How to Use Your Expression Number in Numerology

Did you know that your name can hold the key to understanding more about yourself?

You might already have calculated your Life Path Number (if you haven’t, you can learn how to do that by reading: Calculating Your Life Path number or test out our Numerology Life Path Number Calculator), but there’s actually still so much more to be uncovered within the world of numerology — like your Expression number.

Numerology can be the key to understanding your unique self-expression. Like a birthday, a name creates a unique imprint that belongs to you and often has much more to reveal than simply being what others call you. It creates what is known as your Expression number, which reveals your innate potential and creative capabilities in life.

This is why it is sometimes called the “Destiny Number.”

It can provide clues to your talents and skills, as well as your challenges. A careful analysis of your name can point you toward your career, personal goals, and any other aspirations you may have… and perhaps much more.

How to Calculate Your Expression Number

Your Expression number is based on your full birth name—the name you were given on your birth certificate—and can show you which talents, gifts, strengths, and weaknesses you are likely to experience, as well as who you are at your core.

When calculating your Expression number, don’t add any prefixes or suffixes that you might use (such as Dr., Sr., Jr., Rev., for example). If you have more than one middle name, use all of them in your analysis.

You’ll need to write out your name in its entirety, assigning a number to each letter of the alphabet using the chart below.

Add the numbers of your first name together to get a single digit. Do the same for your middle name (if you have more than one middle name, then do it for each name). Finally, repeat the process for your last name.

The only exceptions here will be if one of your names adds up to a master number of 11 or 22. In that instance, do not reduce this to a single digit. 11 and 22 are considered to be “Master numbers.”

Once you have converted each of your names into a number, then add all of those numbers together to reveal your Expression number. If you are still stumped, check out the reference below. Calculating your expression number isn’t hard, but it does take a bit of math.

JENNIFER1 5 5 5 9 6 5 945 = 4 + 5 = 9
MARIE4 1 9 9 528 = 2 + 8 = 10 = 1
SMITH1 4 9 2 824 = 2 + 4 = 6

In this example, the name Jennifer converts to the number 9, Marie converts to the number 1, and Smith converts to the number 6. We add those together (9 + 1 + 6 = 16 = 1 + 6 = 7 ). Jennifer Marie Smith’s expression number ends up being a 7.

What Does Your Expression Number Mean?

Now that you have calculated your Expression number, it’s time to put it to use. The first step to using your unique number as a tool, however, is to first understand what the different numbers mean.

Ultimately, every person alive has the potential to be creative and self-expressive, even if certain activities—such as drawing, writing, or singing—may not seem to come naturally to you. The following guide will give you a sense of your unique sense of expression and how to foster and boost your creativity.

Number 1


As a Number 1, you’re extremely capable of managing others and can lead effortlessly and successfully. Even though you’re a great leader and can capably work with a team, you are still quite proficient in working independently.

And as an initiator and leader, you are a natural trendsetter. Your self-expression is destined to be unique, eccentric, and bold, so never be afraid of being “too” anything — it’s what others appreciate most about you!

This number is overall equipped with leadership skills and natural courage. However, your energy can be intense, so while you may feel capable of expressing yourself fully, you may not always feel understood by others.

Try tapping into a more sensitive, vulnerable form of creativity that really incorporates your emotions. From poetry to painting, any medium that allows you to open and release the energies from your heart will help others see the real you.

Number 2

Those with Expression number 2 are naturally associated with connections, intuition, and sensitivity. Your congeniality makes it easy for you to work with others, as you naturally lean towards harmony and strive to avoid discord whenever possible. Preventing conflict is easy for you, as you naturally bring out the best in people.

You are also blessed with an intuition that enables you to understand others, and you can stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to your interpersonal connections. You’re likely the shoulder that others frequently use to lean on, but as a people-pleaser, you might shy away too easily from the spotlight.

While you might not feel like a natural-born leader, you do work flawlessly with others. To truly break through your potential, try collaborative self-expression—such as working on a group art project or forming a band.

You thrive in friendships and group dynamics, and the creative energy of others will bring out the true visionary within you while slowly beginning to embrace coming into a more confident and independent skin.

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Number 3


Charismatic, bright, and bubbly, people seek your company because you’re fun and an overall delight to be around!

As a 3, you ooze charisma, and you bring life to any social gathering. A skilled conversationalist, writer, and communicator, you’re able to talk about nearly any subject with natural grace.

Your personal style reflects the finer things in life, and you usually know how to follow the latest trends. People may regularly look to you for style guidance or conversational advice, as you naturally shine in a crowd and can easily become the life of any party.

This number is also known for its creative and self-expressive personality, but that doesn’t mean that discipline comes naturally. Chances are that your focus is sprinkled across many mediums and outlets, as it can be hard for you to settle.

You would benefit from exploring and increasing your sense of discipline. If you can stick to one artistic project long enough to complete it, you’ll find your imagination expanding and lighting up with all the colors of the rainbow.

Number 4

Where there is a strong foundation to a place, a project, or a situation, it was likely built by a 4!

As a 4, you are a natural planner, and you can tend to prefer the tried and true methods of doing things. Because of your levelheaded and wise nature, people feel that you’re reliable and that they can count on you to be there, no matter the situation.

You are pragmatic and organized, preferring order over creative chaos. You may find it difficult to embrace the clutter accompanied by arts and crafts projects, and therefore avoid participating.

You’re so poised and seemingly calm that you sometimes come across as very serious to others. Because of how opposites attract, you may naturally gravitate towards people for whom artistic endeavors come naturally in order to soak in their process.

This kind of diversity is ultimately healthy for any 4. By surrounding yourself with the mayhem of their imagination, you’ll be inspired to cut loose and let your own sense of expression get a little messier.

Number 5

woman singing in kitchen

Natural showstoppers, 5’s are energetic, fashionable, and love to be the center of attention — often without trying very hard. Others warm to your creativity and your spontaneity, and you may find that you’re just a bit luckier than most.

Being a star isn’t always easy, however. Do keep an eye on your energy levels because they fluctuate, and your nerves might get the better of you. Style-wise, bright and bold things suit you, as they accentuate your ability to stand out in a crowd rather than blend in.

This number overall possesses a carefree quality that others admire, although it can leave you a bit scattered from time to time. You likely don’t enjoy sitting still for too long, preferring instead to seek one adventure after another.

Your challenge is to find a form of self-expression that keeps you entertained, which means lots of exploration. Try any new form of creativity that you haven’t yet participated in and see if it sparks a new sense of passion within you.

Number 6

As a 6, you are a natural caretaker and people-person. You ooze warmth and compassion, which means that people of all kinds easily gravitate towards you and your loving energy. With regards to your own physical expression, you tend to prefer comfort over style, and this is reflected in your home decor and your clothing choices.

You’re indeed sincere and genuine, but you need to make sure others don’t take advantage of it. Remember to take time for yourself — you don’t have to be everything for everyone! If you try, then you risk stifling your own talents.

Creativity comes naturally to this number, yet your tendency to put others first can hinder the creative process. Self-expression can only truly flow when you are willing to acknowledge your needs and take care of them.

While your generosity of spirit is admirable, you have to put yourself first every once in a while. Try setting aside an hour or two a day where you can create, undisturbed from the outside world. If you allow yourself the luxury of solitude, your imagination will pour out of you.

Number 7


If there is one Expression number that is most difficult to define, it is a 7. A bit of a wildcard overall, 7’s are often drawn to eclectic interests that pique their curiosity, lending themselves to the world of research, philosophy, and possibly the paranormal.

As a 7, you’re very sure of yourself most of the time, but be careful that you don’t isolate yourself too much from others. When you fall under Expression number 7, people naturally find you a bit of an enigma, aloof, and sometimes slightly detached thanks to your aura of mystery.

Your number is overall marked by an air of the philosophical—you love to explore new ideas and collect any form of wisdom available to you. You are best suited for self-expression and creativity that taps into your thirst for knowledge.

You might feel inspired by each new piece of information or spiritual notion. Embrace these flashes of inspiration by writing about your reaction or painting an image of the concrete idea that comes from abstract thought.

Number 8

The independence and confidence of Expression number 8 are truly enviable!

As an 8, you’re naturally confident and self-reliant and don’t usually care what others think about you. You find the human psyche intriguing and will probe other minds to see what makes them tick.

You prefer quality over quantity but might be a bit defensive about your appearance and possessions as your belongings and individuality are important to you. However, when it comes to those that you love most, you can let your guard down and be more willing to share.

This number is overall best summarized as competitive and driven. You may feel like cultivating creativity or play is a waste of time, especially if it doesn’t further your career or guarantee some modicum of success.

Your challenge is knowing when to take a break and simply enjoy yourself. Rest assured, giving your creativity room to grow will only further your ability to find innovative solutions to any problems that could deter you on your path. Sit down, grab a pen, and just have fun.

Number 9


As a 9, your grace and poise are reflected in your surroundings and the way that you present yourself.

You’re idealistic, and you feel genuine compassion for humanity, but on a one-to-one level, you may clash with people easily if you can’t find common ground. As much as you love to entertain and work with others, values and ideals are important to you and how you build long-term connections.

With Expression number 9, your love for humankind is immense, and you probably daydream often about how you can make the world a better place. Because you are so concerned with the well-being of others, it can be hard for you to express yourself at times.

You have to remember that you deserve to be heard just as much as anyone else does. Try to find the confidence that allows you to feel comfortable with your creativity and uniqueness, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your worldly goals.

Number 11

As one of the master numbers, 11 marks the presence of both integrity and naivety. With the enthusiasm of a 1, but the wisdom of being further down the path, there is a youthful yet wise energy that you bring to the table. Patience and understanding flow from you, and people are drawn to you because of it.

Your style is often reserved since you don’t like to be the center of attention. People might mistake you for being aloof or standoffish because of your reserved demeanor and calm personality, but often you are simply just lost in thought or thinking of your next steps.

There is a multitude of gifts that can come easily to an 11, but you could also very easily be a psychic or a healer. Regardless of what your chosen talent or skill of interest is, however, you must learn how to use these gifts, or they’ll overwhelm you. A challenge of being an 11 is knowing how to handle such unique skills with little guidance to work from.

Number 22


The number 22 is another master number, and it offers you big dreams, goals, and aspirations — and the ability to achieve them. With a visionary quality of a master number but the reliability and consistency of a 2, you can make accomplishing what you wish to achieve look easy to the outside eye.

With your interpersonal connections, you’re patient and fair and put people at ease when they are with you. You’re a good mediator and diplomat because you tend to err on the side of caution and tact more often than not, but don’t be afraid to take a risk or two every now and then.

A challenge of falling under Expression number 22 is learning to step outside of your comfort zone and learn how to accomplish your goals in unique ways, no matter how tempting the tried and true methods are.

Are You Ready to Express Yourself?

Life is more interesting and colorful when we embrace our own forms of individuality and self-expression. Our Expression numbers can be used as a tool to help us uncover what this may look like and embrace our unique quirks, gifts, and strengths.

Whether or not you like to stand out in a crowd like a 5 or thrive in one-on-one settings like a 2, these things that make us special and different is what makes the world a more lively and interesting place. Embrace yours, embrace yourself, and get ready to take on the world!

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