Introduction to Numerology: Number 6

Our lives revolve around numbers – phone numbers, birth dates, addresses, driver’s license numbers, and more. Numerology is the study of these numbers. All numbers from 1 – 9 and the master numbers 11 and 22, possess a different energy. It’s the combined vibrations of numbers that make us individuals. An understanding of the meaning of each number is necessary before you can figure out how they function together in your life. Numerology helps you to understand not only your personality but also your purpose. You’ve already been introduced to numbers 1 – 5. Now meet the giving and generous number 6.

What Does 6 Represent?

6 is a harmonious number, but even with its grace and balance, it has its positive and negative sides. 6 is compassionate, caring, nurturing, and understanding. 6 tends to look after people, feeling a need to feed them and bring them together in a sense of community or family. 6 is at its happiest when it’s teaching or mentoring others. It seems the more vulnerable other people are; the more dedicated 6 becomes towards healing, sometimes to its own detriment.

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Characteristics of a 6

A 6 at Work

You shine in positions of responsibility and care for others. You are a nurturer and protector of vulnerable people. You may even take this to a professional level, choosing a career that is not just a job to you. It has to be a real calling and fulfill some higher purpose.

As a natural born people pleaser, you need to feel you are making an impact on people’s lives and improving their well-being to be happy at work. You would excel in careers that require immense empathy and compassion:

  • Doctor or nurse
  • Teacher
  • Caregiver for children or the elderly
  • Counsellor
  • Social worker

A 6 in Relationships

You are a trustworthy companion. You are warm, understanding, and non-judgemental. You are the first to give a listening ear, a hug, or tea and sympathy when someone you love needs comfort. You also give some pretty practical advice, too – along with some wit and silliness to help someone find their smile again. It will be easy for people to lean on you and they may let you do all the work to solve problems. You also willingly fill that role. Make sure that you set some boundaries, so you don’t become co-dependent on people.

You are responsible, reliable, and idealistic, this can be your undoing when others don’t have the same level of compassion or integrity that you do. You have a strong sense of fairness. Seeing injustice, inequality, and the plight of vulnerable people will send you spinning out of control into anger and sadness. You may find you hold contempt for those who have different opinions, you can become moody and hurt when other people don’t live up to your high standards.

Challenges for a 6

All of your caring and nurturing is great, but sometimes don’t know when to stop and your attention can cross into meddling. Make sure that, as you care for others, you don’t smother them. There’s often a fine line between helping and interfering. Also, you need to feel stability. When you lose your balance you may develop anxiety and irrational fears; you’ll obsess over the littlest thing,(rather than seeing the whole situation); you may seek out attention in unhealthy ways; and your jealous streak may rear its head.

You are very good at self-sacrificing, so much so, you sometimes seem to be playing the role of the martyr. You may even pursue an interest in something – or someone – that’s detrimental for your overall well-being, even against all the advice from friends and loved ones. You may let people take advantage of your kind heart and generous nature, coming apart at the seams in the process. You go out of its way to create peace among others, even if it means neglecting your own peace of mind in the process.

You give of yourself freely and unconditionally. You will feel called upon to serve humanity and the people around you to provide the nurturing and protection they require. You need to make sure that you don’t let others take advantage of you. Speak up for yourself so that your own needs are being met in your relationships with family, lovers, or colleagues. Develop healthy boundaries and don’t let yourself get involved in co-dependent relationships.

Health matters could be a concern if your past life number is a 6. It could have been a physical, mental or emotional problem. There wasn’t enough love and attention in your life. You may have felt abandoned and like you had to face life alone. You’ve in this current incarnation to make up for lost time; to learn how to give and receive love, affection, and acceptance. Do pay attention to all of your body’s needs, because there are still weak spots that need your careful attention for you to be truly successful in your life.

A heart’s desire indicates how much you need others; how you rely on them and must feel they need you. You were born to nurture, and if there’s no one for you to nurture, you feel unfulfilled. You’re sympathetic, a good listener, and you’re generous with your time and your assets. Follow these strengths throughout your life and you will find fulfilling work and relationships with people.

You’re warm and compassionate. People immediately feel that when they meet you. They see your heart on your sleeve. You may find that complete strangers approach you with their troubles and triumphs because you just instill trust in them, they know that you’ll hear what they have to share. Sometimes you’re too willing to trust the wrong people, and that can get you into sticky situations which can impact your integrity and your finances.

You revel in your burning desire to help others. It’s a calling and you feel incomplete if you’re not following it. You need to be of service to others, to feel valuable. It may be a problem if you start to worry too much about people all the time. You’re enough. You have value and worth simply being who you are, not only by what you can give to people. You don’t have to keep sacrificing yourself or playing the martyr to be appreciated and loved. Be yourself, because others appreciate your idealism and your counsel.

This is a year for focusing on family and those who are close to you. There’s a lot of solace in being with those who you love and cherish. Strengthen family ties. It could be a year for added obligations, but see this as a task of love. Juggle your responsibilities so that you can fit everything in, even if it means placing your own goals on hold for awhile. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.

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