How to Uncover Your Perfect Soulmate With a Synastry Chart Reading

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Astrology is a tool that can help us navigate so many different aspects and facets of life, and love is no exception. We’re all curious about love and relationships, and today we’re going to explore the concept of the synastry chart in astrology and how it can help us discover more about our relationships than ever before.

This article will give you a deeper understanding of how love relates to astrology, as well as how composites and synastries in astrology highlight the way we relate to each other!

Astrological compatibility typically focuses on the Sun signs of two individuals, yet there is so much more to you than just your Sun sign.

Our charts start with a wheel that contains a plethora of information about who you are, how you relate emotionally, and what you seek in romance. The zodiac wheel or natal chart is complex, but a synastry chart can show you where you align with another individual and how well you two will mesh. Let’s dive in!

Using Your Synastry Chart to Find Your Soulmate

A relationship synastry chart is the result of an experienced astrologer taking the natal charts of two individuals and comparing them simultaneously to see which planets are in harmony or discord with each other. This is typically done between two people entering or currently entangled in a romantic relationship with one another.

On the other hand, a composite chart looks at the relationship itself by combining the two charts together as one singular chart. Both charts are based on the time, date, and place of birth of each individual.

But, while a synastry chart looks at how well two people might get along based on their individual charts, a composite chart takes a look at the energy of the relationship itself – treating the relationship as its own entity.

A relationship synastry chart is more focused on compatibility, while a composite chart is more concerned with the karma and destiny of a particular union. While both are useful, today we will be focusing on the synastry chart and how it can help you find your soulmate.

What to Expect During a Reading

As we already mentioned, a synastry reading involves an experienced astrologer and the information of two individuals needed to create their natal charts. It can tell you more about how each of you relate to and express your emotions, as well as what each individual is looking for in a romantic relationship.

However, it’s important to recognize that a synastry chart can indicate compatibility even when the relationship is not healthy or sustainable. This can occur when there are certain elements in a synastry chart that indicate a fated relationship or a relationship bound by destiny – and these relationships are not always smooth sailing.

What Experts Look for in a Synastry Reading

While you’ll need to contact an astrologer to get your synastry chart read with another individual, there are certain things that they will look for – and knowing about them ahead of time will help you get the most out of your reading.


There are three planets/luminaries in a synastry chart that are critical:

  1. The Moon
  2. Venus
  3. Mars

The Moon’s position in a synastry chart will tell you how each person relates to the world emotionally, how they deal with their emotions, and how they prefer to express those feelings to others.

Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and it can tell how what kind of person each partner is attracted to in a synastry reading. Venus will also explain more about how each individual views romance and what they want out of a relationship.

And then there’s Mars, the planet of passion and drive. The Mars placement of each person will highlight sensuality and sex drive. If two Mars placements are compatible, you can expect a relationship full of passion and intimacy.

The Sun & Ascendant

The Sun sign is typically the first sign people look at when exploring compatibility between two individuals. The Sun represents the self, or who we are at a core level. The Sun is the center of attention in Western astrology, whereas Vedic astrology focuses more on the Moon.

Looking at the compatibility of two Sun signs can explain more about how each partner behaves on a fundamental level, what they believe in, and what they’re passionate about.

The Ascendant, or Rising sign, is one of the most important – and most overlooked – placements in a birth chart.

Your Ascendant tells you how you express yourself to the world, who you present yourself as. Sometimes we pick up more on someone’s Rising sign than their Sun sign because this sign is connected to the way you put yourself out there in the world.


Aspects are the relationships between planets in a chart. The major aspects are:

The aspects can be harmonious, neutral, dynamic, or discordant, depending on their position. Favorable aspects within your chart can indicate a deep connection, passion, wild romance, or even a destined relationship.


One of the most efficient ways to determine someone’s destiny is by looking at their nodes in a birth chart. Whether you’re exploring a birth chart, synastry chart, or composite chart, there are a few key factors that represent the destiny of an individual, and the nodes are crucial.

North Node

The North Node is also called the dragon’s head because it represents where we’re going in life. The North Node is all about your potential and what you’re capable of accomplishing in this reality.

South Node

The South Node is called the dragon’s tail, as it is linked to the past and the karma you’ve brought into this life. It represents what you’re already aware of, the things you’ve learned, and what lies deep in the crevices of your subconscious.

The Nodes in a Synastry Chart

When it comes to connections with a karmic tie or a destined energy, an astrologer will explore the relationship between the Nodes and the partner’s Angular Axis.

The Angular Axis consists of the Medium Coeli (MC) or the Imum Coeli (IC). They will also take a look at conjunctions between personal planets and the Nodes of the partner involved in the reading – paying special attention to squares or oppositions.

The North and South Nodes can give you a very basic idea of destiny and karma contained in a synastry chart. Whatever sign belongs to the North Node in a chart, the South Node will belong to the sign on the opposite end of the astrological wheel.

The North Node will give you a better idea of the experiences and karmic lessons that will help you develop and grow spiritually in this life, while the South Node represents the traits and aspects that you possess already to allow your North Node to develop.


Finally, the houses are important in a synastry chart and will tell you how each partner views one another and where certain challenges or opportunities for growth will lie. For instance, if your Sun interacts with a certain house in your partner’s chart, it is almost like you will have a permanent effect on that aspect of your partner’s life.

Another example is if your Moon falls in your partner’s 6th house, it is like the Moon is transiting your partner’s 6th House each time you interact.

While this may seem complicated, an experienced astrologer can learn much from house placements and explain the meaning in more detail.

Examples of Good Synastry

There are many examples of a good synastry between two individuals, and while these may not fall in your own synastry chart they will give you a better idea of what to look for or what to expect from a synastry reading.

Many fulfilling synatries have a strong focus on the 5th and 7th Houses, the houses of pleasure and partnerships, respectively. If planets fall in the 7th house, you can learn more about your connection to your partner and what motivates that connection.

The 7th house is often focused on during a synastry reading because of its connection to partnerships and relationships. For instance, a Venus placement in the 7th house can indicate a pleasant, loving relationship.

It’s also useful to take a look at the Saturn placement in a synastry chart, as Saturn is connected to karmic lessons – it can show you the lessons that you and your partner will have to learn to promote a harmonious relationship.

Again, this information can seem rather complex to even an intermediate astrology student, which is why it’s best to contact an experienced astrologer when seeking a synastry report between two people!

Would You Get a Synastry Report?

We all want to know more about our romantic relationships – especially when they’re fresh – and a synastry report can give you much more useful and enlightening information than simply looking at the compatibility between two Sun signs.

A synastry reading can tell you how fate or destiny plays into your relationship; how the two of you interact; how you can build more intimacy; and even where the relationship might be headed.

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