How to Use Tarot to Discover How Other People See You

Can you really find out how people see you using the Tarot cards?

The notion is quite overwhelming. After all, it’s like a whole branch of mind-reading that only exists in shows such as Heroes or X-Men – and as we live in a predominantly science-based world which scoffs at the idea of such unusual methods, it stands to reason that many people would find it unbelievable.

However, the power of the Tarot is indeed very, very real. There is a branch of universal consciousness that mainstream science has not yet penetrated, but part of this consciousness is the ability to gauge how another human being feels about you, sees you, and what their intentions are towards you without directly asking them.

People have their own reasons for wanting to find out how another sees them and Tarot readers often debate the ethics of delving into a person’s mind without their permission – is it wrong or is it right? Those who feel it is wrong believe it is unethical to intrude upon a person’s subconsciousness without asking them first if they are OK with it, while those who have no problem with it argue that the subconscious will automatically block any knock on its door if it is not happy with it, and as long as you are doing it without malevolent intent then why should it be an issue?

If you are part of the latter camp, this article will attempt to explain how you can find out how a person sees you using the Tarot cards.

How Does Tarot Work?

No one quite knows exactly how Tarot works. In fact, it is said that the reason we are not given this information is because our minds are incapable of processing the knowledge, and if we were to be exposed to it, our brains would actually explode! However, there is a general consensus that every single human, animal, and plant – every living thing – are all interconnected by an invisible, energetic force in the Universe – this is also how clairvoyants, rune masters, psychics, prophets and seers are able to wield their own unique gifts and gather information not readily available to the human eye.

With the Tarot, you can ask it all kinds of questions and some kind of mysterious, mystical force will reply.

Where will I be in three months’ time? What will my next love interest look like? Should I go for this job or that job?

And, of course, how does this person see me?

Why Not Just Ask Someone How They See You?

There are a whole host of reasons why people wouldn’t directly ask someone how they view them, needless to say.

In many situations, people would find this quite embarrassing! For example, imagine you had just gone for a job interview. It seemed to go well, but you won’t find out until next week whether you’re hired or not. You’re itching to find out what your interviewer thought of you, but you can’t call them up and say, “by the way, what did you think of me?”

You could, of course, just wait, but this may inflame feelings of anxiety or trepidation, particularly if you’re the anxious sort. In other situations, you might have a crush on someone from afar – the attractive businessperson you see on the train every morning perhaps – and the extent of your communication to smile and nod to one another every other day.

You’d love to get to know them a little more, but you’re a shy person and the thought of being rejected mortifies you. So, you ask the cards, “how does so-and-so see me?” They give you an answer, and even if it’s not what you want to hear, at least your mind is somewhat put to rest and you are able to act accordingly after the guidance you’ve just been given by the Tarot.

There is a wealth of reasons why people want to find out how they are viewed by others, and not everyone has the confidence or ability to ask these questions to a person’s face.

Tarot is there as a tool and a guide; as long as we are consulting it with the intent to make informed choices for the benefit of ourselves and those around us, there isn’t any reason why we should abstain from doing so.

How to Use Tarot to Understand How Others See You

Each card has its own separate meaning and when you are reading about a person’s feelings for you or the way they see you, you would have to use the card’s original meaning to fit with the “view” of the other person.

Does that sound complicated? Let’s use an example.

Let’s say I pulled a 2-card spread to find out how another person sees me. One of these cards is the Empress and the other one is the 2 of Cups.

  • The Empress: Beauty, kindness, creativity, mothering, nurturing, nature, abundance.

If I was asking about a romantic interest, I would view this reading as favourable at first glance. They would view me as The Empress, which is quite a strong and positive card for how someone sees you. The Empress is seen as the ‘perfect woman’ (or man, or anyone in between – Tarot is not so fussed about gender) – kind, nurturing, beautiful and creative.

  • 2 of Cups: Connection, Attraction, Union, Emotional Bond, Kinship.

The 2 of Cups indicates that they feel a connection with me, an attraction and an emotional bond. Overall, I would gather this person feels attracted to me and idealizes me to a degree.

However, I would also take this reading with caution. If I and this other person don’t know each other well and they view me as The Empress, this would indicate they were putting me on a pedestal, one I possibly may not be able to continue balancing on if we got to know one another better. After all, how can they see me as the perfect woman when they barely know me?

This would indicate a strong infatuation, as opposed to true ideal, which could quite possibly lead to disappointment in the long term if these expectations are not met. If, however, I was reading on my long-term partner, then I would be very pleased with the reading as I would recognize they’d known me long enough to see me in all my flaws and inhibitions, yet they still think of me as “their Empress”.

If I were reading these 2 cards in a business context, I would likewise view it as a positive reading. The Empress represents creativity and abundance – I would view this as people seeing me as a creative person who has the skills their company requires. The 2 of Cups likewise indicates a bond has been formed and the person is pleased with me in a non-romantic context.


The description above is just one example of how to gauge how a person sees you based on Tarot cards. The best advice, of course, is to practice, practice, practice! The Tarot can be a wonderful guide in helping us make the best decisions for our life. Finding out how other people see us can be a very helpful tool in analyzing situations we may otherwise feel lost in and helping us move forward with confidence and conviction.

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