Taurus & Taurus Compatibility

A Taurus and Taurus match is founded on sensuality and stability. As the Fixed Earth sign, Taurus is also a long-term thinker, so this match is also one that is grounded for the long haul. Their match will meet everything Taurus loves and needs in a Taurus and Taurus pairing. This is a relationship where the pair will be grounded, honest, and enjoy pampering and spoiling each other. Both of the partners in this pairing are also dignified and charming. Being ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, a Taurus and Taurus match will be ruled by these traits through to many happy anniversaries together, so long as they learn to control their "Bull" side.

The Pros

The Bull symbolizes Taurus, so each partner in this match will embody bull traits. Each individual here will be loyal, have an exceptional amount of willpower, and be exceptionally committed to the long-term outcome of this union. There is a lot of love and harmony here and a lot of beauty as well. These individuals will not rush into love but will take their time sensually coming to know and love each other until the commitment is made. And as Fixed signs and loyal and stubborn ones at that, once they do, that commitment has wonderful chances of lasting a lifetime. Overall, you almost can not get a more devoted match in the zodiac, which could lead to some problems. However, the Venus energy in play here from both sides suggests that romance, love, charm, and sensuality will make it very easy to override any wrinkles in love that come their way.

The Cons

Being symbolized by the Bull works for and against the Taurus and Taurus match. Along with their traits of being loyal and committed, the Bull can also be very stubborn. For Taurus, this also shows up in the way of jealousy, which is due to the Fixed quality of this sign. Once a Taurus wants someone, they want no other, which can lead to both jealous and possessive energy. The downside to this, a Taurus will stand by their opinion no matter what evidence is presented to the contrary. This is good when confirming their love but not so good when fights and arguments crop up. If left unchecked, this match will be one with a non-stop battle of true Taurus will.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Taurus and Taurus have not just a good chance but an exceptional chance to stand the long haul because they will always be fixed on each other. Even at their angriest, the loyalty they feel to the other will almost always preside. If the pair can focus on these qualities during the heated moments that are inevitable, they will grow through them stronger as a result. Taurus is also straightforward to please when it comes to romance and charm, and Taurus mates know this well about each other. For the Taurus partners to get through the challenges that will crop up, they simply need to remember all of the great things that they fell in love with the other: commitment, loyalty, charm, and the odd gift of a pretty thing or two won't hurt in keeping a Taurus Taurus love match happy and complete through each of their inevitable anniversary parties.

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