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For the Month of: July 2024

July - Can you believe its July already, beautiful Gemini? Well it is and the month ahead is all about preserving your energy to manifest your dreams. This month is busy in terms of your public image, career, communication, and finances. Take time out for rest and self-care to recharge your batteries and protect your energy. You're used to being busy, but this month is about slowing down. Especially if you've been hurt by a breakup or departure, relationship problems, family problems, or financial problems. So let's check out your horoscope for July to see what else is in store.

Neptune turns retrograde on July 2, which means you'll have to review your career path. You are encouraged to pay attention to your intuition about your current career or business setting. In the case of working for others, you'll have to check if the environment you're in values you. Don't get caught up in the fantasy or illusions. Instead, take off the rose-colored glasses and align with what makes you happy.

Mercury enters Leo during this time, heating up your communication sector. Conversations with you are fun, flirty, and passionate. Your social media or marketing presence is perfect right now. Spend time learning new skills to help you achieve your goals. Try not to dominate conversations. Be open-minded and listen to others. There's always something new to learn.

Your financial and self-worth sectors get a boost from a New Moon in Cancer on July 5. Now's the time to reclaim your worthiness and harness this new level of confidence. It's possible you land a new financial opportunity or venture, or you land a new strategy for reworking your business. Whatever the case, this is the breakthrough you've been waiting for. Take a step back, meditate, and take care of your inner world with this energy. Despite the new opportunities that await, you need to rest and reflect.

It's going to get hot when Venus enters Leo on July 11. You'll be glad you rested during the recent New Moon, because you'll need all of your energy now more than ever to launch new creative ventures and even take trips. There's no better time to plan an outing, go for a long ride, or explore new sights in your hometown. Make sure you take care of your health during this time. Try joining that gym or doing some new physical activities. You'll find peace in reading or writing, especially poetry.

Mars and Uranus align on July 15, mixing assertiveness with transformation, stirring up deep-seated desires, passions, and fears. You might find you're tapping into hidden strengths and getting a deeper spiritual understanding. You can avoid restlessness by adding self-care routines to your life or listening to lectures on topics you're interested in.

Mars enters your sign on July 20, giving you extra energy. Stay on top of your health routines. It'll help you stay calm and level-headed so you don't get into arguments. Use any pent-up anger or frustration to change your outlook on life and approach.

On the following day, a Full Moon lands in your transformation sector, digging up your emotions, anxieties, and fears. This Full Moon in Capricorn also shines a light on shared resources. Thanks to this energy, you'll get rid of karmic and material debt. You could have important conversations about resources, investments, finances, and inheritances. As well as overcoming trauma bonds.

The next day, the Sun enters Leo, bringing power to your communication and learning sectors, as well as enhancing your relationships. You might also feel ready to express yourself in ways you didn't before. It's also a good time to think about why certain goals or friendships didn't work out. There's a trine between the Sun and the North Node this season, so destiny and purpose are on the agenda. There's a vibe in the air about chasing your dreams with confidence. Confidence is the key to success!

Your ruling planet Mercury enters its other home sign, Virgo, on July 25. You're encouraged to declutter and organize your home environment and incorporate new self-care rituals to break old habits.  Don't assume that just because you've done something one way is the only way. 

Finally, on July 29, the waning moon will be in your sign. This is a time for introspection as you take stock of what you've accomplished this month and where you need to improve. Take this time to purge old energies and embrace the present moment.

In summary, this month is about clearing karmic debt, transforming, and building close relationships. Don't ignore your body's signals for rest and care.

Self-care tip: Put your phone away for a day. Get away from the constant buzz and reconnect with yourself. Take advantage of the time to do things you love, like reading or walking. You'll feel refreshed and ready to take on anything.

July's affirmation: "I welcome new opportunities and experiences, knowing that every moment brings growth and expansion."

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