What Color Is Your Aura? It Depends on Your Moon Sign!

When you meet someone for the first time, do you notice how bubbly and upbeat they come across before they even open their mouth? Or if you walk into an office, do you get a sense of someone sitting in the corner who you can immediately tell is unhappy or gloomy, even though you haven’t been introduced yet?

That is because you are picking up on a person’s aura.

What is an Aura?

To put it simply, an aura is a spiritual energy field that surrounds every living thing. Humans, animals, plants and even objects have auras. Not everyone can see auras, but on some level or another, we can all sense them.

What’s more, auras are big. If you feel irritable due to someone sitting next to you, this is usually because they are intruding upon your aura field.

Some people are particularly sensitive and able to sense a person’s aura from miles away. Others are able to see auras and describe them as being various colors.

Auras are often made up of lots of different colors, though sometimes they may only have one dominant color. For example, a person who is extremely troubled, even malevolent, may have a black aura. Someone who is very sick may have a white aura.

While the majority of people have a variety of colors in their aura, there is one dominating color that everyone has – and it depends on what your Moon sign is.

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What is a Moon sign?

In the astrological natal chart, there are three dominating signs that contribute to your character and life path: The Sun sign, the Rising sign, and the Moon sign.

While the Sun Sign represents your zodiac personality and the Rising sign represents the way others view you and how you approach things, the Moon sign shows your deepest self, your emotions, and your inner mood. The Moon strongly governs emotions and your Moon sign will show how you react to things emotionally and how various emotions affect you.

Emotions are a big factor when it comes to who we are. They represent the core of us, our soul. This is why there will always be one particular color attached to our auras, no matter how many colors join it or how many times our aura changes throughout life. The emotional aspect of us, the Moon sign, never changes.

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Your Aura, Based on Your Moon Sign

Read on to find out which aura color you are based on your Moon sign!

Moon in Aries

If your Moon sign is Aries, your aura color will be orange, which represents Aries traits of courage and vitality. However, Aries whose emotions are in a state of negativity will portray a murky green that represents resentment and jealousy.

Moon in Taurus

If your Moon sign is Taurus, your aura color will be red, representing Taurean strength and determination. But a negative Taurean will be murky red, which represents anger and hostility.

Moon in Gemini

If your Moon sign is Gemini, your aura color will be red-orange which symbolizes Gemini’s creativity and powers of communication. In the negative, a Gemini aura will be murky pink which symbolizes anxiety and restlessness.

Moon in Cancer

If your Moon sign is Cancer, your aura color will be a gentle blue that represents Cancer qualities of intuition and nurture. A Cancer Moon on a bad day will be red which represents moodiness.

Moon in Leo

If your Moon sign is Leo, your aura color will be orange which represents the Leo qualities of bravery and confidence. When in the negative, the color will be bright yellow, highlighting arrogance and aggression.

Moon in Virgo

If your Moon sign is Virgo, your aura color will be a deep red which represents Virgo qualities of attention to detail and persistence. In the negative, a Virgo aura will be muddy red which symbolizes tension and nervousness.

Moon in Libra

If your Moon sign is Libra, your aura color will be forest-green which represents Libra qualities of fair-mindedness and diplomacy. A negative Libra Moon will be muddy green which symbolizes superficiality and indecisiveness.

Moon in Scorpio

If your Moon sign is Scorpio, your aura color will be clear red, which represents Scorpio qualities of passion and fearlessness. In the negative, a Scorpio aura will become a brownish-red representing jealousy and anger.

Moon in Sagittarius

If your Moon sign is Sagittarius, your aura color will be light purple which represents adventure and enthusiasm. In the negative, a Sagittarius aura will become muddy pink which symbolizes tactlessness and lack of patience.

Moon in Capricorn

If your Moon sign is Capricorn, your aura color will be clear red, representing tenacity and willpower. In the negative, a Capricorn aura will become bright yellow which symbolizes egoism and pessimism.

Moon in Aquarius

If your Moon sign is Aquarius, your aura color will be light purple which represents imagination and idealism. In the negative, an Aquarius aura will be murky pink which symbolizes thoughtlessness and stubbornness.

Moon in Pisces

If your Moon sign is Pisces, your aura color will be bright pink representing compassion and sympathy. In the negative, a Pisces aura will be muddy blue which symbolizes gullibility and vindictiveness.


The Moon sign is the deepest part of ourselves and tells us a lot about who we are and our relationships with others and the world around us. Which color did you get?

If you want to find out more about your Aura, take our quiz: What Color is Your Aura?

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