Which Signature Cocktail Best Represents Your Zodiac Sign?

​Fads come and go in all facets of life, and cocktail menus are no different than hairstyles or fashion. While it’s fun to peruse feature drinks at your local watering hole, there’s something to be said for ordering a time-honored classic cocktail – we’re talking about the kind of libation that’s endured prohibition, WWII, and the craft beer craze. Bartenders spend hours honing their craft to get these drinks just right.

Which Signature Cocktail Best Represents Your Zodiac Sign?

Aquarius: Manhattan

Created in the mid-1800s, this whiskey cocktail has a special place in the hearts of history’s artists, writers, and thinkers. From speakeasies to bars, it seems the drink of choice for those who like to push boundaries and discuss lofty ideas. Sounds like the perfect libation for esoteric Aquarius, who is more likely to talk philosophy than celebrity gossip when they get a round of drinks. As much as this Air sign likes to seem serious, they still have a whimsical, quirky side too – which is the cherry on top of this cocktail.

Pisces: Sidecar

Often overlooked on the drink menu as being too simple, the Sidecar is a sleeper hit – much like their zodiac counterpart. With their laidback nature and non-confrontational approach to life, Pisces can sometimes be forgotten next to the louder, crazier signs; just like this sweet and simple bourbon cocktail though, they’re ultimately so comforting and easy to enjoy. While this Water sign can occasionally use a little zest in their life, there’s plenty of that present in a Sidecar thanks to the lemon juice. Salut!

Aries: Caesar

When you want something strong and potent at the bar, you’re sure to order a Caesar – and no other drink better represents this bold Fire sign. While most of the cocktails on this list cater more towards sweet or savory taste buds, the Caesar is for those that can appreciate the spice. Aries knows a thing or two about being hot and hotheaded, so they’re sure to enjoy this vodka cocktail. With trimmings that range from pickled veggies to whole jalapenos, there’s no shortage of ways to spice up your life… and drink.

Taurus: Negroni

Straightforward and bold, the Negroni doesn’t mess about; this cocktail is all alcohol, no fillers. Equally direct and strong, Taurus can appreciate the powerful personality of this bartender’s favorite. While it’s maybe not as well-known as some of the other drinks on this list, a Negroni is understated and elegant, with a hint of sensuality – sounds like a perfect match for this secretly luxe Earth sign. Strong and simple, both the drink and the zodiac sign are beloved for their unfussy style. Cheers to that!

Gemini: Cosmopolitan

Carrie who?! This classic martini might have seen a surge in popularity in the late ‘90s, but it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Like the dual facets of a Gemini’s personality, this cocktail constantly teeters the line between sweet and sour – something Gemini can definitely relate to. While this Air sign’s moods are mercurial and can change lightning quick, it’s best to slow down and let things settle. Same goes for this vodka-based drink since it packs a surprising punch. You’ll both always be the toast of the city though.

Cancer: Pimm’s Cup

Served perennially at garden parties, engagements, and luncheons, this gin cocktail is a favorite for entertaining through Britain. First served at Wimbledon in 1971, its popularity has grown with time and is finally jumped the Atlantic. Since no other sign loves to pamper their friends and family quite like a Cancer, this concoction is perfect for the next summer garden party they host. Like our fav Water sign homebody, this cocktail is sweet without being cloying and has a hidden tart edge. Pour us another!

Leo: French 75

Of course, the most effervescent and glamorous sign of the zodiac would have a champagne cocktail! Just like bubbly and powerful Leo, this sweet cocktail packs a real punch – created in WWI, it’s said too many of these gin-based drinks will leave you feeling like you ‘just got shelled by a French 75 field gun’. This also Fire sign can be overwhelming and exhausting in large quantities, so it’s probably best to have both in moderation. If you enjoy being the life of the party though, go ahead and order another round.

Virgo: Moscow Mule

Suddenly back in fashion, the Moscow mule is having a bit of a revival; once seen as dated and dull, this vodka cocktail is now being recognized for its refreshing and lowkey flavor profile. Sounds like a perfect match for one of our favorite Earth signs that everybody overlooks! Much like this crisp libation, Virgo rarely gets the attention they deserve for their quirky, clever personality – yes, they like rules and order, but they also know how to have a good time. Don’t worry about serving this cocktail virgin though.

Libra: Margarita

While cloyingly sweet premade mixes have given this cocktail a bad reputation in recent years, a well-made margarita should be the perfect balance of sweet, sour and salty. This makes it the right cocktail for Libra, who likewise strives to be just the right blend of ambitious, down to earth, and fun. When this Air sign and tequila-based cocktail both get it right, every element comes together to make something beautiful. As long as Libra and the margarita both keep it real and authentic, it’s a recipe for perfection.

Scorpio: Dark n’ Stormy

Complex, dark, and a little overwhelming… are we talking about this classic tropical rum cocktail, or the most secretive and aloof of the Water signs? Just like Scorpio, we’ll never tell! Originating in the 1800s, this boozy punch was the efforts of British sailors posted in Bermuda to combine their two favorite local things – ginger beer, and black rum. The resulting cocktail is layers of smoky, robust flavors that you’ll either love or hate, much like Scorpio’s private and intense personality. Approach both with caution.

Sagittarius: Mojito

Likely to remind them of their most recent vacation, the mojito is a fun, bubbly cocktail of refreshing elements – just like a Sagittarius. The combination of white rum, lime and mint are unexpected but invigorating in a way this Fire sign is sure to enjoy. Sagittarius should drink these in moderation, lest it triggers their ever-present wanderlust! And if you think this is just a party drink, it’s also said to be a favorite of author Ernest Hemingway, proving you can be driven and still have a good time too!

Capricorn: Old Fashioned

Contrary to what the name implies, there’s nothing dowdy or boring about this whiskey-based cocktail. With deceptively simple ingredients, the palatability of this drink relies on the skill of the bartender in executing it – something detail-oriented Capricorn can appreciate. Much like this driven Earth sign, an old fashioned is straightforward and direct; no paper umbrellas here! There’s also a certain sophistication in ordering a classic whiskey cocktail that appeals to Capricorn’s hidden love of the finer things in life.

Next time you’re out with friends or on a date, order your sign’s signature cocktail and see if they can guess your zodiac based on your libation of choice. Always enjoy responsibly though, no matter what’s in your natal chart.

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