Using Tarot to Find Your Dream Partner

Ah, your dream partner, your twin flame, your one true love. The one we fantasize over, yearn for and dream of. Where are they? Why have they not yet appeared? When will they appear? Will they appear?

So many questions, so little time – at least, that’s how many of us think. In reality, there may be more time than we realize! And while the Tarot cards can’t whip the dream partner out of thin air, what they can do is provide a little more insight into where they may be, who they may be and when they might pop up.

It’s also worth remembering that the dream partner of the fantasy may not quite be the dream partner in reality. One may envision a Christian-Grey-esque type of man and instead end up with a lovely, cuddly Ricky Gervais. Only the Universe knows who our happy match may be, and luckily Tarot has a great way of tapping into the universe. You might not get an exact name, age, height and profession, but you might just get a general idea. which can help you keep a look-out!

So, read on to find out how Tarot can help you find your dream partner!

The Court Cards

A long time ago, before we had such a thing as planes, trains and cars, people mostly existed in little villages of about three hundred people where everyone knew each other. This meant that if you went to the local Tarot reader and asked who you would end up marrying, and they pulled the Page of Wands which represented a young man in his 20’s, quite artistic and with sandy blonde hair, you were usually able to whittle your options down to about five people.

Pretty handy, of course, but times have changed and the traditional physical descriptions of the court cards have changed with them. Population increase and the evolution of multiculturalism have likewise meant that the original physical descriptions no longer apply in the same way they did before, and more emphasis is placed on the characteristics of the cards. Similarly, despite being kings, queens, knights and pages, court cards tend to be genderless unless you ask about a specific person or about gender in general. Pull a Page of Wands today and you may have about a million people to choose from!

But in conjunction with other cards and with the right type of Tarot spread, it can certainly be possible to gain greater insight into who your dream partner is!

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A Tarot Spread to Find Your Dream Partner

This simple spread can be a pretty nifty way of finding more out about your dream partner. Concentrate first on the question:

What is my dream partner like?

Shuffle the cards and then lay them out, with one card for each of the following pointers:

  1. Appearance
  2. Personality
  3. Vocation
  4. Location
  5. Positives
  6. Negatives
  7. Within the three-month time scale?

The seventh card relates to when you may meet this person. Many readers believe it is not good to try and predict after three months as the future is so subject to change. It is up to you whether you choose to include the seventh card or not, or whether you choose to modify it to suit your own desired time-frame. The seventh card interpretation is also strongly based on intuition.

So, as an example, let’s say I shuffled out that exact spread and received the following cards:

  1. The Empress
  2. The Hermit
  3. 9 of Pentacles
  4. 6 of Cups
  5. Queen of Wands
  6. Knight of Swords
  7. 5 of Cups

Here is how I would interpret these cards:

The Empress: This is someone quite classically beautiful, regardless of their gender. Quite curvaceous or has excellent fashion sense. This person has a general positive aura and makes people feel good being in their company. They may come across as quite motherly and nurturing. May be soft-spoken.

The Hermit: This is someone who likes to spend quality alone time and may even go quiet for days on end. This is a thoughtful person and quite a deep thinker. Likely an introvert. They value time alone as they spend a lot of time in introspection.

9 of Pentacles: This person appears to be quite successful in their line of work, possibly in a managerial or CEO position. This person seems to be financially stable and also enjoys the finer things in life.

6 of Cups: This could point to a person I knew from my past! It could also point to someone who might have a significant age gap with me. With location, also pay attention to the background in the card which could give some clue.

Queen of Wands: This person may be a bubbly, outgoing and sociable person. Notice how this is quite opposite to the Hermit, which reflects their personality. To the world, this person may be very Queen-of-Wands-ish – confident, boisterous and highly extroverted. But their true nature may be more Hermit-like. This person is also likely quite sexy!

Knight of Swords: This person may be quite opinionated and let their temper get the better of them. Their words can be cutting and they may use words to hurt people. This person may be quite vengeful and likes to get their own way.

5 of Cups: It looks like a clear disappointed no here! It doesn’t seem I’ll meet this person within the next three months. Tarot cards can be interpreted as yes or no answers, but again this is also strongly linked to your intuition when reading.

So what have I gathered from all this?

It seems my dream partner may be quite successful in their career, very bubbly and outgoing on the outside, but quite introverted and shy deep down and spends a lot of time thinking. This seems to be quite a cerebral person and I would imagine they like exploring new topics and having lengthy discussions, as indicated by the Knight of Swords; though they can be quite brash and opinionated, they can also be charming and lovable like the Queen of Wands. This person will be very attractive to me.

Your True Love is in the Cards…

The Tarot can certainly be a handy and fun way of finding out more about your dream partner. But remember, Tarot is a guide – nothing is set in stone. If you do a reading about your dream partner and gain a specific idea of what they are like, but so happen to come across someone who seems wonderful, clever, funny, caring and loyal all in one and yet they don’t seem like the dream partner from your reading, then don’t restrict yourself simply because your reading said one thing and your experience says another! Go with your gut and instinct – always.

And if you do happen to meet your dream partner from the Tarot, then it will certainly make for interesting discussion with your other half on your wedding day when they discover that you – in the words of Savage Garden – truly did “love them before you met them!”

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