Using Numerology to Find Your Inner Balance

There are points in our lives where we may lose our balance, our center of focus slowly creeping away from our vision. When this happens, we are not always immediately aware and prepared to correct our drifting energy.

When, at last, we become aware of our lost balance, it can feel like an insurmountable task to center ourselves again. You may not know from where to start, or how to go about finding that part of yourself that has, slowly but surely, fluttered miles away from your spirit.

There are many spiritual practices that can assist you in stepping back into yourself and regaining crystal clear vision for your path and how to follow it with an open mind and a welcoming heart. Practices such as astrology, using the tarot and studying and utilizing lunar cycles are just a few examples that have helped our spiritual entities for thousands of years.

One practice that can be useful on your journey back to your centeredness is numerology.

Numerology is the study of numbers and their effect on your life. Every letter of the alphabet is assigned a numeric value that it represents. Using simple, numerological equations, you can find your important numerology numbers, and discover what they mean for you.

Some of the most well-studied numbers in numerology are your life path number, your personality number, and your birth number. This article will be focusing on your balance number, how to locate it and how best to utilize this information to reintroduce balance into your everyday life.

How to Find Your Balance Number

To discover your balance number, first determine the numerical value of your initials at the time of your birth (for instance, if you’ve legally changed your name, you’ll want to use your birth name instead). For example, using the name Sarah Jessica Parker and a handy numerological chart, we see that both S and J=1, and P=7. 1 + 1 + 7=9.

What Does Your Balance Number Mean For You?

Numerology has many benefits for uncovering who we truly are, and what our path in life is. Discovering your balance number is merely one step toward self-discovery.

1. The balance number 1 can indicate a slight loner status, someone who is independent and, at times, unwilling to share their deepest fears and regrets. When balance needs to be restored in your life, it is wise to reach out to those around you in order to gather strength and power in numbers. This approach will gift you with a new perspective as well as a sense of community.

2. If 2 is your balance number, you may find yourself in emotional turmoil during times of imbalance. Your courage is necessary at this time, in addition to a sense of tenacity and perseverance. As long as you remain calm and level-headed, your optimism will carry you through this moment toward peace and harmony.

3. 3 is the balance number of the charmer. While you are a charismatic individual, you too must limit your emotional response to create the best situation for yourself. The trick right now is to be objective and open-minded when it comes to solutions to your problems. Remember: forgiveness over justice.

4. Anger can linger in this space; for the balance number 4, you must seek compromise. Try seeing things from a new perspective, and amp up your compassion. It’s not always about being right, or life being fair. Sometimes things take place the way they do in order to teach us our most valuable life lessons.

5. Balance number 5 can indicate a tendency to avoid the issues. Avoiding your problems can lead to indulgence, an attempt to shift focus onto something enjoyable rather than your hardships. You have all the answers at your disposal, and when you turn to face your troubles, the answers will be revealed.

6. Number 6 is typically indicative of an understanding and compassionate nature. You may not feel confident in tackling problems on your own, but you will do well to avoid co-dependence at this time. It’s not always easy, but taking care of your business by yourself will not only help you regain your lost balance, but you will enjoy a sense of courageousness and bravery.

7. You might have a tendency, at this time, to withdrawal from the minutia of life. However, avoiding your issues is never the answer. You have the gift of analysis, and you would benefit from a calm demeanor during this period. Don’t let emotion weigh you down, permit yourself to feel your feelings with depth and a whole heart, then allow the emotions to pass.

8. Balance number 8 is a strong indicator of a call for humility. The answers you seek will be found in the same space where your compassion and kindness for others is located. Your creative nature will inspire you, but be careful not to manipulate the situation. Be honest and responsible to best center yourself.

9. Finally, the balance number 9 is an urge for empathy. When you find compassion in the matters of others, your strength will be revealed and heightened. You might have a tendency to view yourself as being above others, a tendency from which you should take a step back. Giving of yourself and your energy will restore the centeredness you once enjoyed.

    Finding your balance is a process that will likely need to occur many times throughout your life. No one person can remain completely balanced all day, every day. Sometimes life will throw you off track a bit, and it’s your responsibility, as well as your privilege, to reclaim you center and explore your inner nature.

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