Virgo Sex Horoscope: Yesterday

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Sep 30, 2023 - Dang, look at you go! You’re practically on fire and no one is going to be able to quench your burning desire but you so if you’ve got an itch to scratch then let the Universe know because it’ll happily send someone your way to deal with that. Romantic Venus and the intuitive Moon are meeting up for their twice-a-month trine, this time across your dreamy 12th House and your 8th House of sex and intimacy.

It’s always a heated time when you’ve got either of these heavenly bodies camped out in such a personal place, but today will be on a different level entirely thanks to the two of them blending their energies together so, well, erotically. The Universe is giving you cosmic clearance to pursue whatever your heart desires, so don’t let this transit go to waste! You’re gorgeous and you know it, and so does everyone else, alright?

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