Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Zodiac Sign

For the week of: Dec 04, 2023 - Dec 10, 2023

Life is taking a turn for the comforting early this week, as on the 4th, pleasure-loving Venus will leave Libra and your busy 3rd House of Communications, where she has been orbiting since early November, and dive into Scorpio and your emotional 4th House of Home and Foundations. For the next four weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy more time under your own roof, perhaps hosting a few parties or low-key gettogethers with your favorite people, as everyone will be happy to come knock on your door. As for matters of love and romance, this cycle will be about wearing your heart on your sleeve, and while you might normally prefer a secure and stable partner, they will look even more attractive this time around. Get cozy; it’s your period to enjoy your surroundings and all those nearest and dearest to you.

Venus will be quite busy during her time here, and make quite a few alignments over the weeks to come, but she gets a head start the very next day when she reaches out across the heavens to make a stabilizing and harmonious trine with karmic Saturn in Pisces. Pisces rules over your intense 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources, so things could seem to be rather serious on this particular day, but the kind of serious you can benefit from. Perhaps a family member comes to the rescue with a necessary loan, or you wind up being the recipient of an unexpected windfall of cash; Venus wants to give you all she can, but Saturn wants you to earn it first, so lean into the vibrations and you’ll happily benefit from doing so.

There’s more good news to come on the 6th, when Neptune finally wakes up after spending the last five months spinning backwards in retrograde formation in Pisces and your all-or-nothing 8th House. For you, this is going to help you gain clarity around your finances and any complicated credit matters that might have gotten bogged down recently, but you could also reach a breakthrough moment with someone special, especially if you’ve had trouble connecting recently. An ah-ha moment is on the way, you just have to keep your eyes peeled and you’ll see it.

Lucky Jupiter is currently in Taurus and your 10th House of Career, and it will be making a couple of important angles later in the week. On the 7th it will trine messenger Mercury in Capricorn and your 6th House of Routine, which can help you boost your efficiency and perhaps discuss some important potential projects that could pay dividends for a long time to come. Then, on the 9th, Jupiter will oppose Venus in your home sector, so you may feel pulled between taking things easy and getting things done, but both these planets want you to enjoy yourself so chances are either option will seem appealing, it’s just a matter of deciding which to pursue.

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