These Are the BEST & the WORST Love Matches for Taurus

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Taurus is an Earth sign with a calming, peaceful personality that puts anyone at ease in its magnetic presence. Theirs is an energy that just seems to set things right in the world, their relaxing demeanor bringing an air of calm to any event they attend.

As we begin flowing into Taurus season, those with this sign placed prominently in their chart will feel a boost of confidence and charm – making them nearly irresistible to those around them. This means it’s the perfect time to talk about Taurus love compatibility.

It’s time to celebrate this dreamy, sensual sign by exploring their romantic patterns, personality traits, and ultimate desires!

How will your personality mesh with that of the romantic Taurus?

One thing that’s important to remember is that accurate astrological compatibility cannot be reduced down to two Sun signs, as each person has their own complex chart with many different aspects. You can gain true insight into your compatibility with another individual through a relationship synastry chart.

That being said, you can still learn quite a bit about how two people will get along based on their Sun signs, as your Sun sign represents your personality on a core level.

About the Taurus Zodiac Sign

As an Earth sign, Taurus is grounded, stable, and shares a special connection to Mother Nature. Earth signs are deeply rooted in that Earthy energy, bringing focus and motivation. However, Taurus also enjoys its free time – this is a sign that knows how to play just as hard as it works.

Earth signs aren’t known as the most romantic of the astrological bunch, but Taurus has something special going for it – its ruling planet, Venus.

Venus is the planet of beauty, love, and romance. This is also the ruling planet of Libra, a sign known for its flirtatious personality. And while Taurus may have a more reserved approach as an Earth sign, this element of romance shines through their personality in the form of sensuality and intimacy.

Taurus is also a Fixed sign, the sign of the zodiac known for stability, loyalty, and a trustworthy persona. Yet, symbolized by the bull, Taurus can also be quite stubborn. Each sign of the zodiac has both strengths and weaknesses, and understanding those aspects of a sign can make learning about romantic compatibility much simpler.

Let’s dive even deeper and take a look at all aspects of the Taurus personality, both the good and the bad.

If you’re a Taurus yourself, check out your Taurus Love Horoscope for even more information!

Taurus Personality: The Good & The Bad

Each and every sign has a variety of traits and aspects, some positive and some negative. When considering Taurus love compatibility, these are the first things to explore.

Taurus Strengths

One of the most wonderful things about being in a relationship with a Taurus is their loyalty. As a Fixed sign, once a Taurus sets their mind on something, they don’t let that vision go. And if a Taurus has chosen you as a partner, you can be sure that they’re in it for the long haul. Their sensual side also means that you’ll be in for plenty of affection and romantic adventures.

You can also bet that you’ll be enjoying plenty of delicious meals, decadent cocktails, art and music shows, and hikes out in Mother Nature. Other Taurus strengths include:

  • Dependability
  • Dedication
  • Loyalty
  • Patient
  • Generous
  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Sensual
  • Romantic

Taurus Weaknesses

If you’ve ever had a Taurus in your life, you probably already know where this section is headed: the stubborn bull. One trait that seems to be synonymous with Taurus is their stubborn nature – this relates to both their Earth element and Fixed position in the zodiac.

Once a Taurus has their mind made up, there’s little you can do to convince them otherwise.

This “my way or the highway” attitude can be too intense for some, which is why it’s important to look for a suitable companion – for example, someone who goes with the flow and doesn’t need to have their way all of the time.

Other challenging aspects of the Taurus personality include:

  • Possessiveness
  • Inflexibility
  • Overly cautious
  • Uncompromising
  • Jealousy

Taurus Love Compatibility in Relationships

Now we’re finally here at the juicy heart of the issue: Taurus love compatibility. The truth is, any sign can mesh well with any other sign under the right circumstances – especially if they have other compatible aspects in their charts.

Yet, there are still a few signs that just seem to naturally click with the calming Taurus personality.

Most Compatible Signs for Taurus

1. Taurus

That’s right! One of the most compatible matches for a Taurus is another Taurus.

These two signs fit together like two peas in a pod, understanding one another and empathizing with each other’s needs. However, there is a potential for a sandstorm of stubborn energy at times. It’s crucial that the two of you work on being open and flexible with each other to form a truly unbreakable bond.

2. Pisces

Pisces is a sensitive, intuitive Water sign that infuses well with the sensual nature of Taurus. These two signs share an emotional connection deep and intimate – like something out of a romance novel.

When Pisces and a Taurus come together, they can share their thoughts and feelings on a spiritual level – that is, if Taurus can learn to open up and be vulnerable. Pisces helps Taurus embrace their imagination and sensitivity, while Taurus helps Pisces stay grounded.

3. Virgo

Virgo and Taurus are both Earth signs that share a love of the great outdoors, a serious sense of motivation, and a grounded attitude. When these two come together in a romantic union, they’re a power couple that can get anything done together.

While this may not be the most whirlwind romance, the emotional computability between Taurus and Virgo is undeniable. Their calm approach to emotional challenges is a driving force for this earthy couple.

4. Capricorn

Capricorn is another Earth sign that inspires Taurus to reach new heights. Taurus loves to have fun, and without a little direction, they can lose sight of their goals, whereas Capricorn is always thinking about finding more success and achieving new goals.

While this may not be the most sensual pairing, Capricorn and Taurus certainly bring out the best in each other, as Taurus encourages Capricorn to let loose and have fun now and again.

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Least Compatible Signs for Taurus

1. Leo

Leo is a fun, exciting Fire sign that follows impulses and knows how to have a good time. While Taurus and Leo have the potential for an enthusiastic fling, this is not the best placement for a long-term relationship, as these two may find themselves competing for the spotlight.

Further, neither Earth nor Fire signs are known for being vulnerable about their emotions, meaning that these two may seem to be defensive in one another’s company.

2. Aquarius

As a rebellious Air sign, Aquarius isn’t the biggest fan of routine – something that earthy Taurus very much enjoys.

Aquarians can get bored easily and always seek new forms of stimulation, whereas all that stimulation can feel too intense for the laid-back Taurus. On the other hand, Taurus may appear materialistic to the carefree Aquarius.

While an initial attraction is not unlikely, this union may present too many challenges to prove successful.

Learn about Taurus compatibility with Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.

The Taurus Man in Love

A Taurus man in love seeks a deep connection on emotional, physical, and even spiritual levels. This isn’t a man who wants a casual fling but someone who prefers intimacy and connection on a somewhat intense level.

This also isn’t someone who’s going to need constant stimulation outside of your relationship. In fact, they can soak up your energy and attention for days at a time without getting bored.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Taurus man in love can, at times, appear possessive or stubborn. However, this is someone who will commit to an intimate and emotional connection for the long haul.

The Taurus Woman in Love

The Taurus woman in love is romance incarnate. This is someone who displays loyalty, kindness, and sensuality in relationships.

You don’t have to worry about her skipping plans or showing up late because when a Taurus woman commits, she intends to keep it. This is a reliable woman who can maintain romance in any relationship, so long as you show up for your part.

Like the Taurus man, jealousy is a possibility for the Taurus woman. Yet her loyalty and sensuality more than makeup for any flaws.

Where Do You Fit with Taurus Love Compatibility?

Whether or not you’re the best match for the cool and collected Taurus, it’s undeniable that their presence is magnetic.

When you’re near a Taurus, you experience a calm sense of peace that simply puts you at ease – it’s almost as if you’re home. Anyone can appreciate their inviting, welcoming spirit.

Let us celebrate the charismatic energy of the bull this Taurus season!

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