THESE Are the Top 10 Tarot Cards That Point to Love

top tarot cards for love

Have you ever thought about which cards you really want to see in a Tarot spread when you’re asking about love?

There are certain cards that bode well for love and relationships, just as there are cards that tend to provoke a reaction of horror, followed by a “nooooo!” as soon as it’s laid out on the table. The 5 of Swords, for example, is one of the most unpleasant cards to receive in a love reading. It usually speaks of underhanded behavior, a quarrel, or a conflict where things have not been pretty.

Winner or loser, everyone emerges as the loser.

Some Tarot cards, on the other hand, bring feelings of butterflies in our stomach, and those are the ones we want to see when we’re interested in learning more about our love life! Read on to discover the top ten Tarot cards for love readings.

The Top 10 Tarot Cards For Love

1. The Lovers

It goes without saying but this is the card everyone hopes to see in a love reading.

The Lovers is the ultimate love card in the Major Arcana and indicates a soulmate connection. The Lovers represent the highest form of love, a connection that is deeper than anything physical, mental, or emotional.

At the same time, the Lovers can represent a choice. You may recognize your other half in the Lovers card – but are you going to make the choice to be with them, or are they with you?

2. 2 of Cups

Another welcome card in a love reading, the 2 of Cups, is the Lovers equivalent in the Minor Arcana.

This card represents a loving connection that has been formed. Two people see kinship in one another, which has the potential to grow into something more.

3. 10 of Pentacles

Of all the 10’s, this is the one that bodes the best for a love relationship.

The 10 of Pentacles indicates stability. It’s the card you see for a couple that has grown old together or has the potential to grow old together. The 10 of Pentacles is even more welcome than the 10 of Cups. Pentacles represent Earth, which means they are steady, solid, and grounded.

The relationship is one of permanence, nothing fleeting. This card shows that a relationship has solid foundations and cannot be broken easily.

4. 10 of Cups

Another welcome card in a love reading, the 10 of Cups, represents the “happy ending”.

This is a card that all lovers aspire to – the perfect family, the perfect home, the happily ever after. However, the 10 of Cups comes with a warning in a love relationship if it appears in the early stages.

Someone may be daydreaming too much and placing another on a pedestal that does not match reality.

5. Ace of Cups

Another lovely card in a love reading. This usually pops up when two people are in the very early stages.

The Ace of Cups represents a pure sort of love, and as it is the first card of its suit, it shows a lot of potential. Aces are the seeds of something. The Ace of Cups indicates this is something that could grow into something truly special.

6. Knight of Cups

What a romantic card! If this appears in love reading, it means someone is head over heels for you.

This is the admirer, the knight in shining armor, the one who wants to sweep you off your feet. The Knight of Cups is probably the most romantic of all cards in the Tarot, and his presence usually brings a smile to people’s faces.

7. King of Cups

This is an extremely welcome card in the Tarot. The King of Cups is the mature version of the Knight.

He is someone who loves deeply, and his love is more solid and grounded than the sprightly Knight. The King of Cups in a love reading suggests someone who has very deep, strong feelings for you but will often choose not to voice these feelings.

8. 6 of Cups

Also known as the soulmate card of the Minor Arcana, the 6 of Cups is a very powerful card for indicating a strong bond between two people.

This card usually shows up when there is a significant age gap between two people. This is the card that brings warm, fuzzy feelings and indicates a feeling of being very comfortable with one another.

9. Queen of Cups

This card indicates a very powerful emotional bond between two people. It shows that the love is strong and real.

The Queen of Cups often pops up in an established relationship and indicates the person’s feelings are true and pure.

10. The World

What a fantastic card to get in a love reading! The World indicates “The One.”

The World comes up when you feel you’ve met your perfect match or vice versa. The World is a card of completion and fulfillment. It doesn’t get much better than this, and The World shows you have finally found your other half.

Love & Tarot Readings

Ideally, in a love reading, you want to see a good mixture of cards.

Too many Wands could indicate the bond is purely about sex; too many Pentacles and there may not be enough depth and emotion to the relationship. Someone may be purely focused on the material.

Too many Swords show a strong intellectual bond but not much of anything else. Too many Cups may mean the relationship is not solid or grounded and exists more in a fantasy world. A good mix of all of them shows a steady, stable relationship with loving energy.

Next time you do a reading, see if any of the above cards come up. If so, lucky you!

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