Introduction to Numerology: Number 5

Many people are interested in numerology because they realize that numbers – like music – all vibrate on their own unique frequency. Numerology takes the important numbers in your life (your date of birth, the number of letters in your name, even address) and turns them into an analysis to be used as means for self-improvement, and for understanding others. The main focus of numerology is the single digits from 1 – 9, and the numbers 11 and 22. In previous articles, we’ve looked at the numbers 1 – 4. Now let’s learn about the influence of the number 5.

What Does 5 Represent?

The number 5 is probably the most dynamic and the least predictable of all of the numbers. Its hallmarks are creativity and change. It’s the tomboy that breaks the rules, the successful businesswoman, or the ‘old dragon’ of a mother-in-law. There’s nothing subtle about the energy of a 5, even though it’s slightly more feminine than the dynamic number 1, or the masculine number 4. 5 represents independence, adaptability, and the need for novelty and creativity,

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Characteristics of a 5

A 5 At Work:

Variety is the key to you being happy at work. You are a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. If you’re young, you may not feel the hurry to settle into a position, and you will probably try on many different career paths and explore many options before finally choosing one. Once your niche is found, you will easily climb the ladder of success.

Even when you have found a career you enjoy, it will need to provide variety to keep you interested. Mundane jobs won’t fit the bill. You need to put your diversity and creativity to work in a very positive way. You’re more suited to high-risk careers that require you to deal with unexpected situations and roll with changes:

  • Advertising or marketing
  • Graphic design
  • First responders (firefighter, police officer, paramedic)
  • Anything involving travel (tour guide, flight attendant)
  • Writer
  • Linguist

A 5 in Relationships:

You’re generally sociable and warm; your charisma will captivate those who resonate with your energy. You can be choosy about your company, though, cycling through many different relationships may be the norm for you. The people you interact with are going to have to be charismatic, enticing, and original themselves if they want to catch your fancy! Anyone who comes across as mundane, or who highly values routine and convention, should not set their sights on taming you. You will get bored before things can even get started.

Even though you vibrate with changeable energy, your loyalty is sincere once it is earned. It takes a lot for you to want to settle down, but when you decide to do so, you are trustworthy. If you do happen to become tired of a romantic relationship, you won’t cheat or be deceitful. You will be honest about your feelings. Issues arise when you don’t feel that you’re in a relationship and your partner does. You’ll probably date around until you feel that you’ve found a companion worth your time and energy.

Challenges for a 5

Independence and taking risks are in your blood, they are second nature to you. You have been fairly lucky, and risks usually work out for you. You are flexible, changeable, and tend not to stay in one place for long. Job changes, house moves, a streak of wanderlust all permeate your life. You will boldly demand personal freedom. You want to think and act independently and you usually will not immediately compromise with or flatter the people around you.

You roll with changes so fluidly, it’s easy for you to appear irresponsible. Long-term plans aren’t as important as the here and now, and it can create problems in your relationships. You don’t worry much; you just change your mind. You aren’t the most organized and disciplined person. Overindulgence, procrastination and unfinished projects are common if you have a 5 energy, you can throw yourself into something wholeheartedly and next week, it could be another obsession.

You’re self-reliant and an unconventional thinker. You don’t blindly follow tradition; you need to understand why you should. You’re effective at putting your own ideas across, too. You will have to try not to get too opinionated or fanatical when doing so, or people will think you’re too pushy and self-absorbed. Try to see other people’s points of view sometimes. You’re fascinated by society and love to learn what makes it tick because you’re spiritual and thoughtful,

In your past life, you’ve been able to charm others into getting you what you wanted. You knew how to manipulate people and you orchestrated this to your advantage. You only considered yourself and your own desires, with little thought for others. You quickly dismissed anyone who wasn’t useful. Now, you’re here to learn respect and value others for who they are, rather than how much they are able to do for you. You’re also meant to find out what’s possible once you set your mind to accomplishing a goal.

For the sake of your own happiness, and that of people around you, don’t try to settle down into anything routine and mundane. You’ll never live up to your potential if you do. Find a way to travel, to do new things with new people. You need to be among people doing unconventional and exciting things in order to feel vibrant and alive. You may have trouble with sticking to your plans and projects and seeing them through. Don’t overstretch yourself with commitments which you’ll be unable to honour.

Your charisma automatically draws others to you, but you’ll have to resist the temptation to use and dismiss those people who you think aren’t particularly interesting, but want to spend time with you. You’ve got a lot of energy and are not reluctant to be the center of attention. People might think you’re vain, flighty or a bit of an exhibitionist. Your independence also has the potential to make others feel inferior. You may have to stand back a bit, let others shine, let them help you, and compromise to have healthy relationships.

You thrive on change. If you’re not a whirlwind of activity you feel bored and melancholy. You’re an active communicator and a master of self-expression. You abhor mediocrity and conventionality. You don’t want to be labelled unless, of course, the label is a rebel. You throw yourself into all that life has to offer, but take care not to overindulge in things. Staying in one place, in one job, or with one person may be a challenge for you. Try to strike a balance between drifting aimlessly and having roots that center you.

Get creative this year! You’ll be full of energy and ideas, but you’ll need to watch your step. You have so much going on that you could spread yourself too thinly, and actually slow down any progress that is coming your way. It will be a particularly lucky and joyful year for you, too, so don’t squander those good vibes. You still need focus and determination if you’re going to get anywhere substantial in the long run. Keep the big picture of your life in view.

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