Are Your Tarot Cards Sad?

Have your tarot cards recently stopped talking to you? Maybe you’re new to working with them, and don’t seem to know what they’re saying, yet. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or an expert, there are times when working with the tarot just seems plain frustrating!

The tarot is a divination tool, nothing more, nothing less. It won’t fix your life for you, nor will it solve any of your problems. What it does do, though, is provide you third-party independent advice. It’s up to you whether you take it or leave it.

The tarot has the potential to expose issues you may not have considered, or to present you with solutions you’ve not explored yet. It does this by connecting to your unconscious mind, bringing things more out into the open. But what happens when they just don’t seem to be communicating to you? Are your tarot cards sad?

Of course, the tarot isn’t sentient, so it doesn’t have emotions like sadness or happiness per se. However, they do need to be respected! This really isn’t anything to do with the cards; rather, it’s an indication as to how seriously you take your relationship with them.


You want your tarot cards to speak to you on an intimate and personal level, right? Start by keeping them somewhere secure when you’re not using them. There’s less chance of damage, or for you to lose one of the cards when they’re neatly tucked away. They also aren’t exposed to any negative or random energies when they’re isolated.

Storing your cards is easy. Pop them in a bag used only for your deck, or wrap them in a scarf or other beautiful cloth, or put them in a box on their own. When they’re away from the general hubbub of your day, it makes taking them out and using them all that more special.


Most tarot readers like to cleanse their decks when they first obtain them. Some perform regular cleansing rituals with the phases of the Moon or changing of the seasons. Others will cleanse the decks before each use. There’s no right or wrong way to do this; your intent is what’s important.

There are many ways to clean your deck. If you live in harmony with the Moon, you might want to let your cards bathe in the light of the full moon. If you work with crystals, put your deck under a purifying stone. Perhaps you smudge and want to pass your cards through sage or other cleansing smoke. There are even readers who simply shuffle the cards, and call it done!

You’ll know when some housekeeping is needed, because the cards will feel lifeless, and their messages confusing or lacking the usual vibrancy. When this happens, it’s often beneficial to put all the cards in their proper order, starting with the Fool in the Major Arcana and then working through the suits. Once you’ve done that, envision the cards being focused and animated, then shuffle them and continue as usual.


If you feel like you’ve got Tarot block or that your Tarot cards are refusing to speak with you, remember that communicating with your cards is always a two-way street. When I do readings face-to-face, I always explain to my client that there are three of us involved in this conversation; the client, the cards, and me. If any one of the three drops the ball, then the discussion is going to be unfulfilling.

There’s nothing more annoying than someone who doesn’t know what they want! It applies to ordering food, or shopping for clothes, or designing a garden; and it applies to the tarot, too. You have to ask a specific question and know what kind of answers you’re seeking. Write down your question in your tarot journal, or even speak it out loud, because using your throat chakra empowers your words. Next, concentrate on the cards, and seek your answer.


Your relationship with your tarot is important, and because of this, the cards need to be respected. If you do readings for other people, you might even want to get an additional deck—it can be the same or different—so that you have one set of cards that are yours and yours alone. Your cards will bring you messages from your higher self and your guides, and you won’t have to be concerned about whether they’re picking up random vibrations from other people or beings.


The tarot won’t work miracles. After all, these are just pictures on card stock. There’s no magical power in them. They can’t make you do anything—good or bad—that you do not choose to do. What the cards do is help you to navigate your own destiny, by allowing you a new way to examine all aspects of your being; mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. When you respect your cards and use them responsibly, the communication between you will be strong and empowering and you’ll not have to worry about whether your cards are sad or not.

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Hi! I’m Charla Stone and I learned astrology and mysticism way back in the 1970s. I’ve spent the last four decades using the stars, tarot, runes, crystals, totems, and more to bring light and guidance to others. I’m just an old hippie at heart who has traveled the world to learn of its cultures. I’ve been published online and in print—which still rather surprises me, as this isn’t something I do, it’s just who I am! When I’m not writing or doing readings, I’m spending time in my garden or the art studio, or with my beloved dogs.
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