Ascendant Sign

Similar: Rising SignSun SignMoon SignPrimal TriadYour Ascendant is also called your Rising sign.In your birth chart, the Ascendant is on the cusp of the first house. When looking for your Rising sign, it can be identified by looking at what was on the horizon or “ascending” at the time of your birth.Your Ascendant sign refers to the placement of the Sun at the date and time of your birth. The position of the Sun is an important factor in determining your zodiac sign, the other being the Moon’s position.In astrology, it makes up one-third of your primal triad: 
  1. Rising sign/Ascendant – Identified by your exact time of birth.
  2. Sun sign – What season the Sun was in when you were born.
  3. Moon sign – What sign the Moon was in at the time of your birth.
Discover your primal triad by getting your free birth chart.This is the only sign in your chart that entirely relies on your birth time. That is why it is so important to have that exact time to create your birth chart.The Ascendant sign in your chart is the “mask you put on,” meaning that it is the face/traits that others notice before getting to know you personally.For example, suppose you have a Scorpio Rising (paired with a Leo Sun and a Sagittarius Moon). In that case, you may appear mysterious and moody when you are really outgoing, fun-loving, and adventurous.Not everything in our chart is on the rise, though. There is also an opposing sign called your descendant that looks at the part of you that is considered NOT yourself. Each ascending sign has an opposing sign representing what traits will benefit us and who we attract in our lifetime.Discover more about your Ascendant by reading: Ultimate Guide to Your Rising Sign

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