Uranus Retrograde: Free Yourself from Chaos

Happy August, everyone!

Give yourself a big gold star if you’ve made it to this point of the Summer with even just a little bit of your sanity intact! This Summer has been a doozy, launching with a bang of a solar eclipse and New Moon in Cancer. To boot, we had a Mercury retrograde all month to contend with, and at the same time, sleepy Neptune and change-maker Pluto were in retrograde as well. This week, Uranus will go retrograde on August 11.

A lot of people sweat about retrogrades and fear the worst, as Mercury retrograde does come with some rather infamous wrinkles. But when shock planets such as Pluto and Uranus are retrograde, we can pump the breaks on chaos and destruction for a bit. That’s the beautiful thing about Uranus retrograde. So, get excited about this! The only thing you need to free yourself from this chaos is you, and the choice to not let the chaos of the world bring you down. When YOU make that choice, you liberate yourself to find freedom from chaos, and you are empowered to become your own change-maker. We’re going to show you how to do that right here.

Why Does Uranus Cause Stress?

Retrogrades cause stress, and Uranus causes stress, and putting them together makes people panic. But a Uranus retrograde is actually a nice breather from the panic that Uranus CAN cause in real life.

Uranus causes stress because its events usually yield to a change. That little voice inside you that is telling you can do something more about your job, may actually turn into a promotion under a Uranus spell. It comes out of the blue. But it also may yield a layoff or something of that nature. When your current path interferes with your Destiny, the Universe sends us little tests and challenges so we can make corrections and change course.

Those corrections often mean change in our lives. Those corrections also create freedom. When we make those corrections we feel that freedom of flow like we have made a good decision in our life. “Oh, I’m so glad I decided to move for my job this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” You know when you are in that flow. But you aren’t always in that flow under Uranus transits.

Uranus energy is restless because there is something bubbling up inside you and it needs to be unleashed. Sometimes you need to remove something to see that sparkle. That could be a job, a relationship, even a pair of shoes, whatever it is. Uranus steps in to liberate that part of you that needs to shine. And that change is stressful.

Now the key to finding freedom in that Uranus chaos is realizing that most of the stress you are feeling in that moment is self-made. That means you are worrying about something that hasn’t even happened. It may happen. It may not. And most of the time, it doesn’t happen. We fear the worst.

You can escape that mind trap by using tools like a Free Daily Tarot reading to help point you towards events that may happen on any day of the week.

That’s why Uranus retrograde is a good thing. It calms that chaos right down and helps us overcome this fear. Uranus retrograde helps us to make that choice of liberating yourself from that stress.

Uranus Retrograde: 1 Simple Rule

The one simple rule to help you get through Uranus retrograde is simply called visualization. Uranus retrograde helps you to see that light at the end of the tunnel. In some area of your life, abrupt change is coming.

That’s called life. It happens. Those “it happened” events are Uranus inspired. Events intended to propel you closer to your Destiny.

Uranus retrograde helps you to internalize the process of that change more. The change events are typically more calming and positive as the “shock” component of Uranus retrograde is subdued.

You can notice events unfolding that you may have already been thinking about, or even dreaming about. Sometimes the internal work we do during retrograde cycles is work we don’t even know we are doing. Pay attention to dreams and their symbols now, or any symbols that come up when you are meditating.

Take Notes: 5 Common Dream Symbols That Might Appear During Mercury Retrograde

At the same time, although subdued, those shocks of Uranus have to go somewhere. They may internalize in you through panic problems or restlessness. And even a personality change as you grapple this restlessness.

The key here is to tap into who YOU are, and put all of that restlessness away for good. Let you shine. Uranus activity is intended to help you realize that yes, you are absolutely worth it.

Use tools like Tarot, numerology, and horoscopes to give you daily and weekly guidance. Healing crystals or something as simple as aromatherapy or chakra bracelets can be just what you need to stay grounded and at ease on the tough days.

Free Yourself Today

How are you going to free yourself from Uranus retrograde chaos? You are going to decide you aren’t going to let chaos ruin your life. When you are sitting on your stoop moaning and groaning about how bad change is and how this or that is ruining your life, how much progress are you making?


So simply decide you aren’t letting fear make your choices for you. We all want to be on our Destined path, and Uranus retrograde is going to present options for us. To reach our Destiny, we need to be ready to embrace the unknown. That for many is the biggest hurdle.

So make the choice to just do it. The changes that happen in your life during Uranus retrograde are the happiest and the most abundant when they come from within when you’ve made that choice. Enjoy your life. Complaining about it isn’t making you any younger. Stay on top of your Daily Horoscopes for your day-by-day guidance according to the astrological forecast while Uranus is retrograde. What life changes do you want to see in Uranus retrograde?

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