Taurus & Pisces Compatibility

A Taurus Pisces match registers very high on the love compatibility scale, as this is another famous Earth and Water combination that almost feeds itself naturally. With the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus and the Mutable Water sign of Pisces, these two signs complement and balance each other wonderfully.

As the Mutable sign, Pisces takes the shape of whatever experience they are in, and Taurus provides a grounded nature to Pisces that Pisces hasn't felt in some time. This match is another for Taurus that feels truly grounded with a karmic and cosmic connection. This pairing will have empathy for each other and a strong foundation. It is this foundation as well that will get them through almost anything.

The Pros

With the Earth-bound Taurus and the Watery, and dreamy Pisces, love will be abundant in this match. Both of these signs are so different, yet so similar. What Taurus wants, Pisces has to offer, and vice versa. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Pisces by Neptune; both planets have feminine energy. Thus, this pairing is rich with an emotional foundation and connection.

Taurus loves the dreamy and fantasy side of Pisces, who feeds Taurus' sensuality as often as they want it. Pisces also appreciates the down-to-earth and genuine, honest nature of Taurus. Some signs may get turned off by Taurus' jealousy, but for Pisces, this actually feeds their ego, and they are flattered by Taurus' possessive nature. Even so, it can sometimes get a bit much for Pisces.

The Cons

As the Fixed Earth sign and the Mutable Water sign match up here with Taurus and Pisces, this love is off to a great start. But as the Mutable sign, Pisces is often moving and shaking in many areas at once and may not want to settle down as much as Taurus does.

Pisces also prefers big dreamy parties, whereas Taurus prefers to stay in with their love. This will lead to many fights in which Pisces will find Taurus very stubborn. And if push comes to shove, the Taurus jealousy will make Pisces cut loose for good. Both of these signs will need to realize the weaknesses in themselves and each other if they want this karmic connection to last in this lifetime.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

As much as it may sound that the Taurus and Pisces love pairing has a lot of work cut out for them, this is not necessarily the case. Pisces will need to focus on their Mutable nature and be as flexible as possible for Taurus when problems arise. This is an excellent skill of Pisces, who, as a flexible Water sign, is already very skilled at adapting to whatever is put before them.

However, Taurus will need to earn this flexibility from Pisces and should give their Pisces as much room as they are comfortable with. In other words, the Taurus jealousy streak needs to be kept at bay, even though Pisces will be the most flexible with it. Taurus is also well known for their temper, and Pisces for their hurt feelings. Taurus will need to keep this in check. Once Pisces scuttles to the cave, getting them back out can be very difficult. If Taurus and Pisces can accomplish this, this will feel like a soul-destined love with all the opportunity in the world to last a long time.

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