Moon Sign Astrology: Your Guide to Your Emotional Personality

Person holding a full moon in front of their face.

“What’s your Moon sign?”

Sounds like a bad pick up line, but having the answer – and a good understanding of what your Moon sign means – can be endlessly helpful to you in your life – especially when it comes to how you are emotionally responding to everything in your life.

You’ve looked up your Sun sign/zodiac sign, had your birth chart read, and still, you’re not sure what’s going on as far as your emotional center is concerned. If it feels like you have all of these emotions you don’t know what to do with and they’re interfering with your daily life, it could very well be your Moon sign kicking in.

In fact, most of your emotional experience comes from your Moon sign.

What is A Moon Sign?

Your Moon sign is part of what’s called your Primal Triad – your Sun sign (ego), Moon sign (emotional inner self) and Ascending or Rising sign (the way you appear to others). Understanding this will help you dig down to a deeper level of your astrological personality – we are never summed up by just one of the signs in our chart – each will reveal distinct and specific traits of your rich personality.

Your Rising sign is the part of you the world sees, the part you show off every day. But that part of you that lies awake at night worrying about things? That’s your Moon sign. Had your feelings hurt? Moon sign.

How does this come into play? We aren’t covering all the bases when we look only to our Sun signs. For example, if you’re a solid Taurus Sun sign, you are described as being very grounded and emotionally in control…except you cry at the drop of a hat and are perpetually having your feelings very deeply hurt. Doesn’t match up? You may have a more sensitive Pisces Moon sign.

Not knowing how to deal with that could bring you more grief than you need to have in your life.

How can you gain clear insight into those hidden aspects of yourself, so they don’t trigger unwanted emotional stress? Easy. Understand the needs of your Moon sign. When you ‘get’ your Moon sign, and the role it plays in your day to day life, you can use these astrology answers to take control of your emotional center.

When you do, you begin to feel the stress release right away.

Let’s start tackling that stress and help you understand your highest self better right now. You can find out how to find your Moon sign zodiac sign by simply looking at your birth chart – wherever the Moon is in your chart will reveal your Moon sign.

Moon Sign Astrology

What Lies Beneath the Surface?

The Moon travels through all 12 zodiac signs over a course of about 28 days. This means the Moon changes zodiac signs about every 2 or 3 days. Today, March 31, 2016, the Moon in Capricorn is shining on us all, and will be until tomorrow when the Moon travels onto Aquarius. Moon signs impact our every day, even if the Moon sign of the day is not your very own Moon sign.

Where the Moon falls in your birth chart directly relates to your inner world of emotion and instinct. It provides insight into your subconscious habits and habitual emotional responses. That’s why understanding how your lunar nature gets “triggered” is the first step to a happier, more emotionally balanced life – once you know where your emotional Moon lies, you can get more familiar with that inner side – and how to nourish it.

Let’s have a look at the definition of the Moon in each zodiac sign.

Moon In Aries

Act On Your Needs.

Moon in Aries people need to act out their needs… now. Take a breath. Is this a need or a want? Recognizing that you sometimes have trouble telling the difference before jumping into action can relieve a lot of stress and drama in your life. At the same time, if you have Moon in Aries and you too often ignore what you need, that could be why you are feeling emotionally scattered and stressed a lot.

Follow the intuitive urges you feel every day, and that will relieve stress and help you feel more emotionally-centred on a day-by-day basis. As well, if your emotions are really stressing you out, it’s time to be direct with someone about them. Temper the direct energy with kindness and it’s a win-win for you.

Moon In Taurus

Comfort & Routine Make You Feel Safe.

Moon in Taurus feels safe and happy when they have a solid foundation. Of course, your comfortable routine will sometimes be shaken up. Simply knowing this and planning to be open to change can make you feel more secure.

At the same time, knowing that structure and routine makes you feel safe could enable you to incorporate more structure and routine in your daily life. Is your life always chaotic? Use the Bull pragmatism and add more structure if you have Moon in Taurus. You’ll feel much better.

Moon In Gemini

Talk It Out.

Those with their Moon in Gemini need to communicate, as Gemini is the chattiest of the zodiac. When you’re emotional, you want to talk it out. When you do, just be sure you’re actually feeling your feelings, not just talking about them. You also need to be sure that you are actually talking about your feelings, and not just saying what you think other people want to hear.

If you want to feel emotionally free and with less stress, be real about what you are feeling. You’re allowed to have those feelings, so talk them out – and having a safe person you adore on call who will listen unconditionally is the best answer. If you don’t have that, this is what diaries and journals are made for. The sign of the Twins is ruled by communicative Mercury, so Moon in Gemini folks love to write.

Moon in Cancer

Still Waters Run Deep.

If you have a Moon in Cancer and you’re always all over the place with stress and emotions, that’s because you have a bit of a triple whammy when it comes to your Moon sign astrology. The Moon is emotional, Cancer is too, and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Sure that can make it a little harder to keep from being a sensitive mess, but you are the embodiment of still waters run deep. Yes you’re emotional, but you don’t always show it, that’s the Moon sign in you pulling back like a Full Moon.

Moon in Cancer craves emotional security, as your roots and memories run deep. When you feel upset, ask yourself if you’re reacting to the situation at hand, or to memories you’re still holding onto from the past. Allow yourself to feel your emotions…just don’t hold onto them forever. It’s okay to feel what you feel. Just don’t use those feelings to lash out or you will be crabby all day and become your own worst enemy.

Don’t forget to check in on your free Daily Cancer horoscope.

Moon In Leo

Shine Baby Shine.

Do you love the spotlight but aren’t really sure why? Do you have a traditional zodiac sign and don’t ‘get’ why you need constant flattery and attention and do you become pouty and emotional when you don’t get it? That’s because your Moon is in Leo, and “dramatic” is your middle name. Moon in Leo folks need to shine. When your feelings are hurt, realize that you can be overly dramatic. Luckily you also have a strong sense of fairness, so focus instead on being a shining example, by displaying a reaction that’s fair to everyone.

There’s nothing wrong with being awesome, just don’t command that recognition everywhere you go. If you do, you will also consistently tick a lot of people. Instead, honor the generous and kind spirit that we know Leo to be, and your Moon in Leo will shine in a way that attracts all of the attention you crave.

Moon In Virgo

Being Useful Is Your Super Power.

If you’re super stressed at work, or upset at home a lot, it’s probably because you don’t feel needed. In order to fix that, put yourself in the positions to be of the most use to people. People with Moon in Virgo have a need to feel like they are contributing in some way. They also love detail and order. If your plans aren’t being followed, don’t freak out! Instead, look at the big picture.

A hobby that lets you tend to many details will relieve stress. A club that allows you to honor your inner humanitarian will feed your emotional center in a way no dollar value ever could. Just doing stuff for others relieves stress for you. If you’re feeling stress, you may not have found the outlet that allows you to meet other people’s needs. When you do, you help yourself too!

Moon In Libra

Be An Awesome Partner in Order to Find One.

Libra is the zodiac sign of harmony and partnerships and thus usually hates doing anything alone. For those with Moon in Libra, your lifetime quest is to meet that need and when you don’t, you get a little wonky. Moon in Libra craves THE ideal relationship. But searching for that one ideal partner or perfect way of life can take you out of the NOW, allowing stress to come in.

Harmony is possible for you Libra Moon if you think less on what you don’t have and focus more on just being the awesome person you are. Put your energy into being the best partner you can be, and you will attract him/her. You’ll also be well served by being the diplomat and drama-squasher to those around you. When you do, your natural grace, charm and harmonious personality shines, and is super sexy! Be who you want to love in your life, and you will be batting suitors off with a club. You’ll also be a lot less stressed because you will feel more in control of your daily situation.

Moon In Scorpio

The Mysteries Of Life Have All the Answers.

Scorpio is the zodiac sign of secrets and transformation, and because secrets can be intense, so can Scorpio. When the water Moon is in the watery zodiac sign of Scorpio, emotions get intense. As the zodiac’s natural detective, Scorpio loves a good mystery, and so does the Scorpio Moon. Moon in Scorpio needs to delve into the mysteries of life, to transform and be reborn.

This leads them to live emotionally intense lives. Give yourself the gift of self-awareness and acceptance so you don’t become swept up in emotional drama. Careers that allow you to investigate, such as reporting, detective work, or even insurance adjusting, are healthy outlets for your need to dive into mysteries. When you find a way to work with secrets and mysteries, you feel like you are adding value to the world, and this relieves stress.

Moon In Sagittarius

You Need Space to Feel Safe.

There are some people (cough, Gemini) who thrive in social settings and need to get in the mix of the group to unwind and feel stress. That’s not you. As a Sagittarius Moon, you crave freedom and wide open spaces. If you’re feeling a little stressed, chances are you’re also feeling a little claustrophobic too. A cubicle job is not for you. Those with Moon in Sagittarius need personal freedom and space.

When the going gets tough, understand that you don’t need to run away all the time – it’s not the end of the world if you just need a little privacy or you time – and you need it more than most. Communicate your need for independence while you work through whatever situations arise. Sometimes just escaping to the bathroom during cubicle duty is all you need to get away from the hectic group oriented speed of life.

Moon In Capricorn

Emotions Confuse You, so Use Them Wisely.

Moon in Capricorn folks aren’t the most emotional on the planet unless they have a Water-based Sun sign – so you are really confused by people that are. Like the Moon in Virgo folks, you need to feel useful. If you’re feeling stressed, it’s likely because you just don’t get all the emotions around you. Your moods could go all over the place as a result. As the Cardinal Earth sign, people with their Moon in Capricorn need to be useful and productive, and need to be leaders as well.

Everybody experiences mood swings so don’t be hard on yourself. Expressing your emotions won’t make anybody respect you less. You are the one who doesn’t understand emotional people, but that doesn’t mean the others around you won’t understand yours. Find a useful way to blow off this emotional steam if it’s not coming from you – just talk to someone about it. You will be surprised at how receptive they are.

Moon In Aquarius

You Are Unique. Accept That. It’s Genius.

If you have Moon in Aquarius, you’ve likely always felt a little different from everybody else – and you don’t really know why. That alone can cause stress! Nobody likes being picked last for the team, or not being invited to the party. It’s not a curse, it’s the blessing of genius. These things happen because you have the special gift of being different. When you know that you are supposed to be different, and that it’s a good thing, you see it as a blessing and not a curse.

Moon in Aquarius enjoys being unique, yet also feels like an outsider, causing emotional confusion. Learn to accept and appreciate all aspects of yourself – even those feelings you think you should be ‘above.’ You are above the bar when it comes to comparing yourself with ordinary and average people. It’s not just in your head. The sooner you embrace how genius you are, the sooner you can start performing miracles with that – and you’ll feel less stressed!

Moon In Pisces

Sensitivity Is Your Strength, Not Your Weakness.

Some people see sensitivity as a weakness, and if you have Moon in Pisces, you’re likely accused of wearing your heart on your sleeve a lot. That alone can be stressful, but being open and emotional is not a bad thing, and it’s actually a weakness of others if they can’t recognize that. Don’t let them deflect their issues on you. Embrace your inner superpower of sensitivity. It gives you psychic gifts you can use in your everyday life, and allows you to feel your way through life rather than just living it.

Emotions can get a little much at times and this can stress you out, leading to bad choices and possibly even dangerous, substance-related ones. Stay away from that, embracing the notion that you are emotional. With the Moon in Pisces, that will never change in this lifetime, so don’t try to change it. Use it. Those with their Moon in Pisces are sensitive and need to access the higher mind. You get easily overloaded with the harshness of life, so be sure to create plenty of time to be alone for daydreaming and intuitive guidance.

Do you feel less stressed already, now that you know your higher and hidden self a little bit more? Understanding more about your Moon sign is a powerful way to take control of your emotional side and feel more comfortable in your own shoes.

It’s also helpful when looking into Love Compatibility – knowing your lover’s Moon sign can reveal so much about what they feel – not just what they show you.

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