Use This Essential Angel Numbers Cheat Sheet for Manifestation

Have you ever been scrolling through your standard social media feed, only to notice your phone clock sitting pretty at 11:11?

And then maybe you’re driving to work and noticing that a license plate in front of you is sporting the same set of numbers. Or that later that day, a friend texts you something that catches your eye at 1:11.

We could chalk it up to coincidence, or we could think of it as a bit of a sign from the Universe, speaking to us in the tongues of the angels.

So what are “angel numbers? What do they mean? And how do we work them to our advantage, heed their wise words, or even possibly use them to manifest something aligned with our biggest hopes and dreams?

Rule #1: Call the Angels

Let’s think about angels as if they are our parents or friends. When you need help, does your parent automatically arrive? Sometimes — if it’s the right request, time, and place.

But for all other times you need assistance, you need to pick up the spiritual phone. (Hint: It’s easier than you think).

Just ask for help from the angels when something is up. Often, after asking for a sign or message of insight, you’ll receive a dose of wisdom when needed. Now, all you’re missing is a method of decoding these seemingly mysterious numbers.

But where to look?

We can find numerology like this on a digital number on the computer or phone screen like 11:11. It could be a street address, a birthday, even a TV channel, or like count on someone’s post.

Using the Angel Number “Cheat Sheet”

Now you’re equipped to understand the basics of angel numbers and how and why they work. In essence, you have a cheat sheet on your hands to understand the wisdom of the greater Universe.

So, let’s say you’ve done your job — the angels have heard your call, and you’ve seen 444 show up around three times in the span of just two days. You’ve heard the message loud and clear by now, cross-referenced your notes, and clear on what 444 could signal.

But what does this mean in terms of practical application?

For the most part, you’ll be able to use these unique codes to check up on your path, stay clear on what you’re aiming to manifest into your life, and gain access to red flags you need to be aware of to avoid.

Ultimately, however, different angel numbers may contain different messages, and it’s ultimately up to you to intuitively apply the concept to the area of your life you feel makes the most sense.

As you continue to work with them, you’ll grow more accustomed and attuned to which numbers are really signaling you to make changes or affirming your path, and know-how to intuitively unpack how they apply to your individual journey.

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Numerology: 1, 11, & 111

The Basics: Numerology of 1

In numerology, the number 1 takes the placeholder of 0 and starts to give it form.

Across the board in different spiritual fields, this is why the number 1 is associated with magic, self-expression, confidence, and forward motion. It asks you to open your eyes to your surroundings and really take them in.

For example, the number 1 is associated with the Magician card of the Tarot and the 5th house in astrology.

Examples of Spiritual Meanings of 1:

  • The Magician card represents our talents, potential, creative ability, and signs from the Universe of positive future experiences.
  • The 1st house in astrology is the house associated with the self–expression, and esteem of the self and self-confidence.

Angel Number 111

Repetition of the powerful and initiative number of 1 is typically a signal that you’re on the right path and that your efforts will pay off in time.

Here, the angels are showing you that there’s something new coming your way, or maybe you’re even starting to experience the newness.

Because the number one correlates with creation and spirituality, seeing 1:11 repeatedly might also be a call to work on your faith in yourself, or it may represent a blooming sense of self that deserves your recognition and celebration.

You’re coming into your own, and the Universe is acknowledging your hard work.

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Numerology: 2, 22, 222

The Basics: Numerology of 2

Sweet and intuitive, the number 2 represents duality, relationships, and intuition.

Following the initiative spirit of 1, the 2 slows us down to see the potential of our inner resilience and superpowers of intuition and begin to connect us with others.

Examples of Spiritual Meanings of 2:

  • The Sacral chakra is the chakra that reigns over our sensual and emotional nature.
  • In astrology, the 2nd house represents security, finances, and our core values.
  • The High Priestess in Tarot is a card of deep intuition, inner wisdom, and insight.

Angel Number 222

Sometimes, the repetition of 222 can be a gentle call to evaluate the relationships in your life. For example, we could be drawn to and remain in relationships with people that are not good for us, and this number reminds us to take a closer look at the people we give our time and energy to.

Seeing this number over and over could also signify that someone important will enter your life soon, or maybe they already have. That nudge to look deeper into your friendships and relationships also encourages you to examine them for elements you may have missed before.

But all in all, in the number 2, we have the angels saying the one beginning has started, and this situation is growing — romance and relationships or not.

Numerology: 3, 3, 333

The Basics: Numerology of 3

The number 3 is associated with the three main components of humankind – mind, body, and soul.

In numerology, the number 3 represents a need for focus, optimistic energy, and new opportunities. It additionally builds off of the helpful and compassionate nature of the 2, and becomes fully collaborative, communicative, and can relate to third parties and group communication.

Examples of Spiritual Meanings of 3:

  • In Tarot 3 is associated with The Empress, a powerful manifestor and charismatic presence.
  • The third zodiac sign is Gemini, the twin sign that is known for quick wit and intellect.
  • Astrologically, the 3rd house is associated with communication, thought, and siblings (again, think of sharing and coordinating with others).

Angel Number 333

Remember: in Tarot, threes mean third parties or help and support at the group level. The same applies to numerology.

Whenever threes appear to you (especially in repeating 3s — how much clearer can you really get?), it’s the angels showing you that you’re not alone — you’re being given guidance, protection, and divine love.

The message is clear: it’s time to take a leap of faith. It’s a time to step out in love, knowing that the angels will guide you forward.

Additionally, 333 may also be a message that you can’t complete this project or situation on your own, and you may need to consult with other parties or work with groups to find peace in this situation.

Alternatively, seeing this number repeated could mean that you need to work on aligning the three elements of mind, body, and soul. For instance, you might be doing well spiritually and emotionally, but you just can’t seem to get back into the groove of exercise.

Numerology: 4, 44, 444

The Basics: Numerology of 4

The number 4 is associated with the four elements – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water – as well as North, South, East, and West.

These elements are the core building blocks of our world and root us in the physical space we inhabit on Earth. As such, it makes sense that four also represents the home in numerology and responsibility, practicality, and devotion.

Examples of Spiritual Meanings of 4:

  • The fourth Tarot card is the Emperor, a representative of order, wisdom, and protection.
  • In astrology, the 4th house is associated with family, home, and ancestors.

Angel Number 444

We now know that 4 on its own can represent motivation, passion, success, and responsibility.

Think about it: there are 4 seasons, 4 corners of the earth, even tables and desks have 4 legs, and cars have 4 wheels. As such, 444 is a message from the angels that you’re on steady ground, that your support is sturdy and strong.

When 444 is repeated, it acts as a compass, guiding you through hard work toward success and opportunity. When you see this number, it might be a reminder from the Universe that you need to put a little elbow grease into your efforts. Maybe the energy you put toward achieving goals has waned, or perhaps you don’t have as much faith in yourself as you used to.

This can also be an indication that your hard work is about to pay off. The Universe may be recognizing the effort you’ve put into planning and carrying out projects and activities.

Numerology: 5, 55, 555

The Basics: Numerology of 5

The number 5 points to your individuality, changes, and life lessons that you learn through personal experience.

In numerology, the number 5 is symbolized by the phrase, “Freedom in action.” It represents artistic freedom, unique personalities, resourceful nature, and adventure.

At times, gaining access to this freedom and expansion may come with the hefty cost of letting go of the old in order to make room for the new, even if we know these hard lessons are often for the best.

Examples of Spiritual Meanings of 5:

  • Fives in Tarot often represent transition points, like the 5 of Swords being a card of conflict or the 5 of Pentacles indicating poverty and loss.
  • The fifth planet from the Sun is Jupiter, and in astrology, Jupiter represents expansion and benevolence.
  • The 5th house in astrology is often referred to as the house of pleasure and is associated with the creativity involved in shaping your own life.

Angel Number 555

When you see fives, then the angels are sending you messages that changes are on the way. Typically, you’ll need to keep a positive or constructive mindset to make the most of them.

This is because the number 555 overall adds emphasis to the need for you to evolve. The angels will lead you into success and abundance, but you have to be proactive in those changes, making the most of the opportunities that you’re given.

You might feel like your life is headed in a different direction, and the repetition of this number may be calling you to buckle in and enjoy the ride, as well as look forward to the destination.

If the number 555 has been showing up a lot lately, keep your eyes out for new, exciting adventures that may be awaiting you.

Numerology: 6, 66, 666

The Basics: Numerology of 6

Harmonic and blissful, the number 6 is sometimes dubbed the “soul mate number.”

In numerology, 6 is rooted in themes like stability, nurturing, and sweet, sweet communication. While it isn’t all just sunshine and rainbows, we do see the themes of collaborative 3 beginning to pay off in its doubled form.

Examples of Spiritual Meanings of 6:

  • The Lovers in Tarot is one of the most famous representations of a 6. This card points to decisions and choices, but also harmony and potential within our connections.
  • The 6th house in astrology is the house of service and working environments, showing how we give ourselves to others.

Angel Number 666

When 6 couples up with other 6s, we may recognize a bit of a bad rep to its name.

Some religions and cultures see this as a Devil number, which may mean that to some, it is a signal to regroup and change course.

However, as an angel number, 666 has no explicitly negative connotation and is not to be feared. Groups of 6 simply often intensify the need for you to be understanding and sincere. It’s time to awaken your inner guide and to spread your kindness to those around you.

If you do prescribe to seeing 666 as an undesirable sign, however, you can consider it a message of pause, finding your center, and refocusing on your spiritual goals.

Numerology: 7, 77, 777

The Basics: Numerology of 7

We speak of the 7 wonders of the world or being in “7th heaven.” This is because 7 is enigmatic and original, and will not conform just to fit in with others — and therefore, offers a unique kind of freedom and love in itself.

Numerologically, 7s are truth-seeking energies, holding spiritual potential and curiosity. While this may seem to cause some discomfort from time to time in practice, the number 7 pulls us toward the truth we need even if we don’t necessarily want it.

Examples of Spiritual Meanings of 7:

  • In Tarot, The Chariot is the representative for 7, noting the importance of hard work and genuine perseverance in order to obtain success for worthy causes.
  • For better or worse, the 7th house in astrology reveals both “friends and enemies” as the house of partnership.
  • Those born with Life Path 7 are often known as trailblazers and truth-seekers.

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Angel Number 777

When you see sevens in repetition, feel free to pat yourself on the back for the independent, hard work you’ve already completed thus far… even if the road is not quite yet done.

When you see the number 7 repeating itself, you’re making real progress in your spiritual life and staying true to who you are and your life path. It’s a confirmation that you’re hearing what the angels are sharing with you and that you’re applying it to your daily life.

It’s usually a great sign you are living in integrity and honesty as well. When you see 7s repeating, you can think of it as assurance that you’re on the path to healing and truth-seeking — just stick to it!

Numerology: 8, 88, 888

The Basics: Numerology of 8

If we’re getting even a bit more literal, we can see that eight is the number of infinity.

Fittingly, it represents karma, self-confidence, goals, financial success, and prosperity. With 9 being the last number in a progression in numerology, eights confirm we are almost there.

Examples of Spiritual Meanings of 8:

  • The 8th house in astrology is about shared resources, rituals, and major transformations.
  • In Tarot, Strength represents the number 8 as a card of incredible willpower, inner balance, and thus the ability to assuredly find success by drawing upon past wisdom and experience.

Angel Number 888

Eight messages from angels are always wonderful messages — even more so when tripled, of course.

To see eights shows you that your physical needs, as well as those of your spirit, are being met by the angels who are supporting and guiding you.

On one hand, it’s assuring you that the angels will take care of you, but it may also be easy for you to lose sight of your spiritual journey. On the flipside, repeating 8s can be a sign of greed, or a lust for power and control, or maybe even stinginess.

Remember that fours are about building foundations. In the form of 8, we can build upon our success in healthy form, or risk it all by getting too stuck in the material.

Numerology: 9, 99, 999

The Basics: Numerology of 9

This is the last of the single-digit numbers, and as such, it speaks of completion.

9 is the number of endings, completions, and understanding. Additionally, it can represent character, responsibility, and obligation, being the end of a path or cycle and thus carrying its weight.

Examples of Spiritual Meanings of 9:

  • The 9th house in astrology surrounds themes of philosophy, travel, and culture.
  • Life Path 9’s are known for strong independence and justice-seeking tendencies, always desiring to see the bigger picture.
  • In Tarot, The Hermit is the card for 9, a message of deep learned wisdom and experience, and a tendency to go within to seek answers.

Angel Number 999

9 is the termination of one cycle so that another one can start, and as such, is a very wise, reflective number in itself.

Seeing it in repetition, therefore, is a sign of its immense knowledge and expertise popping up in your life somewhere. More often than not though, if you’re seeing nines, then something that you’ve been working on is coming to a finish.

This could be something you’re doing in your life, or it might be something less tangible, like some kind of a spiritual lesson. All in all, when nines appear, angels are telling you that you’re at the finish line.

Appreciating the Numbers

It might seem odd or even unsettling when you first start seeing the same numbers again and again like there’s a glitch in the proverbial matrix. But learning to “listen” to and appreciate these numbers will help you become attuned to the messages from the Universe that try to reach you each day.

By recognizing and learning more about these master or angel numbers, you’ll start to notice even more coincidences in nearly every facet of life.

The Universe is magic, and it’s speaking to you.

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