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For the Month of: September 2023

September - Welcome to September and Virgo season! The month ahead is infused with significant Virgo vibes, putting you and your unique qualities in the spotlight. As you journey through your birthday season, expect a transformation in your values and beliefs, leading you towards a deeper understanding of your purpose. This month, have unwavering faith in your dreams and concentrate on what truly matters to you. It's possible that you'll step into and embrace the opportunities to make a positive impact on those around you.

The month begins, and Venus resumes direct motion in Leo on September 3. This event brings clarity and resolution to any recent emotional and relational challenges you may have faced. With Venus direct in Leo, you are encouraged to express your affectionate and creative side; fostering a deeper connection with your heart's desires and passions.

The following day, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wisdom, turns retrograde in Taurus. During this retrograde phase, the focus turns inward, prompting you to review your beliefs, ideals, and long-term plans. The energy of Jupiter retrograde invites you to seek a deeper understanding of life, setting the stage for spiritual exploration and personal growth. This period encourages you to broaden your horizons through learning and experiences, allowing you to align your beliefs with your inner truth.

From September 6 through September 15, a heightened sense of self-awareness and mental clarity emerges throughout the aries. A rich combination of energies awaits you as the Sun and Mercury conjunct in your sign, followed by a New Moon in Virgo and Mercury turning direct.

The Sun and Mercury conjunct in your sign imbue you with vitality and intellectual prowess. Your communication skills are sharp, and your ability to express yourself effectively is heightened. This alignment empowers you to take charge of your life, make informed decisions, and set clear intentions for the future.

The New Moon on September 14 will further enhance these energies. New Moons mark the start of a Lunar cycle, signifying new beginnings. This particular New Moon in your sign amplifies your analytical abilities and attention to detail, which makes it an ideal time to initiate personal projects and set goals that align with your authentic self.

As Mercury turns direct on September 15, any communication challenges or delays that might have arisen during its retrograde phase begin to fade away. Clarity and forward momentum return, allowing you to move ahead with plans and resolutions.

During this period, you are encouraged to reflect upon yourself and strive for self-improvement. Take the time to assess your values, beliefs, and goals. Embrace your strengths and acknowledge areas where growth is needed. Trust in your ability to transform and evolve, knowing that self-awareness is a powerful tool for personal development. These energies provide a moment to refine your daily routines, set achievable objectives, and focus on self-care. It's a time to nurture your mind, body, and spirit, paving the way for a harmonious and fulfilling life.

Venus squares Jupiter on September 17, creating a powerful dynamic between love and abundance. This celestial event may inspire you to seek a balance between your desires for meaningful connections and your desire for expansion.

As you bid farewell to your astrological season, Libra season begins on September 23, coinciding with the equinox. This shift into Libra season marks a time of harmony and balance for you. During this period, you can harness the qualities of Libra, which values fairness, diplomacy, and harmonious relationships. Libra season offers a sense of grounding and a desire to achieve balance in all areas of life. It's a favorable time to reevaluate your finances and relationships, seeking harmony and understanding with others. Your analytical nature may find comfort in navigating through social complexities and fostering connections based on mutual respect and shared values.

Expect opportunities to engage in creative collaborations and build partnerships that contribute to your personal growth and success. As you navigate this energy, remember to set boundaries and prioritize self-care to maintain equilibrium in your daily life.

The month concludes with a powerful and passionate Full Moon in Aries, on September 29. The Full Moon affects intimacy, shared resources, and transformation. Which ignites your desire for exploration and self-discovery within your relationships, taking your connections to a deeper and more intense level.

In this fiery and assertive Aries Full Moon, sexual energy heightens, leading to more intimate and passionate experiences. You may feel drawn to exploring emotional and physical connections with your partner or potential partners. It's a time of increased sensuality and a willingness to embrace vulnerability and trust in your relationships.

The Full Moon's influence is further amplified by Venus squares Uranus at this time. This planetary aspect enhances your desire for emotional freedom and authenticity. You may feel compelled to break free from patterns of stagnation or routine, seeking novel experiences that nurture the growth and evolution of your relationships.

As you navigate this period, remember the importance of open communication and mutual respect in your interactions. Trust your instincts and express your needs and desires honestly.

In conclusion, this month encourages you to have faith in your dreams and aspirations. With dedication and perseverance, you can achieve your goals. So, explore healthy relationship dynamics, whether in romantic partnerships or friendships, fostering connections that align with your values and aspirations.

Self-care tips: To enhance your practical and analytical nature, use patchouli essential oil. Its earthy aroma promotes stability and mindfulness, allowing you to stay centered during busy times. In addition, pairing Patchouli with crystal Carnelian can amplify your motivation and creativity, infusing your days with renewed energy and determination.

September’s affirmation: “I am a beacon of clarity and purpose, aligning my actions with my heart's desires. I embrace my true essence, guided by my inner light."

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