Relationship Synastry Chart

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Pronunciation of Synastry: Sin-as-tree

relationship synastry chart is when an astrologer takes two natal charts and compares them simultaneously, seeing what planets are in harmony and which planets are in discord. Every person has a chart created the moment they are born, and when we tap into that astrological knowledge, we open ourselves to the possibility of the perfect match.

It may be easy to look on the surface of zodiac compatibility and compare the relationship compatibility of Sagittarius to Virgo and see where they line up. Still, synastry allows you to dig deeper than your regular daily love horoscope.

This reading is more than just comparing our SunMoon, and Rising signs. Your astrologer looks at the different transitselementspolarities, and qualities within your chart to see the level of astrological compatibility between the two birth charts. The way they interact is quite complex, which is why long-term industry professionals often do this reading.

This type of astrology reading is usually done between people looking to partner in some way to determine how compatible they will be. Most of the time, it is regarding a marriage or other romantic commitment. Still, the synastries can also be done between employers and employees, business partners, parent and child, siblings, or pets

As long as the charts of two individuals are being compared, then it is a relationship synastry chart. It is different from a composite chart, which is yet another way of understanding the relationship between two people.

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