Twin Flame

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By definition, a Twin Flame is someone who completes you in this life and the next or your literal other half. They can be friends, lovers, or people you have never met, but their connection to you is stronger than any other out there. 

Often tied to signs in the Universe like seeing 11:11, seeing each other in a dream, or deja vu, Twin flames are always connected. Their love for you is as constant as the stars.

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The absolute truth is that there is no one meaning for the term twin flame.

Some say it is a soul mate, which is not necessarily true. It’s more a kindred spirit than a love match. Your soul mate can be your Twin Flame, but your Twin Flame isn’t necessarily your soul mate. Twin Flames have unconditional love; there is only one. In our lifetimes, we will have multiple soul mates.

There are some ways to determine if your Twin Flame is out there, but often it’s left down to the feeling or signs you see. Most people spend their life searching, and some say you are incomplete without your Twin Flame in your life. 

Others say that your Twin Flame is never incarnate when you are. Still, others say you have more than one Twin Flame, while others say that you only have one Twin Flame, and it is your life’s purpose to seek out this being and unite your souls.

Some astrologers say that you can determine who your Twin Flame is by examining the birth charts. Other people say that Twin Flames are never to be your life partner, but rather, they are in your life to teach you some of your greatest lessons and to help you find why you took this incarnation.

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