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Jun 04, 2023 - Even if you wake up with nothing to do and no plans for the day, Virgo, just know that you’re probably going to wind up engaging in some kind of activity or project you would never have seen coming your way. Your ruler Mercury is moving through Taurus and your entrepreneurial 9th House of foreign cultures and boundless horizons, so you might feel the itch to increase your field of vision one way or another, be it through learning or taking an actual trip.

Throughout the day it will align at the exact same degree as rebellious Uranus, the planet of surprise, so it wouldn’t be at all unusual if the urge to get out into the world totally does come to you right out of the blue. Call up someone special and see if they would like to join you for a cross-cultural jaunt or learning experience; something educational and platonic could turn into something romantic and private when you least expect it.

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