Fix Your Life With the Tarot

So, things aren’t going like you hoped. You see what’s going wrong, but perhaps you’ve lost sight of what’s going right. Maybe you’ve contacted one of our Experts to have an astrology, numerology or tarot card reading done.

What many people fail to realize is that, just because you ask for advice, it doesn’t mean things are going to miraculously turn around. Fixing your life is a two-way street. There are many ways the tarot can help you do just that. It’s not magic, nor is it rocket science. It takes determination and focus, but it is doable.

Tarot Helps You to Understand Yourself

There’s an old adage, ‘As above, so below.’ You can say, ‘As on the inside, so on the outside,’ too! If you’re a jangled ball of confusion inside, then you’re going to project that outwardly, and your life will also become disorganized and thrown off balance.

It doesn’t matter whether your angst comes from a relationship issue, a financial matter or something else entirely. The tarot can help you to understand where the root of the problem lies, and also how best to cope with things. Try a three card spread; once you get a conversation going with the cards, they’ll reveal a lot to you!

Tarot Helps You to Understand Others

This doesn’t necessarily mean other people, but of course, it can! Perhaps you need insight into someone else’s motives or want to know what they’re feeling. It might be a situation beyond your control—a political issue, or a natural disaster, maybe—that makes you feel small and overwhelmed by the state of things.

That kind of worry wears you down and makes you despondent if you let it. The tarot will give you a glimpse into these occurrences so you understand the vibration frequency behind them. The more you comprehend, the better you can cope with the people and the events in your life.

Tarot Offers Sound Advice

Meditating on a tarot card or two will bring you profound insight if you let it. When you’re right in the middle of things, no matter what their nature, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. The tarot cuts to the chase and shows you exactly what’s in front of you.

You have to be prepared to look at the cards objectively rather than subjectively though—which is why many people choose to have a reading done for them. That’s not necessary. Look at your own cards, or use our reading generator to deal them for you.

When you know better, you can do better, and the tarot will certainly help you to know better, no matter what the situation.

Tarot Reveals Your Options

Often when life throws you a curveball, you see things in black and white; one way or the other. The tarot will show you where your other options lie. Even when you know what the issue is, the solution is often confusing, because nothing is ever carved in stone.

Examining the tarot cards in your reading will give you a glimpse into possible outcomes. The tarot does not predict the future—not even the angels themselves are able to do that—but the cards do show you what your choices are.

Once you’ve established those, then you can do further readings to weigh up which choices are best for you, and to determine which is the most optimistic outcome.

The Tarot Mirrors Your Gifts and Talents Back to You

Sometimes you just don’t see yourself the way others see you. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut, wanting to do something, wanting to learn something or strive to achieve something, but you just don’t know what. The tarot can help! Everyone is good at something, from being an amazing painter, to simply being an awesome listener.

The tarot has the potential to help you hone in on what you’re good at doing, even if you’re not aware of it yet, or you think it might be just a pipe dream. If you throw a bit of numerology into the mix, the capability to find your hidden passion and your true calling really is right in front of you. You simply have to be dedicated to making it a reality.

The Tarot is Empowering

You are the biggest key to your own future. The tarot will walk with you every step of the way, and if you keep a record of your readings and use your insights from the cards as a two way conversation, then the cards will open up new worlds of awareness to you.

You have the capability to face any challenge head on, to meet any conflict confidently and assuredly, and to find something good in any negative situation. When you feel beaten down or backed into a corner, that’s when the cards can help you the most. You have all the tools that you need to fix your situation and turn things around.

The tarot helps you to see those solutions, and how to apply them to your daily life.


Do remember that the tarot isn’t a cure-all. The cards have amazing wisdom to offer you through their archetypal images, but at the end of the day, they’re just images on the cards. There’s no get-rich-quick scheme hidden in them, they won’t bring back an ex-lover, and they’re not a substitute for legal, medical, or financial advice.

Treat them as a friend or a confidante. Consult them with an open heart and an objective mindset, and really hear what they have to say. They’re a powerful tool, and you really can fix your life with the tarot, but you have to be a willing participant in the process, and not just a bystander who’s along for the ride.

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Charla Stone

Hi! I’m Charla Stone and I learned astrology and mysticism way back in the 1970s. I’ve spent the last four decades using the stars, tarot, runes, crystals, totems, and more to bring light and guidance to others. I’m just an old hippie at heart who has traveled the world to learn of its cultures. I’ve been published online and in print—which still rather surprises me, as this isn’t something I do, it’s just who I am! When I’m not writing or doing readings, I’m spending time in my garden or the art studio, or with my beloved dogs.
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