King of Wands

King of Wands


When the King of Wands Tarot card appears in the day, you will be met with assistance from an older man who embodies many of the characteristics of the Fire signs. He is warm, charming, sexy, vivacious, and has a good grasp on finances and emotional and practical success. This is an older gentleman, but you would almost never guess it by the way he approaches life.

If the King of Wands enters your day, you could be getting an unexpected inheritance or windfall, or you may simply be receiving support from someone whose energy will make your troubles disappear with the twinkle of a warm smile.


The King of Wands Tarot card is the mature version of the Knight of Wands, but he has settled into a more stable and secure lifestyle. You can see that he has the throne that he sits on and the wand he holds as his scepter. He wears orange robes, which shows he’s not afraid to make significant and bold moves in any area of his life. He embodies the qualities of the Fire signs: he is warm, sexy, charismatic, stable, and likely very abundant financially. He is a secure man, not afraid of who he is.

He may represent you in a Tarot reading. On the other hand, he may represent someone who will come into your life or experience to help you out of a difficult situation or mentor you through your path of stability and abundance. Although he can make money, it’s not what gets him out of bed in the morning. He is a lover of life and has found a way to be successful in every way, and will likely show you how to do the same if you let him.

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