Does Your Fate Change With Your Palm Lines?

The art of palm reading is one that dates back to ancient times.

Palm reading, or chiromancy as it is also known, is the study of palm lines which claim to be able to read a person’s future – including the path their lives will take, their relationships and their health.

But can your destiny change if your palm lines change?

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Change Your Palms, Change Your Future?

In Japan and South Korea especially, a lot of people are experimenting with this.

A new business in these two countries has risen over the years which uses surgery to change the palm lines of dissatisfied individuals who have had their palms read and are unhappy with the results.

It is reported that male customers mainly wanted their fate and money lines changed, while women prefered to have their heart line changed (which represents relationships and matters of the heart). It was also reported that results have come from these surgeries. After a male customer had his Sun line changed, it was said that he won the lottery; meanwhile, a female customer got married straight away after adding a marriage line.

However, there are many who believe that this surgery is not only ineffective, but also dangerous and can lead to bacterial infections and an increased risk of neuroma.

Meanwhile, palmists themselves don’t appear to be too keen on this type of surgery, stating that it does not change the fate of a person.

Fate vs. Free-will

Instead, most palmists subscribe to the belief that if a person wants to change their fate, then it is down to them to take steps to do so. For example, if you have a short life-line then that doesn’t automatically mean an untimely death sentence. Exercise well, eat well, take care of yourself and do what is in your power to increase your lifespan.

I would personally agree with the palmists. Yes, there is fate but there is also free will. It’s the same with astrology. We each have a unique and complex natal chart, but our natal chart does not necessarily define who we are.

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For example, I have the Moon opposite Mars in my chart. This points to a person who is passionate and emotional, but can also be aggressive and short-tempered, getting angry at the drop of a hat. This is part of my astrological make-up.

But does this mean I have to be that way?

Of course not.

Mind Over Matter

This is where free will comes into it. I can control my temper and aggression with methods such as meditation, breathing exercises, empathy and harnessing my own inner wisdom. The combination may be challenging, but it can be overcome.

Palmistry, like astrology, is metaphysical and it focuses on the connection between mind and matter. The power of the mind is an extraordinary thing. We have the ability to shape who we want to be, create the reality we want to have and forge the life we wish to lead.

The reason I would be inclined to agree with the palmists is because every aspect of the metaphysical realm, whether it’s astrology, palmistry, Tarot cards or anything else which is giving us deeper insight into ourselves or looking into our futures, is designed to teach us more about growth and learning as souls and human beings.

How are we learning and growing if everything is set in stone for us? Surely we have to harness the free will we were given in order to learn from every experience and encounter we have?

Decisions and choices are a part of everyday life. There wouldn’t even be decisions if we didn’t have to make a choice; choice is free will – and isn’t free will a gift we were granted specifically so we can learn?


So does your fate change with your palm lines? It appears this is based on personal belief. Fate is a very shaky thing in general. This is why some Tarot readers advise not reading cards further than three months down the line. The future is so subject to change that it’s difficult to see what will happen any further than that.

Ultimately, it boils down to what you believe.

Do you feel that everything is set in stone? Or do you believe that we have free will and ultimately we are the masters of our own destiny?

Palmistry is a fascinating tool of divination that can help you discover more about yourself, but remember that every metaphysical tool is in your hands and you have the power to shape whatever reality you want.

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