5-Card Tarot Spread for the New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon on Taurus occurs on the 23rd April 2020, an exciting time for many as it is a time for new beginnings, releasing what no longer serves you and setting new intentions to see you through for the next month (or longer!)

A New Moon ritual is always a lovely thing to do. Each cycle of the Moon has its own special influence over us and the more we are in tune with the lunar energies, the more we can harness the Moon’s powers for ourselves. New Moon rituals do not have to be complicated! Simply set aside some quiet time to relax, light a candle, burn some incense and write down what you desire. Speak your intentions allowed and express your gratitude. And there – your ritual is done!

Each New Moon has different energies depending on what sign it is in. So what does a Taurus New Moon mean for you?

What Does a New Moon in Taurus Mean?

This particular New Moon is a time to enjoy the pleasures of life. Taurus, along with Libra, is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and sensuality. Taurus represents the most sensual aspect of Venus, enjoying all things that are pleasing to the senses.

Taurus is also an Earth sign, so concerned with earthy matters such as money. This New Moon gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate our relationship with money and think of new ways to increase our income or sense of empowerment. This is also a time for beautifying ourselves and our homes.

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Similarly, it’s an important time for thinking about our own personal needs and values. With so much going on in the world, we must think of others’ needs as well as our own. This New Moon provides some breathing space to think of what our needs are. Our needs, rather than our wants.

So this Tarot spread for the New Moon in Taurus will focus on finding out what we truly need and how to manifest it for the coming month.

5-Card Tarot Reading for the Taurus New Moon

Question: How can the New Moon in Taurus fulfil my needs?

  • Card 1: What I need to let go of
  • Card 2: What I need to manifest
  • Card 3: How I can make my needs a reality
  • Card 4: What stands in my way
  • Card 5: Overall energy to help me

Below is an example spread so you can see how this would read:

Card 1: 9 of Swords

The 9 of Swords speaks for itself. A person sits upright in bed with their head in their hands with 9 swords surrounding them. This is a card of anxiety, stress and sleepless nights. It tells me I need to let go of my worry. It is not unusual to get this card in these anxious times. But this card is advising me that I have to find a way to deal with my anxiety and stress. Meditation can be very helpful to deal with this.

Card 2: Queen of Wands

I would read the Queen of Wands in the ‘what I need to manifest’ position as representing me – but me being the Queen of Wands. Someone lively, vibrant and creative. Someone who knows what she wants, is bold and confident. So I would take this to mean that I need to manifest my inner Queen of Wands, which is someone who can stay positive, upbeat and harness my creative powers.

Card 3: The Moon

This is an interesting card of the Major Arcana representing what I need to do to make my needs a reality. The Moon is connected to the subconscious, to the energy of Yin, to the feminine and to the divine. It is a card of creativity and imagination. I would interpret this as me embracing my creative side (perhaps through writing, artwork, singing, sculpting?). I would also see it as having reflective and meditative moments to help me reconnect with myself and balance my energies.

Card 4: 4 of Cups

This is the obstacle card. I interpret the 4 of Cups to mean someone who just feels bored and dull. This card to me represents a warning of becoming so stuck in a routine that you simply don’t want to take steps to make changes. It’s similar to sitting on the couch all day, knowing that you really should step outdoors for a minute and get a bit of sunlight because it’s good for you, but you just can’t be bothered to move. I would say the 4 of Cups represents my own unwillingness to change, even though I know change is necessary.

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Card 5: Ace of Wands

This is a great card for the overall energy to help me. The Ace of Wands is a card of new beginnings and so it is a perfect energy card for the New Moon. The Ace of Wands is also the Ace of Fire – the Ace of Creative Energy. This tells me that there is powerful creative energy at work which can help boost and motivate me.


This month, let the Venusian energies wash over you as Taurus makes its way through the New Moon. Try this Tarot spread to help you harness this special Moon’s energies and help guide you with your needs and desires!

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