Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite

Color(s): Orange

Affirmation(s): "I am filled with creative energy."

About Orange Calcite

If we've been feeling stuck in a lazy, unmotivated place, wearing or working with Orange Calcite can help to revitalize and relieve stress due to its properties of energizing, bringing joy, and creativity. It is both an energetic and cleansing stone—so you can expect to find your spirit lifted with this stone.

Its primary chakra is the Sacral chakra, connected to our physical awareness and our sense of basic needs and security. This chakra is also associated with the color orange. 

Orange Calcite is particularly helpful for the signs of Cancer and Leo, who thrive in creativity.

How to Use Orange Calcite

If you are in need of some pep in your step, try working with or wearing Calcite.

Due to its color, it is a popular stone used for jewelry, so you can easily find some Orange Calcite to wear to harness its energy. 

You can also carry a piece of this stone in your pocket to keep your outlook sunny and positive as the day goes on.

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