Taurus & Leo Compatibility

A Taurus Leo match is fun, as both individuals in this love combination love the attention the other provides. Leo is ruled by the Sun and thus needs a lot of spotlight and attention, usually in flattery. Taurus also occasionally enjoys flattery but likes it in sexy presents, sensual gifts, and pretty things. Leo is very generous and has no problem with this, so the two sets of needs between a Taurus Leo match balance each other quite well. Expect a lot of sparks of the extraordinary kind when you join up this torrid Taurus Leo connection!

The Pros

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, and likes to have expensive and luxurious things around. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and loves this too. Both love intimacy, as sensual as it can get, and Leo's generosity is almost impossible to match in the zodiac. Naturally, Taurus loves this. The honeymoon phase of this union will be a grand one indeed. Leo's masculine energy complements Taurus' feminine energy very well, adding to the love compatibility of the Taurus-Leo match. Overall, this relationship will radiate the warmth of the Sun, the groundedness of the Earth, the sparks of the Fire, and Venus's sexy, loving beauty. Who could ask for anything more?

The Cons

No love compatibility report will provide perfect information. Each sign in the zodiac has a shadow side, and knowing how these sides complement each other in your love compatibility will make all the difference towards success in love.

With Leo, the constant need for flattery could take over this relationship, leading to a case of wounded egos. Taurus and Leo are Fixed signs, which means this relationship offers the potential for a battle of wills. It is not a matter of if it will happen, but when. The shadow side of Fixed signs is that they are jealous, obsessive, and possessive, and Taurus and Leo have these qualities in abundance. It could make for a very paranoid and insecure relationship, as both Taurus and Leo have these issues to work through when they come together.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The good news about the wrinkles ahead for Taurus Leo love compatibility is that both are Fixed signs which means wavering from each other has the odds of slim to none. Even in their most furious moments, after the cooling-off period that Leo requires, their eyes will remain fixed on each other. This is a jealous match because neither can bear the other to leave them. But this same quality, as fierce as it will make fights, will also ignite the sparks of passion the Taurus Leo match is known for.

The makeup sex will be out of this world, another reason this pair does not want to let the other go. If Leo needs to unruffle the feathers, some pretty gifts or a trip to the jewelry store will go over very well with Taurus. Leo is very loving and forgiving and will forget any mistakes Taurus makes if Taurus piles on the flattery and pumps up the ego as genuinely and authentically as possible. When both Taurus and Leo make a point of deeply admiring the other, this love match has the chance to last forever and possibly even into the next lifetime. That is the grip of a Fixed sign!

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