Taurus & Virgo Compatibility

From a love compatibility perspective, a Taurus Virgo match isn't given enough credit! Many think that two Earth signs together make for a dull match, but the love compatibility here is much stronger than at first glance.

There is no question that this is a very practical match, but it is successful because both Taurus and Virgo have a work ethic that can't be matched. Not only will they be successful financially, but they are both committed to making their relationship work no matter what. Once Taurus gets their sights on a Virgo, Virgo may as well start the ring shopping. And Virgo will have no problem with that because who wouldn't want to spend a lifetime with the sensual, sexy, and hardworking Taurus?

The Pros

In the Taurus Virgo match, we have the Fixed Earth sign paired with the Mutable Earth sign. This match has a lot of groundedness, real talk, and practical energy. Both of these signs are hard workers committed to financial success and savings, so this match has the advantage of being financially successful.

Where Virgo is the more practical of the two, Taurus is the more sensual and beauty driven of the two, so these polar energies will play off each other beautifully. Both signs have a strong moral compass as well. Taurus loves this because Taurus always finds it difficult to find someone who can be real for a change. Virgo also has no tolerance for "fakes" and loves this same quality in Taurus. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which will deepen communication in this love match. Taurus and Virgo are also committed to the long term, and Virgo is flexible enough to meet Taurus' rigid standards.

The Cons

In the Taurus Virgo match, love compatibility experiences a bit of a hiccup when the qualities of these signs rear their heads. For Virgo, that is Mutable energy, constantly changing and being flexible with their environment and situation. Taurus, however, is Fixed energy, making Taurus jealous and possessive on occasion.

Virgo's mutable nature and "gift of the gab" can also make them a little overly critical on occasion. Taurus' sensitivity will come out if Virgo pushes this envelope. While Virgo is also ready to be flexible in any situation, Taurus is fixed and usually fixed on whatever they decide. Getting Taurus to move off a rock is about as easy as getting a bull to do what you want and when. This could create a conflict of epic proportions.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The best part about the Taurus Virgo love match rests in their mutual commitment and work ethic. They both want the same goals and will do almost anything to accomplish them. They also like to be financially secure, so their joint efforts towards these goals will smooth over the hiccups that arise.

Taurus will need to learn and adapt to Virgo's flexible nature and be willing to budge on their positions more often than they are used to. Virgo also could stand to hold back on the criticism, especially with their partner, and they will find daily life a lot more breezy and conflict-free.

One thing both Taurus and Virgo have going for them is their shared interest in quiet nights for bonding.

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