Are Moon Phases Impacting Your Tarot Readings?

It’s no secret that the stars have a lot of say in how we may be feeling right in a certain time and place, showing us when and where we may experience a particular emotion and why, or even come across a kind of event or energy in our lives. In understanding astrology, we understand how this kind of magic and series of patterns weave itself into our personal, professional, and deeply emotional lives.

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The same can be said for the Moon phases. We know each Moon phase to hold a particular energy in store for us each month, and may follow them closely with our own unique Moon rituals in order to unlock the most potent of powers from each one! What happens, then, if you were to combine the powers of the Tarot and the power of the Moon phases at once?

Even though we know the Tarot, the Moon, and the stars to all hold significant power in our lives, you may still be surprised to know how exactly the Moon phases might be impacting your Tarot readings.

The Effects of the New Moon

The New Moon is a Moon phase that offers new beginnings and fresh starts. At the beginning of the Moon cycle, you may find that, while you’re being offered a clean slate, it can still sometimes be a bit more difficult to use. In other words, the energy of the New Moon is kind of like a refresh from the cycle before, meaning that you may have to adapt to the new flow of things when it comes to harnessing the Moon’s energy for your Tarot readings.

With that said, this kind of newfound flow makes for wonderful “plan ahead” kinds of readings. Questions surrounding how you should form plans, overlook options, and reroute course are going to be most ideal for this Moon phase, as it’s ideal to take advantage of that fresh slate.

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A 3-Card New Moon Tarot Spread:

  1. What has been made anew for me by this New Moon?
  2. What course of action should I be open to at this time?
  3. What is something I am now free to manifest?

Below is a sample reading of how you might read cards that come up in this spread and be able to use it to its fullest potential!

Card 1: What has been made anew for me by this New Moon?The High Priestess

Your own intuition and your hold on situations in your world are being given a new life. It may be time to see and speak clearly, and this New Moon seeks to help you communicate and understand those truths.

Card 2: What course of action should I be open to at this time?3 of Wands

While you should ultimately be open to anything, the 3 of Wands can suggest that it is time for some kind of movement, change, and travel in the near future. Be receptive to opportunities that you might have typically rejected, and let the innovation of the New Moon wash over you!

Card 3: What is something I am now free to manifest?9 of Pentacles

You are now free to fully manifest any kind of wealth or abundance you previously may have been looking for. The opportunities the New Moon may provide are now all at your feet, and it is up to you to take them and run with it!

The Effects of the Full Moon

The Full Moon dawns upon us when the energy is, well… full! With the light of the Moon at its most glorious peak, it’s not a surprise that a Full Moon can be extremely exciting for any ritual, or any Tarot reading, you have planned for the night. You are likely to find that your own intuition, and by default, your Tarot readings, will hold plenty of potency and power during a Full Moon. While the effects will surely vary from person to person, many will vouch for the immense clarity and power that this special Moon phase has to offer.

While the effects of the Full Moon can certainly be potent and mesmerizing, it’s okay if the energy is overwhelming or intimidating. A centered, targeted Tarot spread for the Full Moon, in this case, will be most ideal.

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A 3-Card Full Moon Tarot Spread:

  1. What is a truth that is now illuminated for me this Full Moon?
  2. What is something I should be prepared to release this Full Moon?
  3. A word of advice or affirmation from the Tarot to close out the reading

Need another rundown on how this spread may look in action? Below is a sample reading using this spread!

Card 1: What is a truth that is now illuminated for me this Full Moon?The Magician

You are truly the captain of your own ship, and that is what this Full Moon seeks to show you! Stand in your beautiful power and step into the potent powers of The Magician, for you are just as magical as this card!

Card 2: What is something I should be prepared to release this Full Moon?4 of Pentacles

When you step into your own power and acquire your abundance, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all yours to keep. Be prepared to make some sacrifices and give back to those who may have helped you along the way during this Moon cycle. After all, what goes around comes around!

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Card 3: A word of advice or affirmation from the Tarot to close out the reading 6 of Swords

If you have to move on from something that you previously thought was good for you, the 6 of Swords is that signal to say goodbye. As a recurring theme with the Full Moon is one of release, it’s only fitting that this Full Moon offers something similar for you.
You don’t have to wait until a particular Moon phase to receive or conduct a Tarot reading that knocks your socks off. Your own intuition and your Tarot deck hold a significant amount of power in of themselves, of course! However, it doesn’t hurt to keep in mind how the Moon phases can impact the energies around you, and, as a result, your Tarot readings.

Keep in Mind…

Plus, if harnessing the energy of the Moon phases is already something of interest in your spiritual or personal practice, it certainly won’t hurt to include some Tarot into the mix for a healthy dose of guidance and wisdom.

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