Numerology and Astrology: The Ancient Dance

Astrology and numerology are typically thought of as two, entirely separate entities, with numerology being the study of numbers and the meaning behind them, and astrology being the study of the stars and planetary movements and their influence over us.

Take your birthday, for example. Astrology would look at the position of the planets at the time of your birth to gather more information about your spiritual journey and personality; while numerology would look at the meaning behind your birth number, after determining what your birth number is.

(You can find free numerology calculators within this website to help you in determining your special numbers.)

While you may not encounter many instances when the two subjects go hand in hand, the truth is they perform a sort of cosmic dance with each other, for they are inextricably linked. Both astrology and numerology are useful tools on their own, however, their power packs a serious punch when they are used together to find meaning in our lives.

To begin, astrology must rely on numbers in many ways; calculating certain planetary aspects involves geometry in itself. There are also the angles and degrees by which we measure the planets and their placements. Understanding someone’s natal chart would hardly be possible without the use of numbers, as many factors of astrology rely on numbers to be interpreted.

Numerology, on the other hand, does not require the use of astrology or its components to be understood, however, the practice is intensified in conjunction with the use of astrology. The deep connection between numbers and astrology is heavenly; each planet in the solar system is assigned a number from 0 to 9, including the moon and the sun.

Because numerology is decidedly less complex than astrology, it is an easier practice to master.

Pythagoras of Samos, a Greek mathematician, was a huge contributor to the basics of numerology. He is said to have been the first to discover the deeper meaning inherent in numbers. He discovered that there was meaning behind every number between 0 and 9, and developed the system we currently use for determining our “special numbers.”

Around the time astrology and numerology were just developing, these sciences were considered effective and purer than the viewpoint that many people take today; modern society has bastardized certain esoteric practices as “new-age fluff.”

However, as you might know, numerology and astrology readings can be frighteningly accurate, because there is truly a science to them.

The results from both an astrological and a numerological reading might surprise you in their similarities and correlate themes. While the actual steps were taken and subjects studied vary between these two practices, their basic connection with cosmic energies allows for their kinship.

In both instances, numbers and planets are assigned a masculine or feminine energy. The following chart shows how each number and sign is represented.

1 – Aries: Masculine

2 – Taurus: Feminine

3 – Gemini: Masculine

4 – Cancer: Feminine

5 – Leo: Masculine

6 – Virgo: Feminine

7 – Libra: Masculine

8 – Scorpio: Feminine

9 – Sagittarius: Masculine

10 – Capricorn: Feminine

11 – Aquarius: Masculine

12 – Pisces: Feminine

An easier way to remember this is that even numbers and even numbered astrological signs, including water and earth signs, are feminine; odd numbers, fire signs, and air signs are masculine.

These energies are the principle energies of the universe, however within each number and sign you will likely find that certain aspects of both energies are present.

As you can see, there are many correlations between numerology and astrology. Learning more about each practice will allow you to learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

These practices are complementary toward each other and assist each practice in becoming more transparent and easy to understand than ever.

While there are many spiritual and esoteric methods that can shed light on your inner nature, learning the ins and outs of both numerology and astrology will assist you in becoming a spiritual master of your own being. You will better understand those close to you, and your path in this life.

Tapping into the ancient, spiritual knowledge of the world is a privilege, and you should consider yourself blessed to be a part of the mystical community. So much of life and modern society is concerned with the mundane, it is an honor to have been infused with the curiously of the ancient mystics.

Using the techniques involved in numerology and astrology, when combined, will propel you further on your spiritual journey, and help you uncover the meaning behind your existence and the gifts that you have been called upon to share with the world.

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