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Mar 01, 2024 - Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Gemini, but it looks like there is going to be a little fly in the ointment today when it comes to indulging in your pleasures, so if you were hoping for today to be a cosmic cauldron of your choosing, well, there are other things on the universal menu at the moment.

The Moon is moving through Scorpio and your organized 6th House of health and efficiency, putting you in the mood to lead a clean and green life, and while she’s there she’ll align with the planet of surprise, Uranus. Under this influence it looks like some work matter or health issue will pop up and require your attention, though what that matter will be exactly is a little difficult to say; that’s sort of the whole point of Uranus being the planet of surprises.

Either way your attention is going to be occupied with that for some time, but should wear off by nighttime so you can indulge in some pleasures then.

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