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Apr 22, 2024 - This is going to be a bit of a wild day, and if you’re hoping to gain control of it, well, it won’t be the easiest thing. The Moon is moving through your buzzy 3rd House of friends and local communities, so you’re probably dealing with the platonic aspects of life as opposed to anything very steamy.

Couple this with a tough beam from Venus and one moment you might want to fly off with a sexy stranger, the next you want to disappear on your own never to see anyone ever again. This frenetic energy is due to the fact that Venus is in the early stages of her annual tour of your expansive 9th House of foreign cultures and adventure.

This is normally a fairly fun and exciting transit with lots of promise for pleasure, but today while the Moon is hidden away from you it’s best to sit back and take a load off until the planets¬–and people–are sending you clearer signals.

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