Numerology & the Number 6: What Does June Mean?

It might be hard to believe, but we’ve made it almost halfway through the year! And as June finally arrives, the sixth month of the calendar year, it’s time to explore the magical properties of the number 6.

The sixth month of the year can bring conflicting feelings. We enjoy the completion of certain cycles through graduations and weddings, yet the ending of certain cycles may bring a nostalgic tear to your eye as you watch your babies grow up and become independent. These conflicting feelings are what make this month, and the number 6, so important in our lives.

Beyond this complexity, 6 is known as the number of soul mates. And astrologically, this number is associated with the month of June and therefore the sign of Gemini – a flirtatious sign that longs for romance. So, let’s dive in and explore the number 6, the month of June, and the implications of each subject! Are you ready to find out what June holds for you? Then keep reading!

Here’s a hint: There may be romance in the air this summer.

The Number 6 & Numerology: What Does It Mean?

6 is considered a perfect number in numerology, because it is the sum of each number that divides into it (1, 2, and 3). Therefore, 6 is thought of as a sort of perfection in numerology.

The symbol that represents this number – a straight line with one curve at the end – showcases the harmony and balance that 6 provides. This is a symbol that, if you look closely, nearly mirrors the symbols of yin and yang – complementary partners.

Furthermore, the Life Path Number 6 is associated with harmony, responsibility, relationships, and security. You can calculate your own Life Path Number and come back to Astrology Answers for Daily Numerology Readings!

In astrology, while this number is typically associated with the sixth month of the calendar year, and consequently the sign of Gemini, this number is also associated with the sixth sign of the zodiac – Virgo. Even more coincidental is the fact that both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by communicative Mercury. Both Gemini and Virgo are also Mutable signs – signs that are easily adaptable and can go with the flow in the face of life changes.

Soul Mates, the Number 6 & June

While we do experience Cancer energy towards the end of June, this month (as we mentioned) is typically associated with the sign of Gemini – a sign represented by the twins in astrology and The Lovers card in Tarot. There is something inherently romantic about the Gemini. While no sign in the zodiac is considered to represent the idea of soul mates (like the number 6 does), there is certainly a loving, amorous vibe about Gemini.

That being said, Gemini is both Mutable and ruled by Air. These two aspects point towards sociability and flirtation, but they also represent a spirit of momentous energy that is always on the go.

Gemini has a shorter attention span than some signs, and may move quickly from one crush to the next. Regardless of this short attention span, June is still a great time to put yourself out there and play the field. After all, you can’t find your soul mate without looking for them!

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Even with this swiftly moving energy, Gemini still maintains its position in the Tarot as The Lovers. There is a soul mate out there waiting for you, and the Gemini energy tied into the numerology of the number 6 – the soul mate number – makes June one of the greatest months to begin attracting your soul mate to you.

Twin Flames

The twins, which represent Gemini symbolically, are also associated with the idea of the Twin Flames – one soul that was separated into two before entering this realm. You can have many soul mates in life, but only one Twin Flame. The twins of the Gemini zodiac sign are what may point you to a Twin Flame.

And while your soul mate or your Twin Flame may have absolutely nothing to do with Gemini, it’s the romantic, attached Gemini energy of June that may bring you two together. If you’ve been searching for your soul mate, the sixth month of the year is an excellent time for a clarifying Tarot reading.

Ask where your soul mate is, how to find them, and consult the cards!

Embracing the Energy of the Number 6

From the perspective of numerology, many feelings and ideas begin to crop up around the sixth month of the year, from romance to soul mates and beyond. To recap, 6 is the number of soul mates. June is the sixth month of the year, which connects to Gemini energy. Gemini is represented by the twins (Twin Flames) in astrology, and The Lovers in the Tarot.

So, what does it all mean?

It means that June is an excellent time to open yourself up to the possibility of love, romance, and even meeting your soul mate. Or, if you’re already in a relationship, this month may give you a better idea of your current partner and whether or not the two of you are truly meant to be.

Try to use this clarifying, romantic energy to explore your own desires and wishes, and find out whether a soul mate or Twin Flame is just around the corner! Embrace the soul mate energy of the number 6 to find answers and even the romance you seek.

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