Channel Life Path 5: Use Lucky 5 Energy for Last Minute Summer Fun

We are officially in the zone to have your last kick at the can for summer fun. That’s the bad news. The good news? There’s still plenty of room for some summer lovin’, or just some good old-fashioned summer fun. There is plenty of energy available for summer fun from an astrology perspective, with the Sun in the zodiac sign of lovable Leo.

Numerology also offers us a chance to engage our fun side. If you want to have fun in the last few weeks of summer, but aren’t sure how to amp that up in your life, just channel life path 5, the most fun number of them all.

Hakuna Matata and the Number 5

If you know a life path 5, then you know they are independent, spontaneous, flexible, and always looking for that next big adventure. Life path 5s are also usually very unconventional. Because they are so independent and freedom seeking, it’s really hard to tell them what to do.

On the outside, life path 5 sometimes looks lazy and too fun-loving, especially for those more serious life path numbers, although they’re anything but.

One reason life path 5s are so carefree is they see the bigger picture in life more than any other life path number or any zodiac sign. They have an esoteric point of view. Their motto in life is “Hakuna Matata” which of course means, no worries. They don’t sweat the small stuff, and the reason for that is because they see the big picture.

Flat tire? Who cares? A life path 5 will sit at the side of the road and joke with their comrades about “what a great story” this will be one day, or they will just cheerily wait it out until help arrives.

Life path 5s are also very flexible in almost everything. They aren’t the kind of people who are in the same job for 30 years because they want to see what else is out there. Same thing for relationships. 5s also have a natural lucky streak it seems.

If you know someone who seems to be born under a horseshoe, you can bet they are probably a life path 5. Luck is ruled by Jupiter, who rules optimism. That’s why you see life path 5s not having too much of an issue with life’s problems. Hakuna matata!

You can see how useful this energy can be in the summer months, and especially as you are looking for that last kick of summer fun before the serious energy of Fall arrives.

5s and Constant Motion

If you haven’t taken a summer vacation yet, channel the energy of life path 5 and get some travel plans in gear. Every number in numerology models its shape. The number 5 is in one line – constant motion. This is what life path 5s are always about; always moving, and suited in careers that send them all over the place.

Traveling is a great way to channel life path 5 as you wind up summer. It doesn’t have to be a 5 star resort either. Whether you go camping for the weekend, or spend your time in a luxurious spa, if you are channeling life path 5 energy correctly, you will have an enjoyable experience. Hakuna matata right?

Have you ever just woken up one day and decided to hit the road with no plan? A life path 5 does this ALL the time. That’s a really fun way to make the most of your last few weeks of summer. There are some zodiac signs like Virgo and Capricorn that freak out over the very thought of that. Don’t.

Just wake up one day and decide to book it away for a few days. You’ll channel life path 5, and remember, life path 5 is very lucky. If you’ve been waiting for summer love, a new career opportunity, or just a change, doing something you’ve never done before is exactly how you want to inspire it.

That’s generally how life path 5 receives all of their luck anyway. They break the mold and don’t sweat the small stuff. They see the bigger picture. A flat tire is not the end of the life road. It’s just…a flat tire. When you start looking at life stuff this way, you see why life path 5 is so lucky.

They may groan about a flat tire, but they can brush it off because they know everything happens for a reason, and it’s usually a really good lucky reason at the end of the day. Maybe it’s a cute guy or gal that comes for help and a romance buds? For life path 5, anything can happen next.

The Spiritual Significance of 5 and Summer Fun

Did you know that having fun is a very important, even critical, component of life? Work is necessary, of course we all need to pay the bills, but that can’t be ALL you do. The importance of work-life balance is sooo critical to your spiritual well-being, and even to your path of enlightenment.

Another reason life path 5s are so lucky is they are so spiritually connected. Most religious dogmas have the number 5 as a leading principle. For example, Buddhism has the 5 precepts as the basis of the religion. These are just 5 principles that guide those in the religion. Every religion has the number 5 in a significance somewhere.

That’s because 5, in its fluid motion, is a very spiritual number. When you are that connected to the Divine, as life path 5s are in their esoteric and unconventional approach to life, you are naturally lucky. You are guided by the Divine! Who doesn’t want a little more luck in their life? Who doesn’t want a little more luck as they wrap up summer?

Concluding Thoughts…

If you are looking for a little bit of fun in the last few weeks of summer, channel your energy like a life path 5 would. Start singing Hakuna Matata, and do what you normally would NOT do. Embrace a come what may attitude, keep moving, put yourself out there, travel, and socialize. When the little things in life crop up, and they will, embrace them as opportunities.

When you do, you send the message to the universe that you are ready for some luck, and don’t take life’s little hassles too personally. How are you going to channel life path 5 energy as you wrap up the summer?

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