Let It Go During The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

We are heading into a period of change. If you have been thinking of a big change in your life, astrology is offering you all of the energy to do just that. Maybe you’ve been thinking of a change but haven’t quite had the courage to pursue it.

If that’s the case, and the change is close, there’s a very good chance that the Universe is going to create it for you. However it happens, the energy is yours for the taking. If you’ve been looking for the right time to put something to bed or behind you for good, the time is just around the corner. That time is the lunar eclipse in Aquarius.

Every time a lunar eclipse occurs, it occurs with a Full Moon. Full Moons are always about bringing projects or matters to completion. We aren’t going to get into the idea of the Full Moon event today, as the topic of the lunar eclipse is enough to sort through. The Full Moon event is happening in Aquarius, and that’s where we will look today.

We’re going to focus on the lunar eclipse aspect of this first though, and get to the Full Moon discussion in a few days. A lunar eclipse event is a time where a trajectory in your life could completely redirect. That sounds scarier than it actually is. Whenever a big change like that happens, it always happens for a Higher Purpose.

Let’s have a look at how to honor your inner Elsa from Frozen and just…let it go.

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other, and the Earth passes through that space, creating a shadow on the Moon. This can only happen during a Full Moon event. So what happens is, the Earth kind of “eclipses” a section of the Moon out of view.

Instead of looking like a Full Moon, the Moon has a bit of an orange and red tone to it, and may just look like the drawing of an unfilled circle in the sky.

The Moon from an astrology perspective is a source of information and emotions. When it is somewhat eclipsed from view, that means the information and emotions you need to close something up in your life is also “eclipsed” from the picture.

The actual lunar eclipse period is one of a “hurry up and wait” kind of feeling, because you don’t have all of the information you need at the time to make big life decisions. During the lunar eclipse, events and Universe happenings are in the works to help get you that information.

That’s why you are advised not to make big decisions during a lunar eclipse, because the information is not all at hand, it’s in the works. Two weeks after the lunar eclipse in August we will have a solar eclipse. This is when the Moon gets in the way, and moves between the Sun and the Earth.

In this event, the Sun is “eclipsed” from view, hence the term solar eclipse. In that event, issues and events pertaining to how you are perceived by the world will also be “eclipsed” from view, but just temporarily as with a lunar eclipse.

The Significance of a Lunar Eclipse

The spiritual purpose of both a lunar or solar eclipse lies in its potential for spiritual growth. It is very likely this year that the solar eclipse will be bigger in your life than the lunar eclipse. This is almost always the case. Some people won’t even feel or experience anything from the lunar eclipse. If you want a change, just knowing the opportunity is there can be very beneficial.

With a lunar eclipse, the spiritual significance is tied to the Full Moon. Full Moons are about closing chapters, tying up loose ends, bringing matters to fulfillment, finishing things up, putting things to bed. The information that follows a lunar eclipse is always about just those very things as well. It will help you put things to bed.

Matters related to a lunar eclipse are very often connected to your past. Something may be brought to your awareness that you need to let go, or put to bed for good. It’s a wonderful opportunity to hit the reset button, and start something in your life on a fresh page. That’s why it is important to look at this period as a time to start fresh.

The reminder of the lunar eclipse is that one can only do that after one has “let it go.”

Hit the Reset Button

The lunar eclipse in Aquarius is important because Aquarius is an Air Sign and a big thinker in the zodiac. Aquarius is also a little unconventional, quirky even, and a freedom lover. These are the themes you are going to experience in your life under this year’s lunar eclipse in Aquarius.

You also have the opportunity to examine the effects and information from this eclipse from an objective, rational, and logical level. In fact, you are encouraged to examine the effects of this eclipse from a logical level. You’ll be more successful when you do.

This lunar eclipse in Aquarius is expected to impact relationships of all kinds. It is, after all, dealing with the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. So under this time frame, look at your own relationships, be true to your needs in each and every one of them, and you will know where you need more harmony in your life.

You will also know where you don’t have it. This is the letting go part.

With the Moon eclipsed, you have an opportunity for some of those emotions eclipsed out for a temporary period as well. It will be easier for you to logically and objectively examine the situation. This is a powerful information receiving time for you. Like the old days when you used film in cameras, the full picture will take some time to develop and come crystal clear for you.

This month’s lunar eclipse will occur on August 7, and combined with the August 21 solar eclipse, will create energy in our life that will last until January 2018. This is big life stuff we are talking about here. Stay objective, stay true to your intentions, and think of your best possible success. When you do, the lunar eclipse will reveal all that you need to get there.

Concluding Thoughts

Many people fear the lunar eclipse, but what they are really fearing is the change. Just remember if you are complaining or unhappy about any area of your life at all, then you are ready for a change. Use this lunar eclipse to let go of what is no longer serving you, and prepare to embrace what will.

Let it go, let it go, let it go. Where are you going to “let it go” during this powerful lunar eclipse that is soon upon us?

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