Virgo Sex Horoscope: Tomorrow

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Dec 06, 2022 - Today isn’t really about pleasure for you, Virgo, so if you were hoping for otherwise, well, unfortunately you’re going to be disappointed. The intuitive Moon spends the day roving through Gemini and your ambitious 10thHouse of professional goals and achievements, which isn’t at all about sex.

Yes, you came here looking for a sex horoscope and this certainly doesn’t sound like a very fun day, but that doesn’t mean it is going to be awful or you can’t use this energy to your advantage. With this kind of energy permeating the skies it’s totally okay to take some time off from a personal pleasure cruise and focus on long-term investments rather than instant gratification.

Lord knows you like to get out and have some fun, but you can also get stuck in a rut, so rain check on that date night and roll up your sleeves and get to work. You can get back to giving everyone butterflies soon enough.

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