Tarot Numerology: How to Read the 5’s of the Tarot

A 5 in your Tarot spread can be an alarming or intimidating sight for most to see… but what if we told you that it isn’t as scary as you think it is?

Fully breaking down and understanding the frequency and true meaning of a 5 in your Tarot deck can feel like a daunting and not-so-fun task. But if we keep calm, try to see things clearly, and proceed with a clear mind, you may notice that a 5 is a blessing in disguise.

Let’s talk about what a 5 in your Tarot spread might really mean for you!

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What Does 5 Represent in the Tarot?

In the Major Arcana, Tarot card number 5 is represented by The Hierophant. A card of structure, spiritual authority, and convention, The Hierophant can be an intimidating figure at first glance that you may think is initially telling you to draw within the lines. In actuality, routine and structure are just a natural part of life and human existence and are necessary in many ways for us to progress as a collective.

If you’re familiar with life path numbers in numerology, however, you’ll notice that this is quite the contrast from what it means to hold life path number 5. 5’s often reject tradition in favor of free thought and independence, being the individuals that will seek change and stray away from the order that The Hierophant would create.

So what does that mean for the Minor Arcana of the Tarot? Being the middle-way point between the Aces and the 10’s, it’s natural that at each 5 there comes a challenge designed to shake things up, regardless of the suit. It is at the 5’s of the Tarot that we see conflict, disruptions, and a shake-down of the old in order to make way for the new, as represented by the push and pull you may have noticed between The Hierophant and life path number 5’s. To break away or to stay? To remain the same or to make something anew? The 5’s may bring us this uncomfortable question, but it’s no doubt that it’s necessary for all of us at some point in our lives.

The 5’s of Tarot Through Each Suit

As the 5’s of the Tarot come at a time of conflict, loss, changes, or shifts, it’s natural to see this underlying theme throughout each of the suits. However, it may look a little different and take a different form depending on which suit and element it falls under. To clear up the chaos and make the message clear, we’ve broken down the 5’s of the Tarot through the suits below!

5 of Wands

Fiery, bold, and action-packed, the suit of Wands doesn’t always get to be so light-hearted and adventurous. When Wands meets the 5, arguments, conflict between groups or pairs of people, and sometimes petty behavior can arise very naturally. The good news is that this 5 presents itself very obviously and will make it abundantly clear to you what is and isn’t good for you, whether that means cutting out a toxic relationship in your life or moving away from a disharmonious work environment.

5 of Swords

This card may represent some kind of foul play. The suit of Swords is one of the more vicious and cutthroat suits, and is more likely to place you in a situation of backstabbing or betrayal than the others. While this can be intimidating, the blessing in disguise from this card is that it’s often from these difficult circumstances that the best comeback story arises. What’s a hero without a conflict or a villain? Keep in mind that you still are only halfway through the journey, and there’s still more steps to take.

5 of Pentacles

As the suit of abundance, material wealth, and tangible goals and goods, the Pentacles often represent a kind of lack when it meets the 5. Whether it’s a complete loss of a job or feeling stuck in a cycle of never getting what you’re due, it’s at this card that you’re likely to face some sort of financial or career-related difficulty. However, there’s always a bit of a silver lining and optimism that comes with this particular card, as the people depicted are often moving away from something and towards a great unknown. This card is a reminder that what went down must come up, and it’s your time to seize the rise that this card can foretell if you’re willing to see the silver lining.

5 of Cups

If you’re seeing the common thread behind each of the 5’s so far, then it comes as no surprise that the 5 of Cups often represents an emotional loss. You may have to move on from a broken connection, or are simply finding yourself stewing on past losses rather than progressing forward with anything new. This card reminds us that sometimes loss, change, and disruption are battles we have to face within ourselves and our hearts, and this can be just as difficult, but equally as ultimately rewarding, as the conflicts we see in the other suits.

To Summarize…

Conflict, change, and a fracture in the structure we once knew are natural parts of life. We all know them to exist for us at various points in our existence, and yet, we still might find the 5’s of the Tarot to be so intimidating or scary! When your eyes meet a 5, take a few deep breaths, keep calm, and remember that the battle is not yet over. You’re only at the midway point of the journey, so it’d be silly to give up now!

Plus, you never know what awaits you when the 5 is complete. Perhaps it was a necessary change in order to meet a rainbow on the other side of the bridge.

With that said, refresh on the resources you left behind before proceeding beyond the bridge!

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