How Does Your Moon Sign Influence Your Love Language?

Have you ever felt there is an intangible barrier in your relationship, something you cannot put your finger on but nonetheless leaves you feeling slightly isolated from your partner? Maybe you checked your astrological compatibility already and think everything sounds good on paper- but is it really?

Whether you’re a newcomer to astrology or a veteran zodiac navigator, it is crucial to know the value of your Moon sign. This point on your natal chart indicates which zodiac sign was aligned with the Moon in the sky at the exact moment of your birth. The Moon sign is the second most important facet of deciphering any chart, and is 1/3 of your primal triad.

What is the Moon Sign?

Just like there is no light without the darkness, there is no complete picture of the astrological self without the Moon sign; while your Sun sign is the public face of your personality, your Moon sign influences your inner mood, emotions, and “hidden self.”

For those who have explored the full scope of their birth chart, it is easy to look only to your Venus placement in relation to how you view romantic partnerships. While this planetary alignment does have an undeniable influence on love in our lives, your Moon sign has an equally vast and irrefutable impact on how you interact with your significant other; since they are closest to you, they are the one most privy to your inner workings and emotional needs. Your Moon sign is your internal operating system, so all facets of your life touched by emotion will be influenced by it.

Depending on the characteristics of your Moon sign, there can be a complex dynamic in how you express emotion to your partner. Remember, this is often the part of our self we try to keep hidden and locked away- the passionate, sensitive and vulnerable self that we will protect at all costs. Romantic relationships require a certain amount of trust and openness that is counterintuitive to our Moon sign, especially for signs with more guarded or distant tendencies.

The Moon Sign & Your Love Language:

Communicating your emotional needs is crucial to any enduring and successful relationship, so understanding the particular traits of your Moon sign is absolutely necessary to your love language – think of it as a decoder ring for your partner to decipher the most vulnerable aspects of your personality.

For example, an Aries Moon may be quick to pick a fight with their partner at the perception of criticism – they are passionate and easy to offend, especially when it comes from somebody they respect. However, they are equally quick to ‘forgive and forget’, since once something is off their chest, they don’t feel the need to hold a grudge. A partner trying to navigate the Aries Moon should not get deeply invested in these little tiffs since they’ll be forgotten in a week.

Likewise, those in a relationship with a Virgo Moon should be prepared to give a lot of reassurance; this Moon sign overthinks things & is very self-critical, often creating impossible standards for themselves that don’t have any correlation to the expectations from their partner. It’s not that Virgo Moon is needy or insecure- they just want to be their very best for you, and may not understand that their perception of ‘best’ is much more stringent than yours.

If your love has an Aquarius Moon, don’t expect them to be direct when they have a concern in the relationship. It will require coaxing and reading between the lines because it is not easy for them to acknowledge their emotional needs. While this may seem daunting, it also means that 90% of the fights other couples have wouldn’t even occur with an Aquarius Moon; they are not prone to making mountains out of molehills and save their emotional effort for when it really counts.

Be wary of a Scorpio Moon’s superficial acceptance – they’ll say they understand why you’re cancelling plans, but deep down, they have filed this insult away. This sign has a reputation as being distant because the driving force of a Scorpio Moon is to protect themselves at all costs. They feel so deeply and trust so rarely, that they’d rather close themselves off than risk being hurt. Honesty, transparency, and communication is the key to getting this Moon sign to take your love at face value.

Concluding Thoughts…

These are just a few examples of the ways your Moon sign can influence romantic communication style. It might be a good idea to check up on both your Sun and Moon signs’ Daily Love Horoscopes while you learn more about how your Moon sign influences you.

While each sign has both positive and negative aspects, try to focus on the traits that will strengthen your bond. Encouraging the positive attributes will open up the opportunity to further intimacy, and confronting the negative facets may eliminate the misunderstandings that erode trust and compassion over time. You can also read up on how to speak all the love languages in this great series on

If there is a distance in your relationship, or a hesitation to open up fully, do a more thorough inventory of the characteristics of your Moon sign. The emotional fortress your partner is trying to storm the gates of has a key, and it is in the way your Moon sign allows you to express your deepest self. Without further exploration, you may not even realize the ways you have been holding back and suppressing your capacity for trust and vulnerability.

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