The Magician

The Magician


When you have one of those days where it feels like nothing can go wrong, that you are the king or queen of your world, and that everything you touch turns to gold, The Magician will appear in your Tarot reading. The Magician Tarot card is all about creating your destiny. This card bears the message that your talents and your own inner gifts are the keys to your success in the situation at hand. And you have all the tools you need to ensure success manifests—this card is about making something happen and is directly tied to your instinct and intuition. If you are feeling an urge or a pull to do something and The Magician card appears, the message of this Major Arcana card is to follow that intuition. It will weave magic for you.


The Magician card is bright in the Tarot, and the sunny backdrop on this card represents an optimistic outlook on the situation in your Tarot reading. Here we see a man in a magician’s robe at a table with several tools on the table.

The tools on the table represent each of the suits of the Tarot so that you will see:

The Magician is raising his magic wand and is about to perform some magic! Above his head, we see the infinity symbol, and this is only one of two cards in the deck that show this symbol in this manner. The symbolism of this card then tells us that a positive outcome is almost inevitable in your situation, and you are the master of your fate. With the infinity symbol over your head, know that your destiny, and the magic you will create to reach it, is directly tied to karma.

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