Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Zodiac Sign

For the week of: Mar 20, 2023 - Mar 26, 2023

It’s a week of all sorts of energies, but it’s also time to let loose and heave a sigh of relief because the planets are telling you to shake it off! The primal Sun has spent the last month moving through Pisces and your intense 8th House, which can be great for getting your money in order but doesn’t make for the lightest of transits. On the 20th he waves farewell and jumps into Aries and your expansive 9th House of foreign cultures and long-distance travel. While the world might have felt very tight and boxed in lately, all of a sudden, it’s going to feel like someone kicked open a door and a few windows to boot. Now that you’ve got all your ducks in a row you can go out into the world and look for new opportunities to increase your standing¬¬.

The world continues to open up to you on the 21st as the annual Ares New Moon illuminates the sky and your adventurous 9th House. In the coming weeks start plotting out new vistas and concepts you want to explore. By the time the Aries Full Moon rolls around in six months you could be in a whole different place, mentally and physically. This sector also rules higher-learning, so this is also a great transit if you’re thinking about returning to school or furthering your education.

Your relationships are getting ready for a major change on the 23rd, as transformative Pluto enters Aquarius and your 7th House of partnerships for the first time since the 1700s. This is a three-month preview of what Pluto will bring your way starting in 2024, as Pluto will in fact retrograde back into Capricorn and your 6th House of daily work for one last visit this summer, but pay attention to any pivotal matters involving you and the most important people in your life, because there is a change in the wind.

The final change of the week comes on the 25th when motivator Mars moves out of excitable Gemini and your 11th House of social groups and global communications where he has been spinning for the last seven months, and dives into Cancer and your 12th House of the subconscious for the next eight weeks. There is something of a confounding mix-up about Mars hanging out in this sector of your chart; Mars is all about the go-go-go but when planets move into this territory they want to take their sweet time doing just about anything. The 12th House is also the realm of letting go, so having the planet of action here can seem like something of a dichotomy. Instead of feeling like you’re spinning your wheels, do your best to lean into this transit by increasing the amount of time you spend in creative pursuits. This is an extremely inspirational cycle, so if you’ve got time on your hands why not do a bit of crafting or art? If you’ve got any musical skills this would be the perfect time to let them shine, or perhaps indulge in a bit of romantic poetry, the sappier the better.

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