth, transformation, and passion right now. Pay special attention to any Major Arcana and Court cards that come up during this reading—they will show you the energies that you will most benefit from right now.

Focus on Your Desires

When you’re looking for love, it’s time to focus on The Lovers card.

This card encompasses the balance that will ideally be present in your perfect romantic relationship. Read about the meaning of this card and focus on the artwork, soaking in the lessons. Your ideal partnership includes just the right amounts of balance and harmony, and spending time with The Lovers will help you understand this dynamic.

Hold The Lovers card in your left hand, soaking in the wisdom and artistic energy. Focus on the feelings that this card brings up within you. Imagine the partner that will most balance your own unique personality.

Spending time with this card will help you understand what you want and need from a future partner.

Trusting the Cards

The more you work with your cards and with love Tarot readings, the more you will develop a relationship with your cards and begin to trust their messages. You can build a symbiotic relationship with your deck by infusing your cards with your own energy.

Shuffle your cards often. Spend time simply holding them, or flipping through each one and admiring the artwork. While these practices may be simple, they are an effective measure for infusing your own energy into the deck, ensuring a more precise reading.

Open your heart and allow the energy of the cards to seep in. When you build a foundation of trust with your cards, you’ll know that their message is the real deal. With an open mind and a receptive heart, you’ll be able to hear the wisdom of the Tarot.

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* Editor’s note: This article was previously published April 21st, 2018 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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